The Voice referendum resulted in a 60:40 win by the sensible people in our country. And that proportional split probably also represents the difference on other major issues between the socialist-left Labor-Greens and the rest of us in Australia.

The latest indication that the left has got it all wrong is the recent disgraceful treatment of the Israeli Ambassador, Amir Maimon, who was formally summoned to a meeting with the Albanese government in Canberra to be reprimanded over the war in the Middle East.

He was warned by the relatively low-level Assistant Foreign Minister Tim Watts that Israel could not be guaranteed support from Australia if they go to war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon. Penny Wong couldn’t be bothered to attend personally.

There has been tension between Israel and the Iran-backed terrorist group Hezbollah since the conflict in Gaza erupted, with almost daily missile and drone attacks on Israel by Hezbollah.

Residents in affected areas of Israel have had to leave their homes to seek shelter.

In a statement, a government spokesperson played down the meeting between Assistant Foreign Minister Tim Watts and Mr Maimon.

“The assistant minister expressed Australia’s concern about the risk of regional escalation, and continued civilian casualties.”

Apparently, according to the Albanese government, it’s Israel that needs to take steps to avoid further conflict – not Hamas or Hezbollah!

Shadow Foreign Minister Simon Birmingham said it would be “an outrageous abandonment of a democratic friend” if the government had told Israel “not to defend itself” against Hezbollah.

“We do not wish to see any spreading of the current war in Gaza but the pressure needs to be on Hezbollah to stop their attacks while maintaining support for Israel’s inherent right to self-defence,” Senator Birmingham said.

“The Albanese government needs to come clean on the status of its support for Israel, which has repeatedly shifted and weakened despite terrorist groups still holding Israeli hostages, and seeking the destruction of Israel (from the river to the sea).

“If this meeting did take place as reported then Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong need to explain why they didn’t front up to tell Israel themselves and why they’re hiding the true extent of their abandonment of Israel from Australians,” he said.

This latest verbal attack on our only democratic ally in the Middle East by the Albanese government follows on from their lack of support for Israel when the International Criminal Court (ICC) declared Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (pictured right below) and his defence Minister Yoav Gallant were responsible for war crimes and crimes against humanity during the war in Gaza.

Opposition Leader Peter Dutton (circled above) said it was “completely and utterly repugnant” to compare the actions of Mr Netanyahu with that of Hamas’ leadership, and called on PM Albanese to take a stronger position.

“The prime minister squibbed it today,” Mr Dutton said.

“I don’t know why the prime minister is not showing leadership at the moment, and he’s tarnishing and damaging our international relationships with like-minded nations when he is not strong enough to stand up alongside President Biden.

“In relation to the ICC, it’s an abomination, and it needs to be ceased. This action is anti-Semitic and it’s against the interests of peace in the Middle East.”

Australia’s former Ambassador to Israel, current Liberal Senator Dave Sharma, suggested the prosecutor’s request for arrest warrants harmed the reputation of the ICC.

“I think the International Criminal Court has absolutely overreached here and they’re at risk of undermining their own credibility and seriousness as an international organisation.”

“It’s so incomprehensible it defies credibility, it defies seriousness, and I think they’ve done a huge damage to their own reputation as a serious international judicial body by doing this,” he said.

If the public were to be asked who they’d rather support – Israel or two of the world’s most vicious terrorist organisations, I’m sure at least 60% of us would support Israel.

And the same will undoubtedly apply to the nuclear power issue once all the information has been considered by the voting public.

It’s really a complete no-brainer but Albanese and his fellow modern-day luddites simple can’t or won’t accept the fact that without nuclear energy, net zero without coal or gas by any date in the future simply won’t happen – let alone by 2050.

Our pathetically weak Prime Minister and his mob of incompetents need to be booted out of office at the coming election before they do any more damage to our economy, environment and cost of living.

Thanks to Johannes Leak for his cartoon.