The compulsory Year 9 task requires students to write a letter to a disapproving parent

A Victorian high school this term has assigned a compulsory task to Year 9 students in which they write a letter explaining why they are changing their gender.

Outraged parents took to social media last week to draw attention to the scandal.

Screenshot of a woke assignment given to Year 9 Victorian students

The task assigned to the students reads as follows:

Gender and pronouns can be very confusing to some today. After reading chapter 4 and learning the proper definitions for gender and pronouns, etc… write a well constructed letter to your parent, partner, co-worker, or friend that you feel you are not the gender you were anatomically assigned as at birth. This must be heartfelt and use vocabulary in the text. I will be looking for specific vocabulary to show understanding of the information. This letter must be at least a page. Your outcome is up to you, [sic] you can be creative but sincere also. It can be more than a page if need be.

There’s a lot to unpack here.

The required task starts out immediately with a gaslighting statement. Gender and pronouns are not confusing for people who have not been made confused. No one was ever confused about such things until cultural communists started gaslighting young people and making them confused.

This woke teacher hasn’t taught his/her/its pupils the ‘proper definitions’. They’ve brainwashed them with a gumbo of postmodern gobbledygook designed to destabilise the student’s common sense and make them believe 2+2=5.

It’s classic totalitarian brainwashing of the type outlined in fiction in the novels 1984 and Brave New World. It’s the type of classroom extremism which is leading conservative politicians in California to tell parents to flee the state to protect their kids.

This exercise is reminiscent of the brainwashing techniques used in Maoist China during the cultural revolution. Teenagers are impressionable. Adolescence is, by definition, an identity crisis, as a person moves from the certainties of childhood to the complex realities of adulthood. It is common for adolescents who have not come from morally secure homes to look for a cultural movement to give them a sense of worth.

Back when I was in high school, you might become a goth. Ten years later, an emo.

These days, it’s a bit more high-stakes. You might cut your dick off.

Cultural communist teachers have been getting away with brainwashing children for decades. Parents have been either negligent or gullible as their offspring have had their worldviews warped by neo-Marxist ideologues.

We take it for granted that young people are anti-white in their attitudes. Why?

That they think rich people are more greedy than poor people. Why?

That they despise Christianity and think other religions are more peaceful. Why?

That they think men oppress women. Again, why?

These views are not inherent to being young. If you live outside the West for any period of time, you’ll realise that young people in non-Western cultures do not have these types of self-hating views.

It’s the teachers. The teachers are brainwashing the kids because the teachers got brainwashed at university by radical communists.

This is the extremism problem we face in the West. The existential danger to our society is not ‘white supremacy’. What a joke. It’s the toxic bigotry of cultural Marxist classroom tyrants who force their pupils to regurgitate their stale dogmas or else get penalised.

This ideological poison has brought our society to breaking point and it has a very simple antidote.

The mentality of this classroom communist in Victoria making students pretend to be mentally ill was developed by a group of intellectuals around the Frankfurt School in Germany between World Wars I and II. It is cultural Marxism.

Cultural Marxism has advanced in Western societies due to a political strategy known as ‘repressive tolerance’. It was developed by cultural communist intellectual Herbert Marcuse.

The basic doctrine is that, because Western societies are utterly oppressive toward minorities, tolerance toward all viewpoints serves to reinforce injustice. It is therefore the moral duty of all good comrades to pursue an intellectual double standard.

Viewpoints from the left are to be tolerated while viewpoints from the right are not to be tolerated. This was brought in as an unstated policy on every Western campus in the late 1960s after student riots and has remained in place ever since.

It’s been a simple recipe for mass brainwashing. It’s been extremely powerful. There is also a simple solution.

Viewpoint diversity: The requirement that all viewpoints be treated equally by teachers and never dismissed for being ideologically incorrect.

It’s not my idea. It was developed by Jewish-American research psychologist Jonathan Haidt.

Your favourite BASED populist politician needs to introduce legislation at the state or federal level to mandate that every classroom in every school require viewpoint diversity.

That’s it. That’s the solution to the problem of the mass brainwashing of our young.

Make it legally enforceable that schools must create spaces of ideological diversity. No viewpoint diversity, no funding for you! No more ideological tyranny in the classroom! No more radical agendas being pursued behind closed doors by dangerous classroom extremists! That should be the messaging.

Of course, most teachers will hate it. The flat earth kid whose dad spent too long on YouTube will have to be respected and have his perspectives assessed just as fairly as the globists (yes, that’s a putdown in flat earth spheres).

The creationist Christian kid will no longer be allowed to be bullied into silent conformity by a smug science teacher.

The pupil who disagrees with open-borders globalism and thinks immigrant intake should be moderated in order to make housing more affordable in the future for his generation (and there are many who hold such views) can no longer be dismissed and ridiculed by the adult in the room as a bigot and a xenophobe.

No more shutting down of conservative thought in the classroom via the strategy of repressive tolerance.

Freedom of speech is meaningless if agents of the state are given licence to prevent freedom of thought throughout the formative years of people’s lives. Teachers’ abuse of their position has created a society in which the majority of young people hold fanatically to views that they have never heard tested in public debate.

We’ve allowed dangerous dogmatism based on blind ignorance to warp the minds of our young.

Enough. Pressure your favourite populist politician to do something about viewpoint diversity in the classroom. It’s easily done, and with a few public inquiries and leaks to the media of examples of classroom extremism, the public would get behind it.

Our kids are not only being groomed, they’re being brainwashed. Whenever this has happened historically, state terror follows.

There’s a super simple way to prevent that. Diversity!

This article was first published in Historiology