Even he was surprised!

Believe it or not…. Australia’s worst ever State Premier has been awarded an AC for his “eminent service to the people and parliament of Victoria, to public health, to policy and regulatory reform, and to infrastructure development.”

No, I’m not joking, it’s true!

AC stands for Companion of the Order of Australia although in Andrews’ case it’s more like ‘Absolute Clown’ – although I think many Victorians would choose an alternative and better suited word beginning with ‘C’ to describe him!

No-one seems to know who sponsored him and, of course, our Prime Minister ‘One Term’ Tony Albanese has, once again, denied all responsibility.

Chris Kenny at Sky News has dedicated Helen Shapiro’s famous song ‘Not Responsible’ to our PM and it suits him well:

And then I’m
Just, not, not responsible
Not, not, not responsible
I can’t answer for the things I do
I said I’m
Not, not, not responsible
Not, not, not responsible

Albanese has passed the buck once again to an independent body having made the decision to award Andrews and denies both his own involvement and that of his leftie comrades.

As Victoria’s Premier, Daniel Andrews imposed the world’s longest hard lockdown, presided over deadly Covid errors, and left Victoria with crippling debts.

Victoria suffered the most deaths of any state largely due to botched contact tracing and the infamous hotel quarantine debacle that resulted in 768 deaths.

Andrews subsequently refused to answer key questions over his government’s pandemic response at the official inquiry that followed that tragedy.

And then he cancelled the 2026 Commonwealth Games, which led to international outrage. His reason for doing so was based on dodgy cost estimates that simply did not stack up.

That little exercise in futility cost Victorian taxpayers $589,000,000.

What a great legacy he’s left behind!

And he’s been rewarded for it.

And he wasn’t the only failed Premier to be awarded an AC.

Western Australia’s Mark McGowan also gained that award despite unnecessarily closing the border and restricting people from travelling to/from WA to meet with family and friends in other states – even those who were in hospitals and nursing homes and likely to die.

Going back a few years, Jeannette Young was not only also awarded an AC but was even made Governor of Queensland. Young was Chief Health Officer of Queensland during the pandemic. Many will recall her memorable appearances on TV. 😉

Perhaps she can be best remembered for her statement: “I don’t want any 18-year-olds in Queensland dying from a clotting illness who, if they got Covid, probably wouldn’t die,” which caused total confusion within the Queensland community.

Her comments ultimately backfired, with very wise anti-vaxxers not surprisingly using them to further their later claims for compensation.

One positive outcome can be gleaned from all this nonsense. Australians looking for personal recognition can rest assured that they don’t actually have to achieve anything. If Andrews, McGowan and Young can be honoured with awards and even promoted, as in Young’s case to State Governor, then all things are possible!