Chinese prisoner taken for exectution

The Cult of Xi

China is aggressive and amoral. Its leaders lie and cheat and steal, but the Australian public is only vaguely aware of just how barbaric they are.

In fact there are parallels with ISIS which blew up ancient tombs and statues. The Chicoms are a couple of years into a campaign to remove Buddhist, Taoist, Christian public monuments because these religions compete with President Xi for the people’s affection.

Early this year, the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party ordered the destruction of a large Buddhist statue that had been carved into a cliff face in Hebei Province.

The 190-foot-high statue of Guanyin, the goddess of compassion, had attracted up to ten thousand worshipers per day.  The official excuse was that the Chicom regime objected to the commercialization of Buddhism.

The reality is that they were jealous of a belief system that doesn’t involve the Chinese Communist Party.  As Mussolini said, “everything within the state, nothing outside the state.”

Eliminating the Competition

From a Chinese interlocutor who has escaped the open-air prison that is current-day China:

A couple of years ago I began to suspect that Xi and company are trying to create a new religion in China, yes, a religion in the true sense of the word — an absolute, omnipotent, omnipresent metaphysical Deism.

The new religion didn’t start from nowhere. It started from the Chinese Communist Party’s ever more feverish self-glorification and the personal cult of Xi Jinping.

It’s telling the Chinese people what a wonderful feat is being accomplished to make China the greatest, the most powerful and most envied (or feared) country of the world, all thanks to the wonderful leadership of the CCP and its genius leader Xi Jinping.

China shows the way the rest of the world will follow, and in the long run only China, under the leadership of the CCP, can save the world from any global disaster.

The horrible destruction of Christian and Buddhist symbols throughout China is so bizarre it can only be understood in the context of the attempt to create a religion worshiping the CCP.

The Chicoms are old-style communists in the Stalinist tradition.

The Body Parts Business

Another parallel with ISIS is that ISIS would chop the heads off two year old girls because they were the wrong ideology; China is arguably worse because they do something similar for money, not ideology.

This is the murder of people to harvest their organs. Incontrovertible China expert Stephen Mosher provides details of this barbarism in this interview by the Epoch Times.

Mr. Mosher begins with some interesting economic observations, including that if Hong Kong loses its special trade status with the United States due to the suppression of rights there then this will be a big hit to the Chinese economy.

Tariffs are Western Civilisation’s best tool in defanging the monster.

And then Mosher tells a tale which reveals the moral depravity of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Chicom organ harvesting industry started innocently enough back in the 1960s with senior party officials receiving blood transfusions from young people, which does have a life-lengthening effect. Mr Mosher continues the story:

Prisoners Means Profit

“And then they moved into transplants in the 1980s, and I think it was originally senior Party officials who were the beneficiaries of the transplants.

The prisoners who were executed were those who were at that time being given this horrible sentence of immediate execution with a two-year suspended sentence.

And that meant that they were on the chopping block at any given time. And when their tissue was a match to the tissue of a Party leader who was in need of an organ, they would be executed by a single bullet to the back of their head.

And they would be, their body would be transported to a medical van and their heart or liver would be extracted immediately.”

Coach used by Chinese govt for organ harvesting
Execution van used to extract organs

Then the Chinese Government expanded the operation to make money selling to wealthy transplant tourists from all over the world:

“The Party authorities realized that foreigners were willing to pay $150,000 for a heart, $180,000 for a liver.

The price varies. And so they began developing transplant centers throughout the country. I think the People’s Liberation Army were the leaders in this regard because first of all, they had a ready source of prisoners through the police state that they help to run, and they had army hospitals in existence.

So as the traffic ramped up, and more and more transplant tourists began to come to China, the advantage of coming to China was not just the cost, which was lower than the cost of getting an organ overseas. The advantage was that you could get a transplant almost immediately.”

Technology Turbocharges the Returns

They have also become more efficient by using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).  Mosher continues:

“Now with this extracorporeal membrane oxidation, this heart lung machine, you can harvest all of the organs. And the worst part of it is this: They can actually put a balloon catheter in the carotid arteries going to your brain and block the blood flow to your brain, while they keep the blood flowing to your organs.

So they kill the brain at the same time that they keep blood flowing to the organs and can harvest them one by one. So they’re able to make not just $150,000 off a single killing. Now they can make $750,000 off a killing because they’re harvesting both kidneys, both lungs, the heart, the liver.”

Israel is the only country so far to ban travel to China for organ transplants. Good on the Israelis but they haven’t gone far enough – any contact with China for any reason is an endorsement of China’s barbarism.

The morality behind that is explained in another Epoch Times interview, this time with Dr Arthur Waldron of the University of Pennsylvannia.

Dr Waldron has been studying China for over 50 years and is married to a Chinese lady, so his views are not those of an inherent Sinophobe. He starts the interview by reminding us that:

China is the most evil regime the world has seen since the Third Reich, setting aside the Soviet Union.

He explains why we shouldn’t have anything to do with China in his parable of the delicatessen:

The Moral Dilemma

Suppose you lived on 86th Street and at the local delicatessen with fine produce, at the front of the shop were all these goodies.

But if you went to the very back of the shop there were sort of vats which were kept just above freezing which had freshly harvested kidneys and livers and hearts and all the things which are used at this moment. …

People are being killed so their organs can be used for transplants. Many of which go to the very elderly Chinese leadership or their children. The son of one of the recent leaders of China has had cancer and he has had many organs replaced.

Well, what would you say about this shop. Would you say, well, I think I’ll just shop in the front of the shop and I won’t pay any attention to the fact that there are all these living human organs, God knows where they came from, that are in the back.

What you would say is ‘What the heck is this shop doing in America?’

You can’t decouple these things. This is one integral system.

And that is one of the reasons we have to quarantine China economically.

A rationalisation for saying ‘Well yes it’s true that there is some question with what Hitler is doing with the gypsies and the Jews but Leica still makes a hell of a good camera.”

Each time we pluck some piece of injection-moulded plastic from China off the shelves at Bunnings we are contributing to a future Australian combat death.

But at the same time there are metaphorical vats of human organs at the back of the Bunnings store that we are endorsing.

Let’s keep our Western Ethics

Thankfully killing people for their organs is repugnant to us and that needs to continue if we are to remain a good and kind civilisation.

But trading with, speaking with, interacting with people who kill people for their organs debases us.

If we continue trading with such people that makes us morally complicit in their barbarism.

For our souls, for our self-respect at least, we must stop trading with such people, and training them in our universities, and letting them into the country.

Dr Waldren’s view is that without foreign trade the Chinese polity will disintegrate; their state-owned enterprises aren’t enough to sustain their economy.

The Chinese people’s best chance of liberation is if we nudge things in that direction.

David Archibald is the author of American Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare.