The Moral Rot of the Australian Defence Force

We need to prepare for the war which China will force on the civilised countries of the world. Those preparations should include replacing the higher leadership of the Australian Defence Force as a matter of urgency. As to why that’s necessary, let’s start with this example of what is now going on in the Australian Defence Force:

That is a screenshot from a newspaper in Darwin stating that senior officers backed a bid by an Army captain that he be allowed to wear a dress to work. That means that those same senior officers are social engineers who would rather remake society in their own image than be combat-effective. A captain runs a company of about 100 soldiers. In the life-and-death business of soldiering, soldiers put their trust in their officers to do the best by them – or not if the officer is a bloke in a dress. None could take him seriously. The high command would also be suppressing normal people and promoting their own kind instead.

You may think that just because a bloke wants to wear a dress to work doesn’t necessarily mean that he thinks he is woman trapped in a man’s body. Which, if that were the case, would be a bad thing because it would mean he had gender dysphoria. This is the worst mental illness to have because it has the highest suicide rate – 50%. He may look pretty in his dress, and he may feel pretty, but looks can be deceiving. So, if he doesn’t have gender dysphoria, what particular condition might it be? A possibility is transvestic fetishism as described by the American Psychological Association:

Whatever it is, expecting normal people to put up with it is poking them in the eye with a burnt stick. The high command of the Australian Defence Force would have been squealing with glee in forcing a cross-dresser on the lower ranks. If it makes you feel any better, it is not just the Australian Defence Force:

That is the title of a course taught at West Point where the cream of the US officer corps starts their military careers. Unfortunately, we rely upon the US for a big chunk of our protection and they have gone whacko.

The next piece of evidence that the high command of our ADF is unfit for command is the fantasy fiction of a Canberra sociologist, a Dr Crompvoets. It’s a small literary niche – the high command’s need for lurid stories about how unspeakably beastly Australian special forces are. But it pays well. According to the previous defence minister Dutton, Dr Crompvoets was paid $6 million over a few years. It started in 2016 when General Angus Campbell commissioned a secret report on SAS culture.

Members of the SAS, past and present, were encouraged to contact Dr Crompvoets anonymously and tell tales of what went on in the regiment. Some of the lurid tales were included in her report as fact. For example:

‘The inquiry has found that there is credible information that junior soldiers were required by the patrol commanders to shoot a prisoner, in order to achieve that soldier’s first kill, in a practice that was known as ‘blooding’. ‘Throwdowns would be placed with the body, and a ‘cover story’ was created for the purposes of operational reporting and to deflect scrutiny. This was reinforced with a code of silence.’

As several thousand Australian troops have rotated through Afghanistan, you would expect at least several hundred of those to have undergone the ‘blooding’ initiation. But none were named in the subsequent Brereton Report which repeated some of Dr Crompvoets’ other fantasy fiction. Take this example from page 120 of the Brereton report:

The implication was that there are a lot of villages in Afghanistan with only women and girls left because Australian soldiers killed all the males. But no such village was named in the report. And none have been found since. Yet the high command of the Australian Defence Force believed these fairy tales. Nobody even raised the possibility that these stories could be fabrications. But when you read what you want to believe – that ordinary Australian soldiers are sadistic murderers – anything is possible.

The fact that the Department’s senior management believed the Brereton Report means that they have no understanding of the troops they are commanding, and precious little grip on reality otherwise. And most likely loathe the troops under their command.

Brereton couldn’t get the stories on atrocities that he wanted until he started paying Afghans to tell them. Basically, Brereton was too stupid to understand that if he wasn’t getting stories of the atrocities he wanted, perhaps there hadn’t been any atrocities. Eventually the Afghans twigged to what Brereton was about and made-up stories in order to be paid for the effort.

Former army chief, David Morrison, had a predilection for wearing women’s shoes in public. In retirement he took $200,000 per annum to advise Deloitte on diversity.  With the message to serving officers being that if they kept handing out consulting contracts, they would have a more comfortable retirement.

The current head of the Australian Defence Force, Angus Campbell, wanted to strip veterans of Afghanistan of their medals but keep his Distinguished Service Cross. The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded for ‘distinguished command and leadership in warlike operations’. Angus Campbell spent his war 1,900 km away from Afghanistan at headquarters in Dubai. Unearned valour is intensely jealous of those who earned their bravery medals through actual bravery. Campbell’s wife was recently appointed as Australia’s ‘Ambassador for Gender Equality’ by Penny Wong.

The high command of the Australian Defence Force is a freak show. But there’s more. Apart from the perversions, there is another reason to put adults back in charge at the Department of Defence:

If worshipping the weather gods is your religion, that’s one thing but incorporating that into defence activity is delusional and means that these people’s judgement cannot be trusted on any subject.

Another sign of the moral rot within the Australian Defence Force is the third-world level of higher ranks. It took questioning from Barbara Pocock, a Greens senator from South Australia, to winkle this information out of the freak show:

As at December 2023, Australia had 219 brigadiers and equivalents (commodore and air commodore) and above ranks. A brigadier commands a brigade of 4,000 troops. We only need 44 relative to what the UK has. I know it’s only an extra hundred million per annum odd to pay for our excess of some 200 brigadiers but we could be paying their pensions at that level for decades to come. There hasn’t been adult supervision at the Australian Defence Force for decades so they have spent their time building bureaucratic empires.

Another sign of the moral rot is the number of consultants – two battalions worth of consultants from the Big 4 accounting firms alone:

God knows what they all do at a cost likely to be of the order of $1 billion per annum.

This is enough to stand up a combined arms brigade. And it explains the mystery of why Deloitte would want to give David Morrison $400,000 in retirement to encourage this arrangement to continue. There is big money involved in achieving nothing and being hopeless.

Beyond incompetence is yet more derangement. Let’s discuss what happened to the Taipans. In 2004, the Army wanted Apache helicopters but then PM, John Howard, opted for the Airbus offering because Airbus promised $1 billion in offsets which never materialised. Called the Taipan in Australian service, we ended up with 45. This is one of them:

Twenty years later, the Army is getting Apaches. The second-hand Taipans would have been worth $20 million each and thus $900 million for the lot. Instead of selling them for $900 million or giving them to Ukraine, the Army pulled the rotors off and buried them in a pit. Which is the same fate of the F-111s the RAAF had.

In psychological terms, this is an example of an Antisocial Personality Disorder based in spitefulness and malicious compliance. If the Australian Army didn’t want them, nobody else was going to get them. Everyone in this saga up to the Prime Minister is complicit. Would you put your trust in anyone who maliciously squanders $900 million? The upper ranks of the Australian Defence Force are a seething mass of psychoses.

Normally, with working equipment, you park them up in a shed. With 40 Taipans taking up 400 square metres each, a shed at $1,650 per square metre to house them would have cost $26.4 million.

Now let’s compare the relative seriousness of nations with this graphic of Australia versus South Korea:

South Korea lives in a mean neighbourhood so it is serious about defence. South Korea wanted to develop tactical ballistic and cruise missiles 20 years ago but were held back by the United States who didn’t want to aggravate North Korea. South Korea was limited to missiles with a range of 300 km. North Korea went on to develop nuclear weapons anyway with the last test having a yield of 250 kilotons. That’s close to the optimum size of a nuclear warhead of 400 kilotons. So South Korea is now developing a family of missile systems and building 10,000 of them. The majority of the South Korean public are now in favour of having nuclear weapons. We should offer South Korea an abandoned underground mine to test its nuclear weapons in.

In comparison, the Australian Defence Force worries about what its dogs think.

All the stupidity and perversions end up taking its toll on retention and recruitment. One soldier who didn’t sign up again said it was because he ‘didn’t join the army to salute a bloke in a dress’. As Voltaire said, ‘anyone who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities.”  As a consequence, the Australian Defence Force is now 4,000 people short. So, they have decided to make the situation worse:

Standards go out the window. This has shades of the decline and fall of Rome. Unit cohesion and effectiveness will suffer. The idiots running the Australian Defence Force have no idea.

There is a solution to our problem as demonstrated by an inspiring event from Australian military history. Australia needs a repeat of the 1940 Canberra air disaster – but with more dead. At 10.15 am on 13th August, 1940, an RAAF Hudson bomber crashed on approach to Canberra Airport, killing all 10 on board.

The dead included the Chief of the General Staff, two Ministers of the Crown and other notables. Australia had entered WW2 a year before on 3rd September 1939 and our operational conduct had been poor. New people were appointed to replace those who died in the crash and Australia’s conduct of the war improved appreciably.

The higher ranks of the Australian Defence Force have been captured by a self-perpetuating claque of social-justice warriors who rank global warming as a bigger threat than China. They actively discriminate against anyone who does not have the same mindset. The system won’t reform by itself. It requires a decapitation event.

David Archibald is the author of The Anticancer Garden in Australia.