Deep state leftists have destroyed our ability to defend the nation

This week, the ritual public humiliation of decorated SAS soldier Ben Roberts-Smith continued in the mainstream media.

No public figure has come forward to stand by him. He’s been forced to resign from the media job he’d taken up post-service. Even the Taliban has laid the boot into him.

State-controlled communist media organisation the ABC is crowing. Six of their lead stories on the front page of ABC News are mocking and humiliating him.

Like any right-thinking Australian, I stand by what I’ve written before when it comes to ‘war crimes’ committed by Australian soldiers.

There’s no such thing. Ben Roberts-Smith did nothing wrong.

War is a crime, unless in defence of this continent. Imperial wars are against the national interest, and since 1945 at least those are the wars we’ve been engaged in.

Once the original sin of starting a war against some ragtag mob of brown people in a forsaken hellhole begins, though, all is fair in love and war.

When it comes to war, no soldier is a criminal. Soldiers do terrible, horrible things, and we expect them to do terrible, horrible things. It’s war. They risk their lives doing them and so we honour them with medals, subsidised health care and discount schooners at the RSL.

The only war criminals we should be convicting are the lying politicians who start the wars and their oligarchic backers who tell them to.

We had no business in Afghanistan. As Trump said repeatedly, the people over there have been fighting over borders for thousands of years and nothing the Five Eyes imperialists were going to do would change that.

Now, however, we find ourselves on the brink of a far more dangerous conflict. This time, it’s not tribal goat herders in Afghanistan or disgruntled former public servants in Iraq we’re going to send soldiers to fight.

We’re about to join America in kicking off against Russia, China, North Korea and Iran.

It’s impossible to overstate how insane that is, but here we are.

And this is the guy who’ll send our boys and girls and in-betweens to die for gay rights in Transnistria.

While at the same time, air force bases are being forced to cancel ‘family friendly’ drag queen shows due to public outcry.

The United States of America has a gargantuan military. It spends nearly a trillion dollars a year on arms. It’s more than the rest of the world combined.

When a US senator wants something done in some far-off corner of the world, it gets done. When the US president picks up the phone, other leaders around the world have made it a priority for decades to answer.

That’s all changed now. Even China is ghosting sleepy Joe.

The rising defiance against American hegemony we see from the BRICS anti-woke axis shows that the balance of power is not what a focus on military spending, technology or the number of military bases would indicate.

The Russians and Chinese would not even need to launch nukes to bring down the Five Eyes empire. War doctrine has moved on, and Chinese generals have been quite open about their strategy of using unorthodox unrestricted warfare to bring down the Yankee imperialists.

The most dangerous attack on America, and by extension Australia, would be on the electric grid. This sounds preposterous – how could a simple blackout be more dangerous than ICBMs flying everywhere?

The fact is, it would be much more deadly.

The Chinese doctrine of ‘total information warfare’ calls upon Chinese military planners to use a combined-arms attack upon Western power grids in the event of conflict going hot. First, hackers would take down national power grids. This would be followed by a super EMP – the detonation of several fairly cheap nuclear warheads high in the atmosphere above Western targets. The resulting electromagnetic pulse – EMP – is enough to permanently take down all power infrastructure and electronic devices across entire continents.

The final stage is the activation of sleeper cells to physically attack and destroy transformers. These enormous devices take a year to replace at the best of times and are manufactured in South Korea and Germany. There would be no way to get the grid back up and running again quickly.

The consequences of our national grids going down for months or even longer are too terrifying for most people to even consider. If you’ve got the cojones to face it, check out William R Forstchen’s fictional account of what comes next, One Second After.

Astonishingly, thanks to the same deep state leftists who persecute soldiers like Ben Roberts-Smith, Five Eyes nations have made no preparations to harden our grids against this type of attack.

China, Russia, North Korea and Iran have all hardened their grids against EMP attacks.

We’re sitting ducks right while we’re poking the bear and baiting the dragon.

We can’t expect the politicians and deep state wokelings to even know about this threat before they start World War III. They’re too incompetent. There is a growing awareness of just how vulnerable we are thanks to leftist insanity, but it’s coming from outside the establishment, of course.

A documentary film was recently released to highlight the danger, narrated by Dennis Quaid. It’s a good place to start to get our heads around what the reality of World War Woke will look like.

Enjoy the movie at the link below.

In the meantime, I’ll be in the garden.

This article was first published in Historiology