Every trend which brought down Rome is occurring in America today

When the United States was founded in 1789, the largely Masonic Founding Fathers envisioned it as a New Rome. The new nation’s constitution was modelled directly on the Roman Republican system. Latin was everywhere in mottos and in government. The architecture of the capital and government buildings throughout the US was explicitly Roman.

The founders of the USA wanted to establish a world power which would recreate the majesty and power of Rome. If we’re being fair, we’d have to admit they largely succeeded. America is a world hegemon which exceeds even Rome in its accomplishments.

We’re seeing in our lifetimes, however, that America is also tracing the trajectory of Rome’s collapse. While with Rome though it took centuries, America is collapsing within decades. The Western Roman Empire lasted the best part of 1000 years. America will be lucky to make it to a quarter of that.

There are still people who refuse to acknowledge that America, and therefore ‘the West’ or the ‘Free World’ or the ‘international community’ or the Five Eyes Beast System or whatever else we want to call this globalist crypto-empire, is collapsing.

It’s not Five Eyes, actually. Bibi told us that it’s really six in 2019.

It’s still too hard for many people to process that America really is going along this well-trodden historical path. So let’s go through the six main factors that led to the collapse of Rome, and trace out how they’re occurring in the US today: elite corruption; deep state takeover; needless imperial wars; monetary debasement; moral decline; and demographic replacement.

Elite corruption

The elites in Rome during both the Republican and Principate periods were notoriously corrupt. Gaining a political office was pretty much a means to pillage the people you were put in charge of. During the latter centuries, however, the corruption got to be so bad it undermined the security of the empire itself. Governors took bribes to allow barbarian invaders to sack the province they were administering. In 193 AD, the office of emperor itself was sold at auction. Everything came to have a price, until finally there was no public interest left to defend.

We see the same today in America. Bill and Hillary Clinton auctioned off favours during the 1990s and were remunerated via the Clinton Foundation, for example. It was during this time that China began to be admitted to the World Trade Organisation and the massive technology and wealth transfers started. Joe Biden pushed this type of corruption to an extreme, using his crack-addled son to extract lavish sums from China and Ukraine and share the funds with ‘the Big Guy’.

Deep state takeover

It’s clear Joe Biden is not in charge of his faculties. He’s a Weekend at Bernie’s puppet, propped up by faceless bureaucrats pursuing their own ideological agenda behind the scenes. The same thing happened in Rome.

It wasn’t ideology so much as personal enrichment which drove the Roman deep state, however. The Praetorian Guard, established as a personal bodyguard to the emperor after the disastrous civil wars of the Late Republic, became the kingmakers of the Roman system. They were bribed whenever a new emperor took office.

The bureaucrats of the American deep state do the same for the oligarchs who fund their think tank junkets and juicy academic posts. They go on to fatcat board positions after their ‘public service’, ensuring their swamp cabal stays in control of media, academia and the corporate world. Tucker Carlson has recently referred to it as ‘permanent Washington’.

Needless imperial wars

By the third century AD the permanent war machine in Rome that kept the ruling elite occupied and enriched was overstretching the resources of the empire. The Germans in the north and the Sassanid Persians in the east were requiring war to be conducted in multiple theatres, straining the economy to breaking point. Inflation and military mutinies triggered civil wars alongside the foreign ones. In 260 AD, the Sassanids captured Emperor Valerian. The Persian king of kings made him into a human stool. Or skinned him and had him stuffed as a trophy. The sources are unclear. Some typical Middle Eastern punishment, anyway. This triggered a cataclysmic loss of confidence in the ability of the government to protect the Roman people.

By the end of the third century, the long-prosperous and seemingly invincible Roman world was permanently damaged.

After the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, America was the global hegemon. Peacenik globalists like Heinz Kissinger counselled that America should lay the foundations for a peaceful ‘liberal world order’ by making the world a shopping centre.

Instead, the bloodthirsty neocons used the amazingly lucky fortune of 9/11 to kick off twenty years of imperial warfare. Trillions of dollars have been drained from the USA in these projects and large swathes of the world have been disrupted. Now, America is tired right when it faces a real geopolitical threat from China.

Monetary debasement

As the debt of Western nations has ballooned beyond any ability to ever repay, it has been China that has played the role of creditor. Normies have been trained to think that financial crises are just a normal fact of life. This is not true. The planet experiences these regional and sometimes global financial crises because of the system of debt-based money creation established via the network of central banks around the world. This has been the basis of Anglo-American economic power, because the US dollar has been the currency that anchors the system since 1945 and particularly since 1971.

Those central banks have printed trillions, and Western governments have happily borrowed and spent those trillions. Lavish public welfare schemes such as our own National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) have brought ‘developed’ nations to the brink of insolvency. This, alongside the impact of imperial wars on global supply chains, has now led to waves of inflation around the world which show no sign of abating.

The same thing happened in Rome. Nero was the first of the Roman emperors to begin mixing in inferior metals to the coinage so he could more easily pay his troops. This was largely how currency was circulated in the Roman world. By the third century, the coins were virtually worthless.

Moral decline

By Christian standards, the Romans were always depraved. Only recently with the wave of woke degeneracy in the West are we seeing the types of sexual depravity commonplace in the Roman world. Pedophilia was endemic, and went alongside sexual slavery. Homosexuality was frowned upon as a Greek weakness in early Roman history but was again commonplace by the Principate.

Yet even the Romans had some decorum. The idea that one’s entire identity could be based upon who you rooted would have appalled even the most degenerate Roman.

Yet here we are.

Demographic replacement

By the time the last Roman Emperor Romulus Augustulus was deposed in 476 AD at the age of 11, the Roman military forces were largely composed of Romanised Germans. Many of the barbarians spoke Latin; indeed, the more vigorous northern invaders appreciated the heritage of classical culture more than the remaining degenerate Roman urbanites. Many of the early barbarian kings, particularly those who converted to Christianity, took pains to preserve Latin and such Roman knowledge as engineering and medicine.

The civic nationalists of establishment Western conservatism would applaud.

Historians know better, however. 476 AD is often considered the end of antiquity because it was the end of the Roman world. We Anglo-Saxon and Nordic descendants are probably OK with that. The early Romans would not have been. By offering barbarians Roman citizenship en masse as a reward for military service, the Romans of the third century AD ensured the end of Rome in the fifth.

Demography really is destiny and America is going down the old Roman road but much, much faster.

Democrats in the House have even this month put forward a bill to let illegal immigrants – what used to be known as ‘invaders’ – become citizens after military service.

The globalists running the US empire have skipped the third century and gone straight to the fifth. Their ideology convinces them that they have transcended all boundaries of colour, creed, religion and tongue. They are the first post-human elite; a transhuman superelite destined to rule the world and bring about a new age of AI-enabled enlightenment.

They’re not. They’re just a bunch of sicko creeps who watched too much Star Trek.

In the meantime, they’ve sold America down the drain. The barbarians have all the tech and treasure accumulated by heritage Americans through thrift and talent. Like Odoacer, Alaric and Attila, they’ve learned the empire’s tricks.

Whoever is installed by the postmodern Praetorians after Biden had best be careful.

They might make a nice Chinese trophy one day.

This article was first published in Historiology