Communism was never defeated. It just mutated.

In Australia, parents have very little insight into what is taught in schools beyond what teachers choose to reveal. Or what Zoom lessons unintentionally showed during lockdowns.

In the United States, local communities have a fair bit more say over what goes on in the classroom via local school boards. In a nation where over 90% of the population goes through state schools, this is meant to provide citizen oversight of the state.

As parents have become alert to classroom wokeism in recent years, local school board meetings have become a flashpoint in the pushback against Big Sister’s brainwashing of the children.

Better late than never.

The latest school board meeting to erupt in chaos was in Temecula, California last week. Some conservatives had managed to get themselves elected last year, and when this year they sought to ban critical race theory, or CRT, dozens of communist activists protested. They were opposed by hundreds of concerned parents.

Since Brexit in Europe and Trump’s election in the US, across the West we’ve seen: mass censorship; citizen de-banking; statues toppled; locations renamed; entire city blocks burned to the ground by mobs; student climate protests; the imprisonment of legitimate conservative protestors; and a hysterical propaganda campaign against anyone who holds views which were considered progressive twenty years ago.

We are living through a cultural revolution, friends. A communist cultural revolution. This has happened before, and by reviewing the Chinese Cultural Revolution of 1966 to 1976 we may orient ourselves to the reality of what is happening now and where this is likely headed in the future.

By the mid 1960s, Mao was feeling his personal power slide. Regional governors and CCP rivals were becoming more outspoken. Thanks to failed policies which had killed millions, his iron grip was slipping.

Mao started purging outspoken critics of his policies in the early 1960s. By 1966, Maoist henchmen had begun triggering student rebellions across primary and secondary schools and universities across China. Ferocious mobs of students known as Red Guards lynched their former teachers in the name of purifying China from anti-revolutionary forces.

Fanatical mobs of children terrorised people during the Cultural Revolution

The Red Guards decimated China for the next few years. Millions of Chinese children and young adults smashed up historic sites, destroyed temples and churches, burned ancient books, destroyed priceless artworks and beat, raped, impoverished and humiliated millions of the older generations in large public ‘struggle sessions’.

They also worshipped mangoes. And committed mass cannibalism.

By the time the chaos was over with Mao’s death in 1976, somewhere between 500,000 and 2,000,000 people had been killed in the Cultural Revolution alone (the grand total was far higher). All because the government sponsored and directed mobs of children who had been brainwashed by communist ideology.

It looks the same because it’s the same thing.

The Chinese Cultural Revolution couldn’t have happened in 1949. The CCP hadn’t had time to brainwash a generation yet. It took until 1966 for Mao to be able to deploy the weapon he’d cultivated since taking control of China – radicalised children.

Communism is a cult of power. It can operate through class or it can operate through identity. Any fissure which can be exploited in a society will be weaponised against that society by communist radicals, who seek to catalyse a crisis that they can then use to seize power.

It’s all about power.

Once power has been achieved, communists will indoctrinate the young through the education system. Once those radicalised antisocial mutants are old enough, they can be turned against any opposition which remains to the communist elite.

The Western identity communists will not stop until we stop them. Key to this is educating fellow conservatives, Christians, libertarians or just normal people about how communism operates. This can help to create a coalition of the sane to push back against the insanity. An intersectionality of the normal.

I’ve laid out how classroom indoctrination creates Red Guards for the permanent revolution in a recent video. You can watch it by clicking on the image below.

This article was first published in Historiology