I used to correspond with Cardinal Pell. He was the only cleric in Australia who took a stand against the climate hoax.

I would send him my books on climate and he would send a letter thanking me, first on Sydney diocese letterhead and then Vatican letterhead.

As for all the other clerics in Australia, to a man, woman or it, I wouldn’t pee on them if they were on fire, to use a colloquialism from half a century ago.

Our physical selves can only take us so far. Culture is the software of our civilisation and religion is a big part of that software.

Culture enables the adult males to work together productively and not waste their time fighting over the females.

We all know that some cultures are better than others and some religions are better than other religions.

We had the best culture which is why people want to come here, and no Australians want to emigrate to Iran, Libya or any of the other 180 ‘shithole’ countries on the planet.

It is culture and culture alone. Argentina, for example, is very scenic and agriculturally productive. Its population are Europeans, but they live in dirty poverty, because of their culture.

Global warming, the belief system, is a reversion to animism, a notion that some living and inanimate things have spirits.

Animist cultures don’t achieve much. They go to bed when it gets dark because there is no lighting.

And that will be our fate too if we allow them to continue to run the economy into the dirt.

Our clerics fail to decry global warming as a reversion to animism and by their silence are complicit in the duplicity of this state-sanctioned religion.

Curse them in living and curse them in dying. They will die a peasant’s death. May God have no mercy on their souls; miserable, useless wretches that they are.

The Sixth Circle of Hell awaits them and there they will remain until Judgement Day.

Who else was complicit in not calling out global warming? Most of the hard science professionals – people like chemical engineers who could debunk global warming science in five minutes if they bothered to do so.

All but a few have been as silent as the grave, and thus complicit. In the meantime the hating on the carbon atom has become unhinged.

The Australian economy is on the edge of power prices going through the roof which of course will crush our competitiveness in export markets, apart from simply making us poorer for no good reason.

Clerics have a useful role in society if they actually serve in the role required – affirming moral verities derived from the golden rule.

Hard science/engineering graduates similarly have a moral duty to call out shoddy science.

If they are not affronted by fake science, they have failed their moral duty to society.

Many basically good people likely think that global warming believers are harmless, like being a Moonie or the like.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Global warmers are some of the most evil people that God has breathed life into.

Some have taken it to its next iteration – it is a belief system that takes Man’s fall from grace and his expulsion from the Garden of Eden for despoiling it to a further conclusion – Man is inherently evil and should be killed off as much as possible.

When I say some, I mean Bill Gates, Peter Daszak, Anthony Fauci and Ralph Baric – the main architects of the covid plague.

They started plotting 30 years ago to unleash a plague on humanity with global warming as the excuse.

Their death toll so far is half of what Mao achieved with his Great Leap Forward but they are catching up on the Great Helmsman fast. 

They need the excuse of global warming to salve their consciences. Perhaps only Gates and Fauci. Daszak is more into outright killing people.

He has decorated his conferences with images of skulls. If they didn’t have global warming as their excuse for killing people they would just be serial killers.

Oh wait, this is the title of one of Daszak’s papers:

Which gets back to the argument this essay started with. Those in society with the roles of either calling out shoddy religions or shoddy science failed in their duty to society.

And the result hasn’t just been some higher power bills. The bitter harvest of their failure is a lot of deaths and maiming, with plenty more to come.

The religious zealots are running amok and stuffing the crematoria with their human sacrifice.

The time to act on global warming is long past but it is not too late to save civilisation.

It is well known that the global warmers are impervious to facts but do take the time to make their lives insufferable.

Their religion is being used as the excuse to kill us so that is not a disproportionate response.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia