Slick production quality doesn’t hide that this is a war of woke imperialism

When you think of a promotional video for the Australian Defence Forces, or any public or private institution these days, the image that comes up usually involves something with rainbows and drag queens and stories of how crap Australia has been to minorities.

This type of thing.

I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Thing is though, you can virtue-signal to appease the woke horde all you like during peacetime, but inner-urban transgender beat poets don’t win wars when the S hits the fan.

Men do. Normal men.

And war is coming. It’s still unpleasant for most of us to consider, but unless we get a radical change in leadership in America real fast we are going over the precipice sooner rather than later. Small signs pop up in headlines every week.

US Senators were this week issued satellite phones to use as a “secure means of communication during a disruptive event’“, according to Senate Sergeant at Arms Karen Gibson.

Karen. Lol.

The Americans just signed a renewed military pact with Papua New Guinea. Anyone familiar with the conflict between Japan and the Allied powers in World War II will immediately see the significance of that happening now.

Unaccompanied military-age Chinese men are being caught among the ocean of humanity let into America’s southern border by Biden’s open border policy.

Dmitry Medvedev this week resorted to quoting the Bible to warn the American deep state to cease NATO expansionism.

The closer we get to the outright declaration of war against Western imperialism by Russia, China, Iran and North Korea, the more we can expect the recruitment videos here to be more about mateship and blowing shit up and less about how tolerant the military is to genderfluid refugees.

Sure enough, right on cue, the propagandists at the Army have rediscovered testosterone.

It would make you proud if the wokelings hadn’t ruined that word.

The byline for the Army now seems to be ‘Serving the Nation’. That’s nice. That’s what you would expect the Australian Army to do, after all. Serve Australia.

You can’t base a war effort on outright lies though, at least not for long, and this byline is a lie. The Australian defence forces don’t serve the nation. They haven’t for a long time.

No institution in Australia serves the nation and none have for decades.

This article was first published in Historiology