Audrey set out to destroy women and girls – just as she had destroyed her own femininity.

Female mass shooters are extremely rare.

Audrey Hale’s massacre of children and teachers at the Covenant church school in Nashville, Tennessee, makes her one of only three female mass rampage killers in America.

But Audrey had wanted to be a man. Audrey Elizabeth Hale changed her name to Aiden, cut her hair short, covered it with a red cap, put on camo pants and began killing children.

“Unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe top-full Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood,” a maddened Lady Macbeth rants. Audrey had unsexed herself to carry out the kind of rampage that traditionally only a man would have been ready to conduct. The multiple weapons, the manifesto, and the facility plans reflect the kind of attacks that young male mass shooters have carried out in the past. Audrey could never change her ‘sex’, but like Lady Macbeth she could commit traditionally male crimes by using cruelty to ‘unsex’ herself. Much like men who pretend to be women become insulting caricatures, all high heels, lipstick and shrill giggles, Audrey’s Lady Macbeth became a horrifying caricature of a man, brutal, violent and insane.

The majority of Audrey’s six victims were women and little girls. That is likely no coincidence.

Hating her own sex, Audrey set out to destroy women and girls as she had destroyed her own femininity. Transgender serial killers like Douglas/Donna Perry, Jeffrey Gorton and Hadden Clark have often targeted women and girls, but Audrey was not a man who wanted to be a woman. She was a woman who had been taught to hate being a woman with the same ultimate results written in blood on the carpeted floors of a church school until it was ended by real men.

Women and little girls died in Nashville because a woman had been taught to hate being a girl.

It’s unclear what medications Audrey might have taken, but the use of testosterone by women to suppress their biology for transgender purposes has been found in studies to cause aggression. (Expect these studies to disappear, be condemned or withdrawn after the Nashville shooting on account of being politically inconvenient.)

One of the transgender uses of testosterone by women is to eliminate their menstrual cycles. A disturbing result in one study found that women “whose menstrual bleeding continued despite hormone treatment were more likely to feel and express anger in an uncontrolled way.” The pursuit of a masculine identity is not about a journey toward, but an escape from femininity.

Unable to become Aiden and no longer the Audrey she remembered, the latest casualty of the transgender movement may have lashed out at the women and girls who reminded her of what she was and was not.

We don’t know all the details of Audrey’s descent into madness, but suicidal ideation among people who suffer from transgender ideation can be over 80% and as many as half reportedly attempt suicide. Audrey’s messages show that she was trying to kill herself. That’s what many mass shooters set out to do. It’s impossible to detach Audrey’s crimes from the suicide rates caused by transgender ideation. And the role of “gender-affirming care” in propping them up.

Rather than treating the underlying mental problems and root causes, the rise of “gender affirming care” has focused on enabling the destructive delusions of those like Audrey.

The transgender pandemic has spread among teenage girls through social media, through identity politics virtue signaling and aggressive advertising campaigns from plastic surgeons. Audrey, with her artistic interests, would have fit the profile for the sort of teenage girl who might have felt depressed and socially isolated while turning to online communities as an outlet. Changing her gender would have initially seemed like a solution to her problems, but like any form of self-medication, would have just created new problems without resolving the old ones.

The transgender movement is just another leftist cause that radicalizes new members. New recruits are quickly indoctrinated to believe that their family members are the enemy and that the larger society wants to ‘genocide’ them. On April 1st, a “Trans Day of Vengeance” will be held outside the Supreme Court to stop what it calls “trans genocide”. The Trans Resistance Network in Massachusetts issued a statement arguing that Audrey felt she “had no other effective way to be seen than to lash out by taking the life of others” and that life for “transgender people is very difficult” due to “anti-trans legislation” and “right wing personalities”.

Had Audrey participated in transgender activism, she would have very quickly been taught to see most normal people as the enemy. Did this hatred running through the transgender movement play a role in Audrey’s killing spree at a church school in Nashville?

It’s unknown what “gender-affirming care” Audrey was getting, but all of society has become one great “gender-affirming care” machine that celebrates transgenderism and punishes deviation. It is impossible to be within range of society and not receive messages affirming destructive psychological problems of the kind that Audrey has decided to express by trying and failing to become a man. Audrey was in some way a victim of “gender-affirming care”. So were the dead.

School shootings often lie at the intersection of mental illness, including depression, among young people, combined with heavy doses of medication that influence the brain, and toxic internet subcultures that encourage extremism and violence. Audrey was likely affected by all three. And yet, unlike most school shooters, the internet subculture that likely drove her further into dysfunction and violence is one that is supported by corporations and governments.

Biden recently claimed that Florida’s efforts to protect children from “gender-affirming care” were “close to sinful”. At the Covenant School, Biden’s sin ended in death.

This article was first published in Front Page Magazine