The prime minister opened a ‘pride flag beacon’ in Newtown’s new Pride Square last weekend

Dr David Hilton

Albo was back from his solo trek through the Australian desert for Indigenous rights last weekend and back among his real mob in the wokest suburb in NSW – Newtown.

He was there to officially open the new Pride Square. What type of pride was not made explicit. I hope it’s not white pride. That’s very frowned upon in this hyper-tolerant society of ours.

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Whatever type of pride the prime minister is supporting here, it’s all about love, so it must be a good thing, or you’re a bigot.

Anthony Albanese @AlboMP

Couldn’t miss the chance to officially open Pride Square in Newtown today. And to unveil the pride flag beacon – a colourful celebration of diversity. Every Australian deserves respect and equality – no matter where you live or who you love.


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There’s always a passive-aggressive tone to these virtue-signals by woke public officials. EVERYBODY DESERVES RESPECT AND EQUALITY! Really? Do they?

We can be sure that if anyone was to express anything other than effusive support for this abomination in Sydney, they’d experience the precise opposites of respect and equality.

We know all this, though. SJW’s always lie, as Vox Day outlined for us years ago. We know this nonsense is just a front for the political reformation of Australia by a caste of cultural communists who hate everything about Western civilisation.

To put this into historical perspective, we’ve now reached the point in the revolution when the new regime is erecting monuments to its victory over the old order. This is always what happens after the revolutionaries have won. The mobs have torn down the idols of the old political order. Now new idols must replace them.

The Post Millennial @TPostMillennial

Protestors topple the Gassy Jack statue in Vancouver during the Women’s Memorial March.

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After the revolutionaries in France had beheaded the nobility and defrocked the clergy, they converted the churches into Temples of Reason for the new state Cult of Reason.

After the Bolsheviks had murdered the Tsar and his family in Russia, they spend the next 75 years erecting monuments to their political idols Marx and Lenin. We’re now going through the same thing, but this time the ideological vanguard which has overturned the traditional order of Australian society are cultural Marxists.

It’s not just happening in hyper-woke Newtown, either. It’s happening all across the West.

There is absolutely a Satanic overtone to these statues. The people erecting them want to mock and erase Christianity. And talking about erect…

Anne Motley @spygirl9004

Forgive me for posting this but WHAT THE HELL IS THIS SATANIC STATUE IN NEW ORLEANS #Satanists


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For some reason too they decided to behead Martin Luther King.

Daily Loud @DailyLoud

A new Bronze sculpture called “The Embrace” honoring both Martin Luther King Jr. and Coretta Scott King has been unveiled in Boston. It cost $10 Million total to make‼️🤯


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These ideological movements are not organic or grassroots. In the case of the Russian revolution, radical intellectuals were funded by powerful, wealthy interests and then deployed for strategic reasons when the time was right. That’s not some loopy conspiracy theory. Lenin was exiled from Russia in 1900 and swanned around London, Munich and Geneva until he was sent in to help topple the weakened monarchy in 1917. Throughout that time, Lenin and Trotsky were funded by men like Wall St financier Jacob Schiff as part of a broader agenda to destabilise and overthrow the Russian government.

These agendas still go on today, but on a much grander and broader scale. Russia is again the target of the Western financial oligarchs, although this time not only the Russians will suffer. I talk about this agenda in my most recent video, linked below.

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