All little old church ladies waiting for the rapture are now terrorists

Dr David Hilton

I remember being shocked last month at our church when a prayer was being said for yet more Christian victims of an Islamic terror attack somewhere in the world.

The devout, pious, lovely young woman leading the prayer did not use the word ‘Islam’ at any point. She didn’t even say ‘Islamist’. Instead, she described the Christian martyrs as victims of ‘extremism’.

As increasingly happens these days, I turned to my wife with the ‘I’ll be venting about this in the car on the way home’ look. She nodded resignedly.

That term ‘extremism’ was precisely the one used by Queensland Police last week when delivering their findings about what motivated the Wieambilla shooters.

According to Deputy Police Commissioner Tracy Linford, the killing of two Queensland Police officers by the Trains was a ‘religiously motivated terrorist attack’ by people under the influence of ‘Christian extremist ideology’.

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And what then is this supposed ‘Christian extremist ideology’?

Premillennialism: the belief that Jesus is coming back one day. Or rather, a version of that belief linked to Dispensationalist interpretations of scripture asserting that the Church will one day be raptured before the Great Tribulation and Jesus will return to reign for a thousand years.

It’s not my theology but if you’ve ever attended a Pentecostal, Baptist or Evangelical church in Australia, this was almost certainly the majority end-times take among the faithful.

It’s now being equated with Islamism by the Queensland Police Service.

Filipino Christian terrorists holding a public ‘prayer’ meeting. Note the salutes
American Christian terrorists performing the extremist practice of ‘laying of hands’
These Christian terrorists could be from anywhere. Know the signs

Your #raptureready Boomer uncle who repeats Tucker Carlson talking points to progressive family members at Christmas is now equivalent to Abu Bakr Bashir in the eyes of the state. Members of Biblical denominations who lean Dispensationalist and have a focus on end times ideas will now be on the radar of the domestic intelligence agencies. If one of them turns out to be an unlicensed gun owner, for example, then the news report that night won’t be about an isolated ‘gun nut’. It’ll be about the ghost gun menace among ‘Christian terrorist extremists’.

The hate campaign that believers in the woke religion wage against Christians is intensifying right as this characterisation as terrorists begins. The diversity utopians are taking every opportunity to whip up hatred of Christians for opposing the blanket imposition of their extreme wokeist views on society.

Christians have already been disproportionately persecuted for refusing the dangerous jabs. We are constantly vilified, mocked, misrepresented and demeaned in entertainment, media and by public figures. We are the one group it’s OK to persecute and oppress, and this is making people angry. It’s making Christians feel they are cornered and have no options. In short, it’s radicalising them.

After 9/11, police and government representatives met with Islamic leaders to see how Muslims could be better included and made to feel welcome in Australia. We will be granted no such courtesy.

In Australia now, ‘Christian terrorist extremists’ are the new ISIS.

Unlike Islam, though, Christianity has no heritage of terrorism. Despite what the anti-Christian Western elites believe, being religions does not make them both morally equivalent.

When a professing Muslim commits an act of violence for the faith, he is quietly praised and admired by other Muslims for his zeal. If a professing Christian commits violence, he is a pariah. An outcast in need of repentance. There is no basis whatsoever within Christianity to justify terrorism, yet now the powers that be have managed to equate Islam and Christianity because they’re both religious belief systems that can generate extremism. This is a profoundly dishonest strategy by the deep state elites.

These are not stupid people. They know this is nonsense. They just hate Christians, especially that annoying fundie uncle who bleats about the rapture at Christmas and upsets their trans son’s boyfriend.

It’s not ‘extremism’ that has led to so many deadly terror attacks around the world since 9/11. It’s Islam. You’re not allowed to say it, but everyone knows that it’s true.

Due to political correctness and probably some long-term strategic planning, the legislation passed after 9/11 did not use plain speech about the threat of Islam. Instead, the deep state focused on ‘extremism’. This can be ideological, such as the mobs who burned down American cities to show Trump wasn’t their president and were praised by the media, or it can be ‘religious’.

It was a clever trick played by the anti-Christian elites, because all it then took was for some violent people to profess themselves Christians and all the anti-terror legislation could be brought to bear against the woke elite’s most hated enemies – believers in Jesus.

There will now be lists of dangerous ‘Christian extremists’. They won’t be allowed to fly. They can expect to be de-banked and de-platformed. Maybe taken to black sites for enhanced interrogation if public anger can be stoked high enough. All the legislation and precedents established in the fight against al Qaeda and ISIS can now be brought to bear against your CAPS LOCK-POSTING AoG uncle.

Persecution is coming, friends. If you put the Word of God ahead of the lies of Big Sister, you’re going to get squeezed even harder than you already have been in the years ahead. This will be especially true in Queensland, where the police will now be made to hate your guts. For them, it will be personal.

There are many decent police officers. There are some decent politicians. There may even be some decent journalists. Perhaps.

Government as a whole, however, is controlled by and for the interests of elites. That’s how it’s always been, regardless of the particular political system. Western elites in particular have a long history of using fear as a weapon for the mass mind control of society.

If that sounds outlandish, you should do some research, friend. This used to be common knowledge. Here’s a video of mine on Rumble linked below in which I talk about a bestselling book from 50 years ago which laid out where all this was headed.

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