Did anyone really expect Budweiser at the state sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood?

Qatar used every dirty trick to secure the World Cup. All everyone had to do was overlook that…

1. Qatar is an Islamist tyranny, tied in with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, the Taliban and Iran.

2. It widely uses slave labor, killing thousands of workers to construct its postmodern pyramids.

3. It runs under Islamic law. While the Saudis have moderated somewhat (only to be blasted by media campaigns led by Qatar and operatives like Jamal Khashoggi) Qatar pretends to be moderate. The pretense collapsed when the myth hit the reality in a glass of beer.

Qatar has banned beer at World Cup football stadiums, just two days before the opening match, the New York Times reported Friday.

The decision comes after several changes to the rules on the consumption of alcohol caused tensions between FIFA, world football’s governing body, and the Muslim host country, where drinking in public is prohibited.

However, beer will still be available in luxury suites reserved for FIFA officials and other wealthy guests, the New York Times reported citing an official who asked not to be named.

Everyone else can go to hell.

Islamic law on the subject is pretty clear. Qatar not only operates under Sharia law, but uses its influence operations through platforms like its Al Jazeera propaganda network, not to mention the Muslim Brotherhood, to inflict them far beyond its borders.

Western infidels allowed themselves to be lied to, likely bribed and beguiled into believing that Islamists don’t take their own religion seriously. They do. They’re willing to lie, cheat and kill on the way to getting there, but they will still get there. And you will not get any beer, infidel.

Qatari officials has changed their minds on the subject of alcohol, forcing Budweiser — which has the exclusivity to sell beer at World Cup matches — to relocate stalls selling beer outside the stadiums because the Qatari rulers wanted alcohol to be less prominent. Now it has been banned altogether. FIFA said in a statement.

That’s a problem because FIFA has a €72 million contract with Budweiser. The brewing giant tweeted “Well, this is awkward…” after the news broke.

Hopefully, Budweiser sues everyone involved, including FIFA officials and Qatar.

That said, how could anyone believe that Osama bin Laden’s favorite platform would be okay with booze? Did anyone really expect Budweiser at the state sponsor of the Muslim Brotherhood?

But at least in Europe, there can be criticism of Qatar. In the United States, Qatar has a death grip on our elected officials, on the media and on D.C. It outright controls Brookings and the media keeps repeating its Khashoggi propaganda.

In Europe, they talk back. Here they just bow to Qatar.

The Qatari minister claimed that there are inaccurate numbers being reported on the deaths of migrant workers and that “some media, unfortunately, said that Qatari nationals are a bunch of terrorists.” He said such reports were “smear campaigns” against Qatar.

Another German MEP, Dietmar Köster of the Socialists & Democrats, said he would not be watching the World Cup, while Miguel Urbán Crespo from the Left group called it “a World Cup of shame” and backed a boycott of the event.

Dutch MEP Peter van Dalen from the center-right European People’s Party said “World Cup 2022 should never have ended up in Qatar.”

Finally, some good bipartisanship.

This article was first published in Front Page Magazine