It’s usually not a good idea to nuke your peasants

Weekend at Bernie’s President Biden announced on Friday that he will not be visiting the poisoned town of East Palestine in Ohio.

This news comes just days after Biden’s warmongering address in Kiev and also after President Trump’s warmly received tour of the stricken region.

Like a boss.

The prognosis is not looking good for the residents of the immediate area where the derailed train was exploded by the government. Tens of thousands of animals in the area have died since the derailing, making it likely that Americans nearby and perhaps even downwind and downstream from the disaster will face increased cancer rates and liver problems in the years ahead.

There’s a slew of manmade disasters and large-scale accidents happening across America right now, and why the train was allowed to explode has experts in the field baffled.

Fears of large-scale fallout from these types of disasters are often overblown though, so God willing the 200 million Americans living east of the Mississippi River will not be affected. The political fallout, however, could well be much more serious for the people in charge of America.

Journalists and commentators quickly likened the Ohio train disaster to the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster, ironically enough in Ukraine. Ukraine was then part of Russia, and historically always had been. Russia back then was the USSR.

The Chernobyl disaster contributed enormously to the public’s loss of faith in the ruling elite of the USSR which culminated in the collapse of that system in 1991. People’s everyday experiences had primed them to reject the lies of central planning and state control, but it was the symbolism of a nuclear reactor exploding due to incompetence and careerism that tipped the public mood against the powers that were in the Soviet Union.

No matter how totalitarian the society, elites rule via the consent of the people. Even in North Korea, the cabal in charge know they have to keep the military on side if they want to keep breathing. They are not omnipotent, and past success is no guarantee of future safety when you’re running a regime.

The regime in Washington seems to believe that this doesn’t apply to it. The deep state neocons in charge of everyday decision-making in the US elite think they can blow up German gas pipelines, bully Russia and China into the Great Reset and nuke a town in Ohio with no consequences.

Why they think this is anyone’s guess, unless they’ve got a plan only they are aware of.

It’s almost certain the Marie Antoinette never said, when told that the peasants have no bread, “Let them eat cake.” Or brioche, or whatever. The diabolical nutjob Jean-Jacques Rousseau likely made it up. Regardless, once the French public came to see their elites not only as greedy and callous but incompetent, the guillotines were not far away.

No matter how secure they have felt themselves to be, a ruling elite cannot steal elections, gaslight through propaganda, provoke a nuclear war and persecute legitimate protestors without being overthrown. No-one is that untouchable.

The incompetent cronies who were running the USSR due to favours and not merit learned that the hard way. Informants and bullies were hunted down by those they had oppressed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Once the mask of invincibility slips, there’s no putting it back on.

The corrupt toadies who ran the USSR aren’t in charge of Russia anymore. Although many senior figures in the Russian deep state began their careers as good communists, the ways that things were done in that failed state are long gone.

Russia isn’t a backward gulag archipelago anymore. It’s run by people more competent than rainbow hire Pete Buttigieg, the Transportation Secretary responsible for the Ohio catastrophe.

While America and its NATO minions are rapidly running out of armaments to supply their puppet in Kiev, the Russia military-industrial complex is powering ahead.

Future textbook writers may well tell future schoolchildren that Russia was the ‘arsenal of traditionalism’ against the rainbow imperialists in World War III. If Russia can win the production war against the West alone, what hope does America have in sustaining a conflict with China at the same time?

There’s a madness and a desperation evident in the people running America from behind its decrepit president and corrupt politicians. The oligarchs controlling America behind the scenes are either drunk with power, mad with fear, or both.

If it seems too hard to believe that the American empire is now actually weak, here’s a video of mine on Rumble outlining how the financial architecture established after World War II is falling apart and the West is in big trouble.

Watch below.

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