Illustration of COVID-19 virus. Credit: Getty

News has come in that airline pilots are suffering the effects of covid vaccination. This is seen in the statistics of them trying to fly but failing. When an aircraft puts out a 7700 squawk on its transponder, it alerts Air Traffic Control that the aircraft is in imminent danger. From when mandatory vaccination for airline pilots started in the US in November 2021, worldwide 7700 alerts have increased nearly 400% from the pre-2019 average.

In Australia the Civil Aviation Authority has the ability to restrict a pilot’s licence to multi-crew only and he is no longer allowed to fly a plane by himself. There has been a substantial increase in the number of pilots who have had this limit imposed on their licence, from 78 in the 2022 year to 239 in 2023. This mirrors what happened in the US where in January 2023 the Federal Aviation Authority relaxed the maximum allowed period for atrioventricular block from 210 milliseconds to 300 milliseconds. This was because, after covid vaccination, too many pilots were failing their annual ECG exams and the airline industry was suffering a pilot shortage.

It is now commonly accepted that covid had its origin in a lab and wasn’t from a bat or racoon or similar. But the next question has yet to be asked which is: If it came from a lab, it was designed and what was it designed to do?

Now it turns out that the same people who developed the virus also developed the vaccines. The patents over the covid vaccines were half-owned by Moderna and the other half by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) under an arrangement that started in 2017. This arrangement allowed NIH staff to get a share of the royalty payments so that the people approving the vaccines were also getting an income from them. It may also explain why Fauci and Collins, the head of the NIH, delayed their retirements for so long – they had been waiting for the vaccine payments.

Now if the virus was designed to harm us, as it does with long term degradation of the immune system, would the vaccine have been designed to heal us and/or protect us? That would be a hard pill to swallow. In fact, the vaccines were designed to harm us in a different way.

We now come to the subject of the furin cleavage site on the spike protein. It doesn’t have any purpose in bats. It was included to make it easier for the virus to bind to the ACE2 receptor. And Ralph Baric, the brains behind the covid science, shipped mice with human ACE2 receptors to Wuhan in 2015.

Both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines kept the furin cleavage site in the spike proteins that their vaccines made. There was no need to do so. Our immune system would still recognise the spike protein as foreign and make antibodies to it. The Novavax vaccine also has the furin cleavage site. Which suggests that the struggle of brave Novavax against Big Pharma and the FDA was just theatre.

Why is the furin cleavage site so special? Because it makes it easier for the spike to get into a cell. And the bits of spike are highly inflammatory. Inflammation causes a range of problems including cancer. So if you were a vaccine designer with ill intent, keeping the furin cleavage site in the vaccine was a big part of its payload.

Three main effects of the vaccines have been identified to date:

  1. Every one of the vaccinated has heart damage as a result. A recent Japanese study found elevated glucose uptake in the hearts of the vaccinated relative to the unvaccinated and nobody missed out:
  1. The vaccinated are three and a half times more likely to be reinfected with covid relative to the unvaccinated. Each infection is another chance to develop long covid and start the degradation of the immune system. In HIV, the average annual decline of CD4 levels was 35 cells per ml per annum. CD4 depletion has been seen in covid but the average annual decline rate has yet to be determined for this disease.  Kaposi’s sarcoma starts making an appearance at CD4 levels below 500 and Burkitt’s lymphoma below 200.
  2. The vaccines contain plasmids (small circular DNA molecules) from bacteria and SV40 (simian virus 40). Apparently this combination will result in the insertion of bacterial DNA into the genome of cells and aid the development of cancers. This aspect of the vaccines has begun to bear its bitter fruit. From an online comment:

Dr. Risch said patients must now wait months, not weeks, to get an appointment at an oncology clinic in New York. “What clinicians have been seeing,” said Dr. Risch, “is very strange things: For example, 25-year-olds with colon cancer, who don’t have family histories of the disease—that’s basically impossible along the known paradigm for how colon cancer works—and other long-latency cancers that they’re seeing in very young people.”

Others have also reported “explosive” colon cancer in people in their twenties, decades ahead of when that might normally have been seen. And these are being detected after they have already metastasised.

Covid is a case of life imitates art. In 1998 the novelist Tom Clancy wrote Rainbow Six in which evil environmentalists (I know that is a tautology) release a virus and produce a vaccine. The synopsis of the novel says in part:

“The resulting pandemic would kill countless people, during which Horizon would distribute a “vaccine”—actually a slow-acting version of Shiva—ensuring the deaths of the rest of the world’s population. Brightling’s “chosen few”, having been provided with the real vaccine, would then inherit the emptied world, justifying their genocidal actions as “saving the world” from the environmentally-destructive nature of humanity.”

Let’s get on to motivation. The elite don’t like ordinary people. To make it easier to kill us, it helps if they dehumanise us. So they refer to us “useless eaters”, a term made prominent by the World Economic Forum’s Uval Harari.

The first reference I can find to the term is in John Coleman’s 1993 book “The Committee of 300” which has this sentence on page 5:

The myriads of “useless eaters” consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled (killed).

Google Trends has use of the term “useless eater” in the US bubbling along from 2004 to 2023:

Global warming and Net Zero are another part of the psychological prop that the elite use to justify the cull to themselves. Anyone promoting global warming hysteria and Net Zero is complicit in the covid cull of their fellow humans. In Australia that includes the Labor, Liberal and National parties.

And the elite have looked at the statistics and are now requiring unvaccinated pilots to fly them around, according to this pilot.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.