When did the evil of our current decade start? It can be traced back to Cecil Rhodes (1853 – 1902) who made a fortune out of the diamond mines of South Africa. To paraphrase Jane Austen, a man in possession of a great fortune is given to telling others what to do. Rhodes’ big idea was that the Anglo-Saxon countries should run the world. To enable that, he set up an organisation that became the Council for Foreign Relations, headquartered in New York. Any organisation not explicitly conservative eventually becomes captured by the left, and so it is with the Council for Foreign Relations.

The Rhodes scholarship provides a year of postgraduate study at Oxford University which is a way of providing left-leaning people a leg up and introducing them to the network. The World Economic Forum adopted the same process of identifying young leftie politicians and drawing them into its network. Klaus Schwab, who runs the World Economic Forum, is a great recogniser of talent. In 1992, just after the Soviet Union fell apart, he invited Vladimir Putin to attend in Switzerland for training. And Putin is grateful for that early attention which may have contributed to the self confidence he needed to achieve what he did.

The history of the Council for Foreign Relations is recounted in Carroll Quigley’s 1966 book Tragedy and Hope. Its largest influence is the US State Department and its graduate school is Georgetown University in Washington.

The big event of the early 20th century was World War 1 which was a meat grinder for all concerned. That war was largely driven by Germany which believed it deserved an empire when the UK, France and Russia all had empires. It took another war of a similar magnitude before the Germans were disabused of that notion. In the meantime the social order on the continent was upturned by the privations of that war and the decades afterwards, leading to socialist systems of human organisation capturing Germany and Russia.

Socialism was eventually discredited by the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991. The World Economic Forum is promoting the adoption of communism without using the word communism. The poverty associated with communism has given it a bad name. Their motto ‘You will own nothing and be happy’ is simply the communist creed ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs’ restated.

Like moths to a candle, the World Economic Forum attracts a lot of the heads of major companies by providing them with a belief system. After climbing to the top of their companies and dispatching a lot of rivals on the way, these CEOs unconsciously feel the lack of any reason for existence. Having become successful and climbed the ladder as far as they can go, their natural instinct is to tell the rest of humanity how to run their lives. Due to the lack of anything better to believe in, the World Economic Forum provides a structured belief system for these lost souls. The annual pilgrimage to Davos plays the same role as the Haj does for Muslims.

One of the most pernicious developments of the post WW2 period started in the CIA in the 1950s. The then leadership of the CIA, most likely with a Council for Foreign Relations background, decided that they too would get into the engineering of men’s souls and improve society along socialist lines. The first identifiable instance of that is the fact that the CIA funded Gloria Steinem in 1959 at the beginning of her feminist career. They were in contempt of the then US society and wanted to improve it in their own image. In that video Ms Steinem says that the CIA were just as progressive as the Kennedy administration, despite their public image. Shortly after that episode the CIA assassinated President Kennedy. Social engineering is quite a slippery slope.

Capturing the US presidency is a big deal and the Soviets were also active in that regard. By the early 1970s they had hatched a plan which involved getting an operative elected on a racial-healing trope. First they sent a West German teenager by the name of Rainer Baaker to Chicago from 1974 to 1978. His cover was as a community organiser and Chicago was the headquarters of the Communist Party of the USA which had access to the vessel for their ambitions: Barack Obama.

Obama’s turn at community organizing in Chicago was from June 1985 to May 1988. Obama led a charmed life at a series of private schools and universities and didn’t have to lift a finger. He honed his speaking skills each Sunday giving the sermon at a racist church.

The Obama project survived the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991 but handling of Mr Obama was passed to Cuban intelligence, the Dirección General de Inteligencia. This is an open secret in the Washington security community which means that the CIA was au fait and ok with it. One of the last things Obama did in office was his visit to Cuba to say thank you to the Cubans.

Obama was duly elected to do some racial healing but of course he did the complete opposite. His role was to degrade US society and reduce US economic performance so it would provide less competition to countries run along socialist lines. Basically Obama was a torpedo fired by the Soviet Union against the US that stayed on target even after the ship that launched it sank.

Angela Merkel was another Soviet plant launched even as the ship was sinking. Her role was to weaken Germany economically and socially so it would be less of a threat to Russia. Frau Merkel fulfilled the Morganthau Plan in effect. While portraying herself as a conservative, she took Germany leftward as fast as circumstances would allow. For example she used the Fukushima nuclear incident as an excuse to shut the German nuclear industry and make the country more beholden to Russia for energy supply. The German economy is now shrinking due to noncompetitive energy pricing. Mission accomplished, as one of the Bushes said.

The Soviet Union’s Obama project boomeranged on them with now tragic consequences. Yes Obama successfully degraded the US but the progressives hired to staff the State Department wanted to remake the world in their own image. That included Russia. Twenty years ago Russia wanted to join NATO and be part of the civilised world. But Russia was spurned and the State Department built huge cadres of staff in regional consulates in Russia to destabilise the Putin regime as well as running a successful color revolution in Ukraine. The chief architect of that policy at the State Department, Victoria Nuland, is now less cocky in her public appearances as she probably realises that her misjudgments contributed to the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people, not just the few killed by the State Department snipers of Maidan Square.

The Soviet Union’s Obama project circled back on them to cause much grief, like the USS Tang in WW2 which was sunk by its own torpedo off China in the Taiwan Strait.

Russia has proven to be barbaric and if long term peace is to come after this conflict, it cannot be allowed to retain any territory as a result of it. The more they retain, the quicker the next war will come. Any Russian gains will encourage China to start on the war they want to have in Asia.

The Russian invasion ended the long peace that the possession of nuclear weapons gave us after WW2. The timing is unfortunate in that humanity is yet to adapt to a couple of reversals of trends which had made that period so prosperous.

The first is the peak in world oil production which happened in 2018. It is cheap energy that has driven our standard of living more than anything else. As the oil supply becomes tighter and tighter we will be made poorer and poorer. The problem has been compounded by the religion of global warming that has gripped the OECD countries.

The solution to the problem of declining oil and coal production is energy from plutonium breeder reactors. At some point humanity’s standard of living will result from the cost of power from that class of reactor. The sooner we start down the road of getting that technology sorted, the safer we will be.

The second reversal in trend is that the Earth’s atmosphere had started warming in the 1930s due to solar activity being the highest it had been for 11,000 years. This warming was mistaken for the effect of carbon dioxide. That warming stopped in 2016 and is now in a relatively steep downtrend of 0.35°C per decade. The consequences of that is that some of the most productive agricultural land on the planet, including the Corn Belt, will be subject to early and late frosts with the potential for big swings in grain production. To even out the swings in production coming will require grain stockpiling.

Another thing that has come along at the same time is Covid which will make our lives, our children’s lives and that of all subsequent generations far more difficult. Covid had its conception in elite loathing for ordinary people. Bill Gates started talking about reducing the world’s population in the early 1990s. He found some like-minded ghouls who also wanted to kill people – Tony Fauci, Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric. Bill Gates plotted to make money out of it at the same time by selling leaky vaccines for the disease they created. We are now in year three of the covid plague and the excess death rate continues to rise in those countries which are the most heavily vaccinated.

Covid was a big project with those in the know alerted well ahead of time to enable them to profit from it. Thus the investment company of the UK’s Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, invested in Moderna over ten years ago. Later in the development of the Covid plot it must have been decided to split the vaccine bonanza with another company to make it appear less suspicious. So the German company BioNTech was given a role via Pfizer. Bill Gates invested in BioNtech in September 2019, one month prior to the Wuhan lab leak.

Moderna just couldn’t wait. They did a trial run of 100,000 covid doses in 2019. Moderna’s CEO also predicted the pandemic a year before it happened. We know this is true because the fact checkers have confirmed it. The CEO’s words from that article:

As Seth knows, when the pandemic happened, Moderna had made 100,000 dose in 2019 for the whole year. And I remember walking into the office of my manufacturing and I say, ‘How about we make a billion dose next year?’ And they look at me a bit funny and say, ‘What?’ And I say, ‘Yeah we need to make a billion dose next year, there’s going to be a pandemic.’”

Covid was a big, transnational project so the CIA must have become aware of it. According to Andrew Huff, a former employee of EcoHealth Alliance, the CIA approached Daszak in 2015 and formed a relationship with EcoHealth Alliance. This implies that the CIA knew that covid was intended to kill a large portion of the world’s population and was ok with that. They could have stopped it but chose not to. Society’s immune system, the secret services, has turned on their host. This is an unfortunate development.

You can safely assume that Bill Gates would prefer to see you dead even though he might not be aware of your existence at the personal level. That is one level of difficulty for us given the resources at his disposal. But the CIA being in on the Covid death project and not stopping it means that they also would prefer to see you dead. And that is another layer of difficulty for us in trying to stay alive and healthy given the resources that the CIA can call on.

There may be a disaster in human fertility in train which the public is not yet aware of. In the interim the population and the economy will shrink due to long Covid. Which will make it yet more difficult to make the transition to a nuclear power-based economy. The human project is in doubt.

In the meantime the same people who gave us Covid have cranked up the global warming hysteria to 11. Gates and Fauci keep saying that humanity is bad for nature. At a subconscious level they are likely aware that maiming and killing people is a bad thing to do and for their sanity they need to believe that they are doing it for the planet. Otherwise they are just serial killers. Oh wait, this is the title of one of Daszak’s papers:

That was dated 6th August, 2018. Daszak knew what was in train and the resources being applied to his death cult project. Daszak would also be aware of his role in history. He had talked US Government into giving him the funds for a project to kill a big chunk of the US population. His victims had given him the means to kill them. So he is a true artist. Hannibal Lecter is an amateur compared to Daszak. He also wrote a paper with this title:

For an outfit that was supposedly about saving wildlife, EcoHealth Alliance has a big death cult vibe about it. Nevertheless it is still getting funds from the US Government, $26 million since the outbreak. To stop funding them post the Wuhan outbreak would mean that the funders of EcoHealth – Department of Defense, US Agency for International Development, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health – were responsible for covid.

So the funding continues and Daszak lives the high life at the expense of the US taxpayer as evinced by this missive saying that he uses doctors’ notes to obtain exceptions to federal curbs on luxury flights, sometimes $20k per flight. You can’t expect someone who has killed 20 million people and put civilisation in jeopardy to fly coach. That would be disrespectful.

Which brings us to the problem of the covid death cult’s religion – global warming. The bulk of the public still thinks that global warming is just another snake cult, to borrow a line from Conan the Barbarian.  As harmless as being a Moonie or the like. But in essence it is a belief system that takes Man’s fall from grace and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden for despoiling it to a further conclusion – Man is inherently evil and should be killed off as much as possible.

Global warming can be disproved by high school level physics, but nobody bothered – all the government bodies have been captured by the new religion. That failure meant that the religious zealots could run amok and stuff the crematoria with their human sacrifice. It was a failure of scientific rigour that caused covid and we are paying the price of that failure. It follows that there will be no human progress until global warming as a religion is vanquished. 

The last chance of killing off global warming was when Will Happer was briefly in the Trump administration. But Jared Kushner talked Trump out of doing the right thing because it might upset Republican women voters. Which brings up another problem. Like Indiana Jones replacing the idol, another belief system is needed to fill the space currently taken by global warming. That is a work in progress.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia