Matters of the Heart and the Lymphocytes

People are suddenly being called to their Maker, defilibrators are being installed in UK primary schools and some are still wondering if there is a connection with covid.  Let’s cut to the chase. What did Ralph Baric, the evil genius who put the covid virus together, spend the 1990s doing? His 1990s were spent fruitfully studying how to use a coronavirus to cause myocarditis in rabbits. You will notice a consistent theme in these papers he co-authored in that period:

1992    An experimental model for myocarditis and congestive heart failure after

             rabbit coronavirus infection

1992    An experimental model for dilated cardiomyopathy after rabbit coronavirus


1993    Electrocardiographic changes following rabbit coronavirus-induced

             myocarditis and dilated cardiomyopathy

1995    Echocardiographic changes following rabbit coronavirus infection

1999    ECG changes after rabbit coronavirus infection

Any exposure to the spike protein, from the vaccine or the virus, will cause myocarditis. And the mRNA vaccines are producing spike protein with a functioning furin cleavage site so that it will produce two sections each more inflammatory than the parent structure. So Baric’s 1990s wasn’t a wasted decade. Plenty of people have died of heart failure as a result.

But heart failure wasn’t the main payload of the bioweapon. That is the four segments from the HIV virus. What the designers of this bioweapon wanted was a highly infectious, airborne virus which didn’t affect the infected too badly at first but made sure they were dead within 10 years. And they got what they wanted because we are seeing results like this:

What you see above is the results of a blood test for lymphocytes before and after a covid infection.  The first blood test was in March 2019, covid infection in March 2020 and the second blood test nine months later in December 2020.

Her lymphocytes have taken a big whack. These are what stop us from getting infected by bacteria, viruses, fungi and cancers. Do they ever recover? Not in HIV which is what this disease is based on. This is because the virions hide in immunoprivileged tissue such as the brain and from there bombard the immune system with a persistant, low-grade inflammation that wears it out.

But if you have a CD4 level above 400 then your kidneys may be able to handle the antiviral drugs necessary to prolong life. So if you have ever been infected it is important to know as soon as possible what your lymphocyte levels are. Females of childbearing age should also include a test for anti-mullerian hormone (AMH) which is a measure of the ovarian reserve and thus the ability to conceive.

And then get your lymphocyte levels checked regularly to see if there is a trend. So this is bad, AIDS-level bad, but recoverable potentially.

But it gets worse. One member of the covid death cult, Peter Daszak, has recently been quoted giving an opinion on pigs:

Why would such a freak being taking an interest in livestock? Well another freak in that same death cult, Bill Gates, has a thing called the Global Alliance for Livestock Veterinary Medicines. And someone has funded and set up facilities, including in Australia, for making edible powder from insects, producing things like this:

Which was stocked by Woolworths but remained unsold. So if you’re a genocidal maniac and people don’t want to buy your cricket powder, what do you do? You kill the livestock so that people become involuntary vegetarians. This explains Bill Gates’ strange comments in Sydney:

And suddenly Daszak’s interest in pigs makes sense. We should take Mr Gates at his word. He invested heavily in the vaccine makers prior to covid and he has his own livestock vaccination outfit now. I am told that the new disease in train will be based on the nipah virus.

The most succint summary of covid to date is this from Steven Mosher:

“Even worse: The US outsourced a bioweapon program to China (!), after GOF research banned here, but continued to develop what it thought was an effective defense—the mRNA pseudo vax. Weapon worked just fine. Defense was a dismal, deadly failure. To them, you were nothing more than a lab rat.”

The perpetrators of covid are still at large and plotting to remove meat from the diet of the lab rats.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia