A relatively small number of medical doctors have urged the Federal Government to ban all new coal, oil and gas projects to cater for their belief that these are “the primary drivers of climate change”, which they claim “is recognised as the single biggest health threat facing humanity.”

And they cite the World Health Organisation (WHO) as the source of these absurd claims.

WHO is an agency within the United Nations which has proven beyond any reasonable doubt that it has no credibility on the issue of climate change.

We all recall United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres claiming: “The era of global warming has ended; the era of global boiling has arrived.”

How anyone can state that obvious and ridiculous lie is beyond belief – let alone the UN’s top official.

Despite this, prominent medical figures have lent their signature to a petition to call on the Federal Government to ban all new coal, gas and oil projects in Australia.

This puts them on the same page as The Greens and Teals, who fervently believe that solar and wind power is all we need – no coal, gas, oil or even low-emissions nuclear.

In other words, no baseload power for when the sun isn’t shining and the wind isn’t blowing!

How crazy are these people?
The full-page advertisement, taken out in The Australian newspaper, was funded via a donation – from an undisclosed donor – to the Doctors for the Environment Australia (DEA).
This organisation “represents thousands of medical professionals across the country,” although it’s not clear how many actually support the text in the ad.

DEA Executive Director Dr Kate Wylie stated in a NewsGP article that climate change “isn’t separate from the medical world”.
“‘The World Health Organization states that global warming is the greatest health problem facing humanity,” she said.
Dr Wylie urged more doctors to join their cause, as she says GPs continue to see patients every day with issues relating to climate change.
“We know it’s associated with children’s developmental problems in pregnancy, we’re looking after pregnant people all the time, and as our climate gets hotter, we see more and more people presenting with heat-related illness.”
As a practising GP, it’s not just the adverse health effects Dr Wylie is concerned about.

She says cost increases relating to climate change will also hit GPs’ earnings.
‘‘We need to appreciate that climate change is costly,” she said.
“The more the Government delays the more this is going to affect the hip pocket of all people in Australia, and that means they’re less likely to be able to afford to go to the doctor.
“It also means that GPs’ general costs are higher as well.”

Here are the FACTS:

1. Climate change, including global warming/cooling, is perfectly normal and has occurred for millions of years (see above).

2. Human impact on climate change via use of coal, oil and gas is miniscule.

3. Australia only produces just over 1% of global CO2 emissions, so nothing we do in terms of climate change counter-measures will have any meaningful impact on global warming/climate change.

Australia’s former Chief Scientist together with other experts including the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) have confirmed this on numerous occasions.

4. Global CO2 emissions are increasing worldwide primarily due to the increase in coal use by China, India, Indonesia and other countries that need cheap fossil fuels in order to reduce poverty, increase their food production and improve their citizens health and daily lives.  

5. The claim that “GPs continue to see patients every day with issues relating to climate change” is dubious to say the least.

 DEA should provide evidence and proof of the connexion between these “issues” and climate change.

What issues are Dr Wylie referring to? And where is the evidence and proof supporting her claim?

No-one should be surprised if they actually relate to everyday ‘weather’ events rather than climate change. Nothing much can be attributed as yet to climate change – it’s nearly all conjecture based on ‘models’ that have been discredited by many experts.

6. Similarly, what evidence is there to support her claim that “as our climate gets hotter, we see more and more people presenting with heat-related illness.”

The fact is, there has been no meaningful increase in Australia’s temperature – certainly nothing that’s going to make people suddenly scurry off to see their GPs through fear of imminent death from a one-degree increase in surface temperature!

Provide the evidence Dr Wylie!

Many people will undoubtedly conclude that this nonsense is really all about cost; Dr Wylie’s comments highlighted above kind of give the game away.

GPs appear to be simply looking for an excuse to increase their fees in order to cater for the alleged costs imposed on them by climate change.

Is that what this is really all about Dr Wylie?

Perhaps DEA should place another one-page ad in The Australian that provides evidence and proof supporting these doctors’ ridiculous claims on climate change.

First, we had poorly governed mostly socialist/communist countries (including China) seeking handouts from successful Western democracies based on the supposed effects of climate change.

Then we had various Pacific nations doing the same based on their likely drowning in raised sea levels – even though in most cases their landmass has actually increased.

And now we have Australian doctors trying it on – with ridiculous claims based on climate change/global warming mythology.

So, in answer to this article’s headline, these doctors certainly aren’t dumb – they just think we all are!

Who is going to stand up and stop these rorts?