For a number of years a friend had prevailed on me to read John Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope which had been published in 1966. Professor Quigley of Georgetown University in Washington had been given access to the archives of the Council on Foreign Relations. What he wrote was an insider’s account of the history of the first half of the 20th century which is quite different to the one we were taught in school. Even now the book is quite useful in understanding how the world got to its current state.

So this essay is a similar exercise to deconstruct what went on with covid from the perspective of the perpetrators. The covid cabal would have game-planned what they were going to do to the nth degree. The public expression of that game-planning was all the pandemic planning conferences that went on. Those exercises were about instructing governments how to react so that everyone stayed on script.

Let’s pick up the story in 2015. Ralph Baric, the brains behind the science of covid, had developed the necessary gene-splicing technology to develop covid ten years before. In 2015 he shipped humanised mice which had been genetically altered to express human ACE2 receptors to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The mice were needed to find out how infectious the virus would be. He also sent them instructions on what to sew into the virus’ genome. The fact that gain of function research had been banned in the United States worked in the favour of the covid cabal in that it created plausible deniability for what essentially a CIA and US Department of Defense coproduction at the operational level. Chinese bioweapons labs are notorious for leaking. For example staff in one lab had sold animals for their meat, after they had been experimented on. The SARS virus had leaked from Chinese labs four times over a ten year period.

Covid duly leaked from the Wuhan lab in October 2019. It has been said that the CIA had been monitoring the area around the lab and knew about the leak before the Chinese Government did. The leak showed up in mobile phone traffic at the lab that was picked up by satellites, confirmed by satellite imagery of vehicle traffic. The Chinese Government locked down Wuhan to stop the spread of the virus but allowed international flights out of China to continue. This was to make sure the rest of the world became infected while China stayed healthy. The lockdowns in China continued for another three years before President Xi flipped to ‘let her rip’. The provincial governments which had been funding the lockdown efforts were being bankrupted and the country was on the verge of riots. About two million elderly Chinese promptly died when the lockdown lifted.

In terms of the covid cabal’s relationship with China, in 2015 George Soros was admirer of China because of its high technology suppression of its citizens but by 2019 had switched to saying that China is the most dangerous threat to free societies. It is possible that China had let on by 2019 that it wasn’t going to go along with a massive world population cull that involved its own citizens. There is a video online of a former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir, saying in an interview that he had been approached about participating in the world population cull but declined because it wouldn’t be in Malaysia’s interest to do so. No doubt some other world leaders had said yes to the proposal.

Now China is having outbreaks of paediatric respiratory diseases that are straining the country’s hospital system, a predictable consequence of immune systems weakened by covid.

In 2019, as recounted by the CEO of Moderna at a WEF meeting at Davos, Moderna made a trial batch of 100,000 covid vaccines. He told his staff that the next batch would be one billion doses. When asked why he replied that there would be a pandemic the following year.

When it did come it is likely that the timing of the covid outbreak was a surprise to the covid cabal. The investment firm of the current UK Prime Minister, Mr Sunak, had a position in Moderna from earlier in the decade. But Bill Gates got into BioNTech only a month before the Wuhan lab leak. It seems that early on it had been decided that Moderna was going to be the vehicle for the vaccine rollout and that the BioNTech/Pfizer arrangement was added later. By going through BioNTech instead of directly to Pfizer this concentrated more of the percentage capital growth in the former company. Adding another outlet, with the appearance of competition and choice, would make reduce suspicion that it was all a setup. All the vaccines by different drug companies included the furin cleavage site of the spike protein, when this is unnecessary for vaccine efficiency and added significantly to the inflammation when the spike protein split into its two subunits. This includes Novavax’s offering which suggests the struggle of brave Novavax to get approval was just theatre.

Then the story gets darker. Lockdowns started. The charade of the development of the vaccines continued (Operation Warp Speed) which was run out of the White House. More than 60 percent of the staff of Operation Warp Speed were from the Department of Defense. This is the organisational structure:

Which is understandable given that the US Department of Defense owned the vaccine vials and the contents until the moment they were injected. The National Institutes of Health owned half of the patents on the vaccines which enabled staff, including Fauci and Collins, to be given a chunk of the royalty payments.

The lockdowns were enforced to herd people towards vaccination on the promise that herd/hybrid immunity by vaccination would allow the lockdowns to be lifted. If we all got vaccinated together then we would reach the promised land and live happily ever after. Now for the really dark bit. The problem for the covid cabal is that you can make a bioweapon to be lethal or infectious but you can’t have both. If it is lethal, like SARS with its 30% case fatality rate, then it is easily traced and shut down. But what is the point of making a bioweapon that is infectious but doesn’t do much killing? The covid cabal’s ambition was to kill more than 90% of the world’s population. They said so on the Georgia Guidestones.

HIV was much admired by bioweapons researchers for the way it killed. It didn’t kill you outright at infection but destroyed your immune system so that other viruses, cancer, funghi and bacteria knocked you off at an average of 12 years later. The problem with HIV is that it is only spread by exchange of bodily fluids. That problem was solved in 2005 when a cage of ferrets on the other side of a lab from an experiment died and the covid cabal knew that this was the way to go. So covid is a respiratory virus with bits of the HIV genome in it.

Nevertheless, what escaped from the Wuhan lab was Batwoman’s creation and may not have been the ideal virus that the covid cabal had hoped for. Initially the covid virus could cause a cytokine storm in the infected and this increased as the virus mutated. There was a danger that the covid outbreak could be suppressed by becoming too deadly on infection and thus easily traced. So the covid cabal took a clade of the virus circulating in June 2021, made an alteration to the E protein and then released that in South Africa as omicron in November of that year. This was much milder but more infectious so it displaced all the other circulating clades. Some virologists were surprised that omicron arose from a variant that had last been seen five months before. The E protein has a low rate of mutation and is responsible for the bulk of the inflammatory effect. The internet became full of comments saying to the effect that ‘Thank Heaven omicron is mild!’ as the pro-covid troll army did its work. A crisis was averted.

The darkness is that the vaccines were going to be rolled out but if not many people had died from covid then the vaccine uptake would be low. So they, the covid cabal, needed plenty of deaths for a virus that, initially, is no more deadly than influenza. To that end, hospitals in the US were given a $13,000 bonus if covid was listed as the cause of death on a death certificate. If someone bled to death from a car accident, but covid could be found in his blood, then that would be counted as a covid death and the hospital would get its $13,000. To that end it helped that the PCR test used gave a high proportion of false positives.

This also explains the idiotic protocol for dealing with a covid infection. People were advised to stay at home, not take any antivirals or anything else, then when they got really sick they were to go to hospital. The hospitals didn’t give them any antivirals either but were rewarded by the US Government with a 20% bonus for putting patients on Remdesivir. People who didn’t recover on their own but continued to ICU were put on ventilators. The ventilators had an 85% death rate so being sent to ICU amounted to a death sentence. The US Government reward to hospitals for putting people on ventilators was $39,000. Per patient. Someone could kill one patient and get to drive off in a new car.

No doubt all these financial rewards for killing patients had not been formulated on the fly. They would have been game-planned years in advance. Unfortunately, US hospitals responded to the deadly incentive scheme and processed their patients past the ventilators with industrial efficiency and no remorse. The internet is now full of stories from people who have realised that the hospitals deliberately killed family members and loved ones.

At the same time ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine and anything else found to have some efficacy against covid were promptly vilified and banned. The FDA even banned N-acetyl cysteine which is a popular supplement. This wasn’t to protect the profits from selling the vaccines, it was to ensure that as few people as possible escaped vaccination. Another lesson from this period, for when there is another pandemic, is to check the scientific literature for what works against the new disease. In 2004 a US Government agency, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, published a paper entitled Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread. Covid is derived from SARS and hydroxychloroquine is an improved form of chloroquine. Yet 16 years later that agency swore black and blue that hydroxychloroquine was useless against covid.

The US Government also used a financial reward to encourage doctors to vaccinate their patients. An example of this is the schedule for the doctors of Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Medicaid in Kentucky:

This is a textbook example of how to maximise performance with an incentive scheme. First of all divide it into two periods. The doctors get a taste with the first one and then, with a higher rate per patient, go for broke in the second one. As a doctor triggered another bonus level, that bonus applied to all the patients in the lower levels.

The table tells us that the US Government considered a vaccine injection was worth at least US$250 to them, likely more than 100 times the cost of making the vaccine itself. But why? Covid would kill a lot of people on its own if you waited long enough. Perhaps they were in a hurry to kill people. The other possible explanation is the vaccines delivered a payload that couldn’t be delivered by the virus. The payload that was so important may be one or more of the following:

  1. The vaccinated have a higher rate of covid infection than the unvaccinated. The Cleveland Clinic found that the infection rate tripled with the third dose. Each infection has about a 10 percent chance of triggering long covid so the vaccine enthusiasts are marching to the grave three times faster than the unvaccinated. Ok, that is worth striving for.
  2. Some of the batches of the vaccines have SV40 in them. ‘SV’ stands for simian virus. SV40 had been in polio vaccines up to 1999. The problem with SV40 is that it is a genetic sequence that gets incorporated into a person’s DNA and is a cancer promotor. About five percent of the UK population have SV40 in their DNA and theoretically these people and their descendents will have a higher rate of cancer until the end of time. As a Japanese professor said, it was completely unnecessary to have SV40 in the vaccines. Adding SV40 effected a degradation of the human genome.
  3. The vaccines deliver about three times as many spike proteins per dose than an average covid infection. The spike protein is highly inflammatory and so vaccination might have been an excuse to give everyone’s organs a good whacking and age them out.
  4. There may be some further surprise in the vaccines that is yet to come. Back in 1999 Fauci was interviewed about the stages in the development of a vaccines, from initial trials of one to two hundred to:

“Now, let’s give it to thousands of people, and then you find out that it takes 12 years for all hell to break loose. And then, what have you done?”

We are unlikely to find out what the vaccine’s payload is until the right people are interrogated. Recently Fauci was called to Congress to testify and he developed a lot of amnesia. Fauci is an evil weasel but the person to interrogate is Baric. And he is ready to talk about what a genius he is. We know that because his natural state is an unkempt slob but he recently cleaned up his facial hair. The new-look Baric is how he wants to be remembered in history:

That is the history of covid as it was seen by the Forces of Darkness. What they are up to now is campaigns against masks and UV lighting to keep the infection rate high.

What is not happening is the development of a blood test for viral load (as there is for HIV), development of antivirals for treating long covid, antivirals for preventing covid. As goes the average CD4 level of individuals, so goes the fate of the nation. A lot needs to be done but, four years in, nothing is being done. Literally nothing.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia