Jonestown was a mass suicide of American citizens in Guyana in 1978, most of whom died after drinking a cyanide solution. The UK has done a similar thing over the last couple of years with its covid vaccination program but on a national scale.

The UK Office for National Statistics has tabulated the enhancement in death rates by a number of criteria here.

First up, the data for death rate per 100,000 person-years by vaccination status. Non-covid causes of death are blue and covid deaths are orange:

What is apparent is that the vaccinated have experienced a slight increase in the rate of death by covid along with a much larger increase in the rate of non-covid deaths. The first three weeks after the third dose of spike protein is particularly deadly.

But that is for all age groups while particular age bands have different responses. The graph following shows non-covid death rates by vaccination status for the 50 – 59 age group:

The 50 – 59 age group has a bad reaction to the first dose of the spike protein with a near tripling of its death rate relative to the unvaccinated. If you survive vaccination to the third dose then things get back to normal. 

But another 20 years on and the first three weeks after the third dose is the deadliest time as shown by this graph for the 70 – 79 age group:

For the 70 – 79 age group the death rate from the third dose in the first three weeks approaches that of Russian roulette with nearly one in ten dying on an annualised basis.

The UK more than any other country has been assiduous in collecting covid death statistics. The following graph shows deaths by age group per week after vaccination:

The covid vaccines are a dose of spike protein either formed in your own cells, as per Pfizer and Moderna, or just an injection of spike protein without any mRNA jiggery-pokery as per Novavax.

The spike protein is highly inflammatory but with the inflammation taking a couple of weeks to develop fully and thus the increase in death rates takes a couple of weeks to start to plateau.

The UK is degenerate enough to allow, and to encourage, children down to five years old to be injected with spike protein and call it vaccination. They haven’t collected any statistics on that but what is seen in the results for the 10 – 14 age group suggests that it would be ugly.

The immune system of children is different to that of adults. The UK has been experimenting on its adolescents and the following graph shows the results:

Not much happens up to the second dose but then a nasty reaction kicks in, boosting the death rate of the third dosers to 22 times that of the unvaccinated in that age group. The risk/reward for these children is particularly unfavourable.

They have traded a few months of partial protection against covid for a life-long impairment of their immune system. In 50 years time there will still be people dying as a result of the covid vaccine they were injected with in 2022.

Are there any adults in the room, anyone?

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.