Queensland’s Chief Medical Officer, a Dr Gerrard, assures us that the condition known has long covid doesn’t exist. Nevertheless, the internet is full of stories of people dying from long covid, of contemplating suicide due to their intractable long covid and of thwarted lives due to repeated covid infections. Stories such as this:

I have sad news to share with the Long Covid community. My extra low Anti-Mullerian Hormone  (0.1 ng/ml) plus high FSH during follicular phase show – my gynaecologist and my doctors told me – that multiple covid infections have exhausted my eggs. It means I have become almost totally infertile. And in a few days I turn 36 years old. All started when I was 32 years old.

Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) is released by the follicles holding eggs in a woman’s ovaries and is an accurate measure of the ovarian reserve and thus the ability to conceive. It peaks at the age of 20 and then goes into a 20 year decline:

People in the US are being reinfected with covid about once a year on average on this sort of schedule:

So far, US citizens have had three and a half covid infections on average with that projected to rise to over seven by 2028. Presumably each infection will give some organs a subclinical whacking every time. The effect of covid on IQ has been measured. People who recover in 4-12 weeks lose 3 IQ points on average. People who take 12 weeks or longer to recover lose 6 IQ points on average.

A doctor has emailed in with observations from his practice:

I’m seeing an enormous amount of this problem (neurological damage) and, if anything, the rates are rising. I wouldn’t say exponentially, but certainly alarmingly. Thiis, I think, is going be a huge problem in the future.  Does anything in your reading suggest either a cure, or do you have any other thoughts on this matter?

By the way, all age groups above 40 seem to be similarly affected. In addition, the younger person, say 25 to 35, are coming in with a lot of erectile dysfunction. – Far more than I’ve seen in previous years. 

Another doctor reports in with what he has seen in his practice:

Had a first today with a 20yo male undergrad student requesting semen analysis to assess the possible adverse reaction of COVID jabs on his future fertility.

My Naturopath who predominantly works with infertility reports that many males have no sperm following the jabs.

Could be that unjabbed males have great earning potential!!

Testing for AMH level at imedical.com.au costs $88 per sample. Covid may be the cause of the recent decline in Australian fertility. A bit of AMH sampling might be useful in heading off that trend before it gets too disastrous.

The Guardian newspaper and Dr Gerrard want us to stop using the term long covid:

This is because the health authorities don’t want to spend any money on finding a cure for covid. And no worse than the flu? A friend reports in:

Just to advise that have caught a virus (probably from last Friday night actually) and am a bit crook; so do not want to risk spreading. This virus or whatever that is going around is much worse than Covid. Covid’s a walk in the park compared to this bloody thing.

As Heraclitus said,“No man steps in the same river twice.” and that is true of covid also. By the time your average US citizen gets his annual covid infection it has mutated to become more infectious and does that by increasing the viral load. From this paper is this graph:

Viral load in copies per mg from the covid variant XBB.1.5 to variant JN.1. This is a log scale so that by day 7 the viral load has increased up to a thousand times that of earlier variants.

News from northern China is that covid is overwhelming hospitals and crematoria.

Covid patients out in the hallway of a hosptial in northern China

Local media report that the variants responsible for the surge in new cases in northern China are JN.1 and its offspring J.N.16, JN.1.18, KR.2 and KQ.1. Northern China has a couple of good reasons for hosting large scale covid outbreaks. The first is that most people there live in apartment buildings which, unless the plumbing has been set up properly, tend to be covid incubators. There is a report of a covid outbreak in a residential apartment building in Northern Ontario, Canada in which 45 residents contracted a single genomic cluster of covid. Most cases had no known contact with each other. Air leakage between apartment units allowed infectious aerosols to travel from one location to another. Because of viral shedding from the gut lining, aerosolised sewage is a big component of transmission. Which brings up the subject of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Russia invaded despite the fact that 20% of Russians do not have an indoor toilet; perhaps that is healthier living because there is less opportunity for viral transmission with outdoor toilets. In a South Korean cancer ward, one patient was infected 40 minutes after a covid-positive patient used the ward’s toilet.

The second reason for northern China to have big covid outbreaks is vitamin D. The region is known for having low vitamin D levels with one study from 2016 finding that only 2.9% of a cohort in Beijing had more than 30 ng/ml of vitamin D in December.   The level of 30 ng/ml is at the low end of deficient.

The covid viral load in the US sewage system displays a pronounced cyclicity with no year missing out on a viral peak in January, suggesting that this is driven by the winter nadir in vitamin D levels:

Covid viral load in the US sewage system 2020 – 2024

Avoiding covid infection all year round, not just in winter, is largely about maximising immune response. Beyond vitamin D that includes melatonin and nicotinamide.

Lastly, it is not all gloom in the gloaming of our civilisation. According to newspaper reports, UK MP Andrew Bridgen has called for the death penalty for Bill Gates for his role in the making of covid. That will concentrate a few minds.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia