As the David Horowitz Freedom Center has extensively chronicled in Disloyal Military Leaders, the military leadership has descended into racist virtue signaling and woke antics even while its core warfighting capability continues to be degraded.

This ought to be another wakeup call for a military leadership that is pursuing political correctness at the expense of competence with potentially deadly results for our personnel and for our national security.

A brutal loss in a wargaming exercise last October convinced the Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Gen. John Hyten to scrap the joint warfighting concept that had guided U.S. military operations for decades. 

“Without overstating the issue, it failed miserably. An aggressive red team that had been studying the United States for the last 20 years just ran rings around us. They knew exactly what we’re going to do before we did it,” Hyten told an audience Monday at the launch of the Emerging Technologies Institute, an effort by the National Defense Industrial Association industry group to speed military modernization.   

The Pentagon would not provide the name of the wargame, which was classified, but a defense official said one of the scenarios revolved around a battle for Taiwan. One key lesson: gathering ships, aircraft, and other forces to concentrate and reinforce each other’s combat power also made them sitting ducks. 

That’s not exactly surprising. 

The strategies of a variety of opponents, from China to Iran, has been based around deploying mobile and flexible forces against concentrations of American forces.

The Taliban in Afghanistan pursued a variation on that same course of action. Being the biggest kid on the block means that the smaller kids will look to their strengths, rather than try to match us blow for blow.

Even more critically, the blue team lost access to its networks almost immediately. 

“We basically attempted an information-dominance structure, where information was ubiquitous to our forces. Just like it was in the first Gulf War, just like it has been for the last 20 years, just like everybody in the world, including China and Russia, have watched us do for the last 30 years,” Hyten said. “Well, what happens if right from the beginning that information is not available? And that’s the big problem that we faced.” 

Considering how successful the Chinese, the Russians, and seemingly just about everyone, including the North Koreans, have been at hacking us, that’s hardly much of a surprise. 

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