Covid History

Covid’s spiritual antecedent was the eugenics movements of the 1920s – that the world needed to be improved by getting rid of other people. Covid’s inception was likely the Club of Rome in 1968. This is a movement that warned that the world was going to Hell because of overpopulation. By 1980 the movement’s beliefs had been codified and written in stone – literally. The Georgia Guidestones in Elbert County, Georgia were built that year and had ten commandments for humanity, the first of which was that humanity should be under 500 million “in perpetural balance with nature.”

But how to achieve the necessary kill-off of over 90% of the world population? One of the prominent psychopaths involved, Bill Gates, started talking about a “vaccine” which would cause sterility. By 1987 they had settled upon using a virus to effect the kill-off and that the type of virus to be used would be a corona virus. Ralph Baric, the scientific brains behind covid, published his first paper on using a corona virus to cause myocarditis in rabbits that year. In 1988 Prince Phillip stated that he wanted to be reincarnated as a deadly virus to reduce world population, indicating how deeply held the notion was in elite opinion at the time.

The late 1980s also provided the psychopaths with the casus belli for their war on humanity after the climate worriers flipped from predicting an imminent ice age to predicting global warming caused by human emissions of carbon dioxide. This is why global warming refuses to die as an issue. It is being kept alive to provide moral justification for the psychopaths.

Part of the appeal of global warming for these eco-nutcases, is that what they are fighting is invisible and has no physical presence, just like God. Priestly figures, in this case scientists in lab coats, interpret how the God is feeling.

It is no coincidence that the new head of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), Peter Hotez, wears a lab coat when being interviewed by Zoom at home. He assumes the authority of the temple.

The name of the cabal behind covid, if it has one, isn’t publicly known and neither are the organisers. The closest they have come to the surface was in the formation of the NIAID in 2001. It seems that the cabal wanted the development of its virus moved out of the US Department of Defense but to have it continue to be funded by the US taxpayer. Vice President Dick Cheney encountered opposition from the US Senate in getting the legislation passed.

So on September 18, 2001, a number of national media outlets were sent letters containing anthrax. The resulting alarm wasn’t enough so three weeks later a second round of letters was sent to the offices of Senators. Twenty-two people were infected with anthrax, five of whom died.

The anthrax in those letters was genetically typed to a strain isolated and developed by the Ames Laboratory operated by the Department of Energy in Iowa. So this terrorist attack was an inside job to gin up support for a big expansion in bioweapons research. A Dr Fauci, till then only known for botching the response to HIV, was installed to run the NIAID without oversight. Fauci was a morally flexible eco-loon who believed that mankind would get a comeuppance from being out of balance with Nature.

The push by Dick Cheney and his friends to have the NIAID legislation passed is the closest that the cabal behind covid have come to public attention. Cheney’s daughter, Liz Cheney – a putative Republican, shares the same globalist/New World Order convictions of her father.

In the 1990s, bioweapons researchers had become enamoured with HIV. It didn’t kill the infected immediately but ruined their immune systems so that a host of other diseases debilitated them first. Freddie Mercury’s timeline from infection is instructive.

Mr Mercury died some sixteen years after infection. The problem with HIV, for bioweapons researchers, is that it is only transmitted by bodily fluids. Meanwhile the first fruit of the virus research program, the SARS virus, was released/leaked in 2002 followed by MERS in 2012. The problem with these viruses was their case fatality rate of 30% which meant they could be easily tracked and eradicated.

The technology needed to develop covid started with infectious-clone techniques in the 1980s and were optimised for the engineering of corona viruses in 2005-2015 by Ralph Baric at the University of North Carolina. Baric’s technology was transferred to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2016. With this technology it is easy – trivially easy – to enhance pathogens without leaving signatures in genome sequences. And finally the covid cabal had what it wanted – an airborne version of HIV.

And then the covid cabal started talking about what they had created. In 2015 Baric published a paper saying a SARS-like virus could emerge:

How would he know? He created it. Baric published another paper with almost the same title in 2016:

Poised?  Poised still? It may be that they were still trying to develop a vaccine for the disease they had ready to go. It is likely that the business model of the kill-off plague required a vaccine to make money out of the disease. The National Institute of Health had sent a vaccine to Baric in 2015 for testing. The virological community knew that it is not possible to make a vaccine worthy of the name for a corona virus.

Corona viruses mutate too rapidly with the effect that when the immune system encounters a virion it makes an antibody shaped to match a prior version of the disease with the consequence that the vaccinated have less immunity than the unvaccinated. This was easy enough to predict for anyone with some knowledge of virology.

In 2017, in a viral epidemic planning exercise at John Hopkins, it was predicted that the next epidemic would be from a virus derived from SARS but with a case fatality rate of 0.6% instead of 30%. Which is what happened and in turn that means that the people behind the John Hopkins exercise were told what was coming. In 2019, Moderna made a batch of 100,000 vaccines for covid and the CEO 0f Moderna told his staff that the next batch would be one billion vaccines because there would be an epidemic in 2020.

So the genome of covid was known and something that could be sold as a vaccine had been developed for it. The virus duly leaked from the Wuhan lab as expected. The US health authorities went through the charade of developing a vaccine while enforcing vicious lockdowns for a disease that had a case fatality rate similar to that of influenza. The public were given the impression that vaccination was the way of out lockdown. The lockdowns were designed to corral the public to vaccination. Why? It wasn’t just about making money from selling the vaccines. The vaccines have a secret, extra payload that couldn’t be delivered by the virus.

The secret payload of the covid vaccines is a genetic sequence called SV40, short for simian virus 40, which contaminated polio vaccines in the late 1950s and 1960s. The SV40 sequence became incorporated in the genome of some of the people vaccinated for polio. The sequence causes an increased rate of some types of cancer. The neoplasias induced by SV40 in animal models include primary brain cancers, malignant mesotheliomas, bone tumors, and systemic lymphomas which are a common malignancy from SV40 infection.

It has been estimated that just under 5% of the UK population now have SV40 in their DNA as a result of those polio vaccines and so will their children for the rest of eternity. As Professor Murakami of Tokyo University said, incorporating SV40 into the covid vaccines was completely unnecessary. So why did the covid cabal do it? Because they are extremely vicious, nasty psychopaths who won’t pass up any opportunity to cause harm.

And with their virological knowledge the covid cabal knew that the more vaccine shots people had, the faster they would get infected. So vaccination was necessary, from their point of view, to increase the infection rate. And so it has come to pass. In late 2022 the Cleveland Clinic published a study of vaccine efficacy in some 43,000 of its staff with the following result:

Someone who has had three doses of covid vaccine was found to be 3.15 times more likely to be infected than an unvaccinated employee.

Even the treatment protocol for covid was designed to maximise long term damage to the infected. People were told to not take anything and wait at home until the disease had progressed to the point that they needed to be hospitalised. This protocol maximised their viral load and increased the chance that covid virions would find their way into immunoprotected tissue just as HIV does. That is why the medical authorities in the US and Australia were against ivermectin. Amongst other things, ivermectin is a strong antiviral. Similarly, the National Institutes for Health knew in 2005 that chloroquine was a potent inhibitor of the SARS virus and thus could be expected to have the same effect on covid but remained as silent as the grave in 2020 when hydroxychloroquine was suggested as a covid treatment. It wasn’t just a case of not wanting to miss out on vaccine revenue due to a competing product, they wanted to maximise covid virions in immunoprotected tissue and thus the incidence of long covid.

All this is ancient history now. So what is the point in its retelling? Because if we are to survive this covid extinction event – as individuals, families and nations – we have to be aware of the full extent of the evil involved. The covid cabal have had control of the US Department of Defense (DOD) and the Central Intelligence Agency for decades, surviving many changes of administration. At US$800 billion per annum, the DOD’s annual budget can hide a lot of things in its black programs, all unaudited.

Covid is the result of a group of powerful psychopaths getting to critical mass. The relevant character attributes of psychopaths include:

  1. Fluent lying with little concept of truth telling.
  2. Completely lacking in remorse or guilt.
  3. Emotional shallowness and callousness with no empathy or compassion.
  4. No responsibility for their actions and a disregard for rules and social norms.
  5. Impulsive and thrill seeking with fearlessness and poor consideration of consequences.
  6. Highly controlling with a desire for power.

To defeat covid we have to defeat what it was designed to do. It was designed to infect immunoprotected tissue and then exhaust the immune system by low grade inflammation. It commonly infects the bone marrow but also the glial cells of the central nervous system and the gut-associated lymphoid tissue. Which brings up the interesting case of the Ohio cryptic lineage.

Genomic tracking of covid virions in the Ohio sewage system has found that there is one individual who is consistently shedding a few trillion covid virions per day. He lives in Columbus and commutes daily to the town of Washington Court House. If it is assumed that each infected cell sheds 1,000 viral particles that would mean this individual has at least a billion infected cells. The density of monolayer epithelial cells is around 300k cells/sq cm. A billion cells would represent around 3.5 square feet of epithelial tissue. In terms of the quantity of viral shedding, the closest that any other virus would come to the Ohio cryptic lineage is hepatitis C which often ends in liver cancer.

The SARS outbreak starting in 2002 was known for viral infections due to contaminated air travelling between apartments, some three floors apart vertically, in the same building due to common plumbing. That was detected because people died. Now that covid is endemic, people would not know that they are being infected because of their building’s plumbing.

We can’t live with endemic covid and survive and prosper as a nation. The first thing to do is to eliminate transmission. The fastest and cheapest way of achieving that would be to send out to all Australians a daily prophylactic capsule of vitamin D, quercetin, zinc and ivermectin with doseage based on weight. Above normal weight the body treats being overweight as low grade inflammation and consumes more vitamin D so that someone weighing 150 kg needs six times as muh vitamin D than someone weighing 50 kg, not three times as much. This combination might reduce the infection rate by 97% based on the efficacy of the individual components.

The complementary way to reduce transmission is to clean shared air, either with air filters designed to catch viral particles or to irradiate them with far ultraviolet light at 222 nm wavelength. The US Army headquarters in the Pentagon has adopted the latter approach which has stopped transmission from infected co-workers. The light at 222 nm does not penetrate human or animal skin or eyes. 

The second thing to do is to stop and reverse the immunological decline caused by viral infection of immunoprotected tissue. We know this will be hard to do because it has never been achieved for any disease to date. The closest parallel is with HIV. Treating HIV with individual molecules didn’t work. What worked was combining several antiviral drugs which have different modes of action. The following diagram shows what is involved in Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART):

The problem is that these therapies don’t kill the virions. They only stop division.

It is necessary to start the antiretroviral therapy while the kidneys are still able to handle the drug load which is indicated by a CD4 level above 400. Vitamin D is important here too as each 1 ng/ml of vitamin D in the blood raises the CD4 level by 3.3 units.  So a rise in vitamin D blood level of 50 ng/ml will boost the CD4 level by 165 units.

It may be that antivirals with efficacy against covid should be started by everyone who has ever had covid. A review of the literature shows some common molecules with quantified anti-covid activity:

What is suggested is similar to how the gay community live with HIV.  They take PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis) so they can enjoy their lifestyle and PEP (post-exposure prophylaxis) which is a 28-day course of medication taken after a possible exposure to HIV. As well as something like that we need to clean the air and surfaces as well.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.