Chinese missiles on parade


A shocking report published by the US Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations was released this week.

It found that China has paid more than 7000 predominantly ethnic Chinese scientists and other experts working in the US to hand over their research to the Chinese government.

The program, known in China as the Thousand Talents Program (TTP), led to China gaining hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of US-funded research and development.

The TTP is only one of 200 such programs that has been carried out by the Communist Government in China over the past few decades.

Most concerning, however, was the response of US government and security officials until the Trump White House sounded the alarm on Chinese espionage.

US officials didn’t start paying attention until 2018, before which time Chinese government websites had openly acknowledged the TTP program and even listed names of the participating scientists.

China Openly Brags About It

China’s state-run establishment mouthpiece, the equivalent of our ABC, boasted that the TTP had recruited 70 Nobel Prize winners to steal American and European technology and bring it back to China.

The Senate report is particularly scathing of the FBI. From the report:

The FBI has been slow to respond to threats posed by Chinese talent recruitment plans. Despite the Chinese government’s public announcements in 2008 of its intent to recruit overseas researchers with access to cutting-edge research and absorb, assimilate, and re-innovate technologies, the FBI did not identify Chinese talent recruitment plans as a “threat vector” until 2015.

The agency whose primary task is to protect America from domestic threats was not interested in the Chinese government using their diaspora community to openly steal America’s technology and state secrets.

They are stealing our military secrets you say ! Oh well – Whatever.

Australia Faces the Same Threats – We’re Just a Lot Weaker

That should alarm anyone paying attention to what’s happening here in Australia.

This is about more than just a few dairy farms and infant formula companies. Western leaders have been intoxicated with liberal democratic ideology.

They have been so convinced that the end of history had arrived, and that the future would be Western-style democracies across the galaxy, that they treated the thug regime in Beijing like it was France or Sweden.

Sadly, now that it’s too late to prevent China from threatening the West, our gormless elite are slowly realising that all they did was feed the dragon.

Does This Mean War?

Great nations throughout history have, more often than not, ended up going to war when the power balance changes. With China gaining the wealth – and now the technology – of the West, the power balance has shifted; probably permanently.

That China is still a Marxist regime ruled by an authoritarian cabal with the mentality of a street gang only makes war more likely.

And when that war starts, China will have stealth technology and ship-killing hypersonic missiles that US military planners have no strategy to defeat.

That is all thanks to our Government’s commitment to diversity and tolerance.

Beijing even held a military parade in September waving their stolen military loot in the world’s face. It was as if the Cold War never ended – because for them, it didn’t.

That looks kinda familiar?

It’s not hyperbole to talk about war with China. It’s the most likely outcome of the current trade war, economic downturn and what’s known as the Thucydides Trap. That is a situation in which a declining power acts pre-emptively to stop a rising challenge to its hegemony.

US geopolitical analyst Professor John Mearsheimer, who came out to Australia recently to warn us about what’s coming, gives a good overview of the probability of a war between America and China.

Freedom or Prosperity – Which do You Want

Mearsheimer’s key point to us Aussies is that we are going to have to choose, in the very near future, between prosperity and security.

There will be no fence-sitting. If we choose prosperity, as it seems South Korea has just done, we will then become an enemy of the United States of America.

If we choose security, we will have to cut ties with Beijing and will become their enemy. We will have to re-engineer our entire economy.

We will also have to deal with the profoundly difficult problem of how to disentangle ourselves from the tight embrace of the Chinese dragon with over a million ethnic Chinese living in our country.

Although that process will be painful, it is also necessary if we’re going to have a country to hand down to our kids one day.

Chinese duplicity and dishonesty extend far beyond military espionage and state secrets to every area of Australian life.

Our leaders have been asleep at the wheel, blinded by ideology and corrupted by the river of yuan which has flowed out into every corner of the world over recent decades. Now the reckoning is coming due, and it’s not going to be pretty.