Aussies, meanwhile, were at the beach

We had a public holiday here in NSW on Monday. Our eldest had a mate over and they ran through the sprinkler in the yard. It was just another day in the nation without a care in the world.

The following day, on Tuesday, the Russians held a nationwide drill rehearsing the evacuation of citizens to nuclear bunkers in the event the Americans had destroyed 70% of all housing in their country via a nuclear strike.

It’s the first time ever in Russian history that such a drill, involving civil, economic and military leaders, was held simultaneously across the five timezones spanned by the Russian Federation.

The drumbeats in the march to war are getting louder, dear reader. Insiders close to Putin are telling him to drop a nuke or two to get the Americans to back off in Ukraine. Satellite imagery indicates Russia has either tested or will soon test a nuclear-powered cruise missile called Skyfall with a potentially unlimited strike range.

Such a weapon could well circumnavigate the South Pole and approach the US from the south, where detection remains weak.

The Russians are also feeling provoked. NATO keeps reinforcing nations on Russia’s borders. The editor-in-chief of RT, Margarita Simonyan, declared via Telegram over the weekend that the Russian elite is reaching consensus that nuclear weapons should be deployed. She made the inflammatory statement after a Ukrainian drone attack near her childhood home.

According to Simonyan:

Just like any normal person, and especially as a mother of three children, I am horrified by the possibility of a nuclear war and cannot even imagine such an eventuality. Yet, at the same time, this insane, rabid support that is being provided by the West for the fascist Kyiv regime poses a direct threat to the security and existence of Russia itself. And when this is so, there may be no other choice left.

These daily escalations are occurring just as Russia announces a 70% increase in military spending for the 2024 budget.

So should we Aussies stop our children from playing, flee the beaches and run for the hills?

No. The purpose of this article is not to spread fear. Mass panic and fear are coming, but there’s no point playing Chicken Little and yelling the sky is falling while there’s still time for the kids to play in the yard.

It is time, however, to prepare. Hard times will come soon. Whether you look at the inevitable debt crisis and financial collapse we will face as a society one day soon, the growing geopolitical tensions as the Western oligarchy seeks to impose its Gay Reset on a resistant planet and the Chinese oligarchy seeks to overthrow them, or at theories and predictions such as Strauss & Howe’s Fourth Turning, the 2020’s are going to get much wilder before we see peace and prosperity again.

It is important that we prepare, dear reader, so that we’re around for the rebuilding on the other side. The Russian elites are preparing to secure at least 40 million of their population in pre-built nuclear bunkers so that the Russian people survive what’s coming. Our elites have done nothing to ensure that the people of Australia have anywhere to go. You could be forgiven for thinking they want us killed off.

While our rulers flee to their bunkers and hidey-holes, we will be left to fend for ourselves.

Don’t let the elite parasites be the ones to decide the post-crisis order. Make preparations now to survive whatever comes, so that we’re around to decide what society will be after the calamity. Not them.

What those preparations should be depends upon what you think will happen. Many of you will have better ideas than me about what to do. Please feel free to share your ideas in the comments. In our house, the focus has been on long-term food storage, water storage and treatment and the cultivation of an heirloom variety food garden. Next up will be non-electrical appliances like a manual washing machine.

The military threat to Australia will most likely be not from Russia, but from China. We can expect that the Chinese will seek to at least take down the grid should hostilities approach Australia, as they did in 1942.

They may launch a nuclear EMP to destroy all electronic devices, take out our dams to flood our river basins or directly bomb our cities and military installations. That will be up to them, not us.

Get ready, friends. This is our generational crisis. It’s our test. Our carefree days will soon be finished, at least for a while.

If we make it through, let’s make sure that we don’t allow ourselves to become so foolish again as to believe that everyone in the world is our friend and we have no enemies. Let’s not open the city gates for all to come and then think that makes war impossible because we’re just so nice.

Let us teach our children that there are always enemies to watch, both inside and outside the gates. Even as they play in the yard.

This article was first published at The Education Reformation