Two English gentlemen, Norman Fenton and Martin Neil, recently completed an analysis of weekly deaths in the UK from 6th January, 2021 to 2nd July, 2021 by covid vaccination status.

It is of all-cause mortality, not just deaths from covid. The fruit of their labour is summarised in the following graph:

As you would expect, early in that period the unvaccinated are dying at a higher rate than the vaccinated.

This was the peak of the UK’s second wave and the virus would be working its way through the ranks of those with comorbidities. Then from mid-February the death rate in the vaccinated starts rising as the death rate in the unvaccinated falls away.

The two death rates meet in Week 16 and the death rate in vaccinated, from all causes not just covid, rises to about 40% higher than in the unvaccinated.  By then the UK was about 50% vaccinated. The death rate in the vaccinated falls away and settles down to be slightly higher than the unvaccinated rate.

We know now that the vaccine does not protect anyone from being infected with covid. The consolation of that was that you are supposed to have a lower death rate.

It turns out that isn’t true. The explanation is that the spike protein produced by the vaccine goes off and attacks a range of organs in the body and does enough damage that, for a proportion of those vaccinated, it causes organ failure.

Antibody dependent enhancement may also be involved. This is when the vaccine primes the immune system to attack itself once it encounters the virus.

This sort of thing has happened before. Back in 1981 there was a campaign in Guinea-Bissau to vaccinate young children with a Diphtheria-Tetanus-Pertussis vaccine. A study in 2018 concluded that:

Although having better nutritional status and being protected against three infections, 6-35 months old DTP-vaccinated children tended to have higher mortality than DTP-unvaccinated children. All studies of the introduction of DTP have found increased overall mortality.

So sometimes vaccination campaigns kill more people than they save.

So it is with the experimental covid vaccines. Thus the reason for the title of this article.

Governments are using an enormous amount of coercion to make people take the vaccines. That forever ratcheting-up coercion is enough to give you pause.

Also consider that these same people believe in:

  1. Global warming, and:
  2. That hydrogen is a source of energy

And so are either:

  1.  Scientifically illiterate and irredeemably stupid, or:
  2. Just pure evil

There is no third choice – they are either evil or stupid.

Either way you would avoid vaccines from them like the plague. Why would they make horrendous mistakes in two fields, mistakes that were easily avoidable, and involve squandering tens of billions of dollars and precious time, and have a spotless record in a third field that also involves consideration of the science?

And when your body, health and happiness is on the line? Bear in mind that all the government health departments are sharing the data in the graph above. They know the vaccines have failed yet they are still coercing people into taking them.

The story gets worse and a lot more complicated.

A medical person writing under the pseudonym of Spartacus has penned a detailed description of the virus and how best to counter it with 550 references cited. From that letter:

The FBI raided Allure Medical in Shelby Township north of Detroit for billing insurance for “fraudulent COVID-19 cures”. The treatment they were using was Intravenous Vitamin C. An antioxidant, which, as described above, is an entirely valid treatment for COVID-19-induced sepsis, and indeed, is now part of the MATH+ protocol advanced by Dr. Paul E. Marik.

The FDA banned ranitidine (Zantac) due to supposed NDMA (N-nitrosodimethylamine) contamination. Ranitidine is not only an H2 blocker used as antacid, but also has a powerful antioxidant effect, scavenging hydroxyl radicals. This gives it utility in treating COVID-19.

The FDA also attempted to take N-acetylcysteine, a harmless amino acid supplement and antioxidant, off the shelves, compelling Amazon to remove it from their online storefront.

This leaves us with a chilling question: did the FDA knowingly suppress antioxidants useful for treating COVID-19 sepsis as part of a wilful criminal conspiracy against the American public?

As the saying goes – once is happenstance, twice is coincidence and three times is enemy action.

The FDA, and the TGA here in Australia, is at war with the people they are supposed to be serving. Most of the deaths from covid we have had in Australia could have been avoided with the right treatment protocol. Those deaths, in the main, are effectively state-sanctioned murder.

Spartacus starts his letter by stating that covid is a blood and blood vessel disease. Another scientist, Walter Chestnut, says that it is much worse than that. His words:

The continuous presence of spike protein will almost certainly cause male sterility via m6A methylation. Metformin suppresses m6a methylation. Covid-19 is not a blood vessel disease. It is a disease of impaired metabolism and autophagy (inducing senescence) caused by the spike protein’s massive upregulation of m6A methylation.

The endothelial disfunction is from the spike protein’s suppression of autophagy and simultaneous attack on ACE2 receptors. Epigenetic changes are reversible. A constant presence of spike protein will maintain the deleterious environment.

Once again, the medical establishment is completely incorrect as to the origins of the bioweapon that is SARS-CoV-2 and the disease that it causes.

We are dealing with a very sophisticated bioweapon that impairs autophagy, metabolism and ion channels. I believe the hypercoagulation being observed is from the body being unable to clear the massive number of dead cells caused by the spike protein.

The spike protein both causes massive damage and prevents its “cleanup”. It has been determined that SARS-CoV-2 infection triggers a global increase in host m6A methylome, exhibiting altered localization and motifs of m6A methylation in mRNAs.

M6A Methylation is also a hallmark of aging and is involved sterility. m6A modification could alter testosterone synthesis and develop oligospermia or azoospermia. These findings emphasize the essential role of m6A RNA modification in the regulation of autophagy and testosterone synthesis.  This may render males sterile.

As a result of increased m6A, m6A levels are increased on the mRNAs of ATG genes, and the transcripts of these genes became highly susceptible to degradation. Hence autophagy is suppressed.

Recent research reveals that both m6A demethylases (FTO and ALKBH5) could positively regulate autophagy and showed that m6A modification is inversely associated with the autophagy process.

Several studies have suggested that there is a correlation between autophagy and the endothelial NO function. It has been shown that autophagy induction is associated with increased eNOS expression, whereas decreased autophagy is accompanied by down-regulation of the eNOS expression.

It has been observed that in COVID-19 pathophysiological alterations lead to an imbalance NO production. Also, reduction of eNOS-derived NO production causes endothelial dysfunction, which represents a risk factor for severe COVID-19. It is without a doubt that repeated exposure to the spike protein must be avoided. Period.

“Repeated exposure to the spike protein must be avoided” – No booster shots then?

A retired pharmaceutical researcher who worked in the belly of the beast – she worked in a company that was sold to Pfizer – has a similar take on the virus. She has written:

Spartacus wrongly assumes the only negative outcome from Sars2 infection is a cytokine storm. And if we treat the cytokine storms properly…it’ll just be a head cold and treatable with other means to prevent the cytokine storm.  

And simple ‘treatments of infected persons’ is standing between humanity and ‘return to normal and the 2019 way of living’.

That’s the goal the developers of the virus had to begin with…mild/asymptomatic infection….repetitive over the course of a decade…there has never been long term immunity to any coronavirus (they mutate, your antibodies wane).  T-cells won’t save you from this one, it eats them for lunch (it has a superantigen).

And everyone dies of organ failure (of covid but not with covid) or cancer or some other infection because the HIV inserts in the spike (in both the virus and the vaccine version) have wrecked your immune system.

And no one is having babies.

Fact check. Early on in the spread of covid an Indian group announced they had found genetic material from HIV in the spike protein and were widely derided. Well, guess what binds to the covid spike protein?  – HIV-1 specific broadly neutralizing antibodies.

Some of us are old enough to remember that finding the cause of AIDS was difficult because the virus disappeared from the body and the infected were dying of cancers and other problems months to years after the infection.

Covid is like an airborne HIV.

The Chicoms developed this ‘very sophisticated bioweapon’ so what are they doing about it? They are going to whatever means are necessary to eradicate it from their territory. It would be prudent to do the same until we know a lot more about the science.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia