New Climate Tzar Matt Kean has joined forces with our Minister for High Energy Prices Chris ‘Blackouts’ Bowen.

With a combined IQ of 160, they should be able to do far more damage to our economy and environment working together than they could ever have done working separately.

Their ‘renewables only’ energy plan is unique in that no other country on the planet is attempting such an impossible task.

Do Bowen and Kean realise the enormity of the 2050 mission on a global scale?

In a report published recently by the Fraser Institute and commented on by Nick Cater from the Menzies Research Centre, almost 1.5 billion gasoline and diesel vehicle engines around the world must be converted to electricity.

In addition, almost all the world’s agricultural and crop-processing machinery must be replaced, including 50 million tractors and more than 100 million irrigation pumps.

New heat sources must be developed to smelt iron, manufacture cement and glass, process chemicals and preserve food.

More than half a billion domestic, industrial and institutional gas furnaces must be abandoned.

New forms of motive power must be found for 120,000 merchant vessels, and we’ll need to develop a carbon-free way of keeping 25,000 jetliners in the air.

 And all of this must be achieved in a single generation.

Bowen, Kean and the Albanese government together with the Greens and Teals really believe this is all necessary and achievable. 

On the other side of the political fence, Peter Dutton and the LNP Coalition is offering a nuclear energy solution to the baseload problem that has been successfully implemented in 32 countries including most members of the G20.

More than twenty countries have even pledged to triple their nuclear energy capacity.

Their alternative solution to the energy crisis is to provide a mixture of renewables, gas, hydro, and nuclear. It’s an obviously far more sensible solution. However, it has its critics including one of our former prime ministers, Paul Keating (pictured below).

In his usual aggressive manner, he has attacked Peter Dutton at a personal level.

“Peter Dutton is a charlatan – an inveterate climate change denialist. A denialist now seeking to camouflage his long-held denialism in an industrial fantast – resort to the more dangerous and expensive energy source on the face of the earth – nuclear power,” he claimed.

“In advocating this, Dutton continues his party’s manic denialism, first articulated by Tony Abbott over a decade ago – turning his back on the most debated, most discussed problem of the Industrial Age – carbon and carbon sequestration.

“Dutton, like Abbott, will do everything he can to de-legitimise renewables and stand in the way of their use as the remedy nature has given us to underwrite our life on earth.

“Only the most wicked and cynical of individuals would foist such a blight on an earnest community like Australia. A community which fundamentally believes in truth and decency and which relies on its political systems to advance those ideals.”

Continuing his rant, the former prime minister argued “no person – regardless of their affiliations or beliefs, should consider, let alone endorse Dutton’s backwardness,” as he claimed the opposition’s policy was merely a way of ensuring the transition away from fossil fuels was delayed and disrupted.

Needless to say, Keating is completely wrong on ALL the points he raised.

Peter Dutton isn’t a charlatan or climate change denier and neither was Tony Abbott; nuclear energy is not dangerous and is far cheaper than renewables plus batteries over the 80-year life of a nuclear plant; Dutton is taking a progressive step, not backwards on this issue; and he supports renewables as part of the energy mix. 

Keating should have a nice cup of tea, take a Bex, and have a good lie down – he’s starting to sound like Joe Biden!

Shortly after Keating’s rant, the Opposition Leader hit back with a statement of his own, labelling the former prime minister a “sad and despondent character.”

“There is zero chance of reaching net zero by 2050 without zero-emissions nuclear power – Mr Keating should know this,” Dutton said.

“Under Labor’s ‘renewables only’ approach, it will cost $1.3 trillion to rewire our nation. If you think you’re paying a lot now, wait until these costs are reflected in your energy bills.

“I’ll stand up for Australian families and small businesses for cheaper, cleaner, and consistent power.

Mr Keating can continue to be a sad and despondent character, doing Mr Albanese’s bidding, while Australian families suffer under Labor’s energy trainwreck.”

Dismissing the former prime minister’s comments as nothing more than a “petulant outburst,” Peter Dutton added the government should look toward former Labor leader Bob Hawke when assessing the merits of nuclear power.

“If only we had Labor leaders like the late great Bob Hawke who embraced nuclear power as being “a win for the global environment and a win for Australia’,” he said.

It’s actually quite sad to see a highly respected former Federal Treasurer and Prime Minister like Paul Keating descend to this level of vitriol.

He appears to have become even more vindictive in his later years. And he obviously doesn’t know much about this particular issue.

In the final analysis, we voters will decide which political party we will support at the coming federal election in relation to many important issues, including energy.

Will we support the current ALP-Greens government that is firmly entrenched in the fantasy world of a hugely expensive and unreliable ‘renewables only’ uncosted plan that has no provision for 24/7/365 baseload power?

Or will we choose to support the LNP Opposition that believes we need a mix of energy sources that includes safe, emissions-free and reliable nuclear?

One thing we can be sure of, the high-powered renewables lobby comprising billionaires like ‘Twiggy’ Forrest, Mike Cannon-Brookes and Simon Holmes à Court will be hoping their luck doesn’t run out should Peter Dutton win.

They have much to lose – and so they should.

Thanks to Nick Cater at Menzies Research Centre, Sky News and Johannes Leak.