The US deep state created the enemies we’ll fight in World War III

Firearms industry groups in the United States have recently confirmed that the weapons used by Hamas in the Israeli terror attack on the 7th of October were American-made, military-issue M-4s and M-16s.

The positive identification corroborated earlier reports by the IDF that Hamas had obtained US small arms left behind by the US in Afghanistan.

The reports have gained the attention of Republican lawmakers in Washington, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announcing Congress will investigate the matter after being briefed by intelligence agencies.

The link for the tweet above has to be to the archived version, as the site has coincidentally been taken offline since the reports spread.

It would seem that, once the story broke, powerful people gave the order to shut it down.

It is well known that the United States funds Israel to the tune of tens of billions of dollars. The Biden regime has also sent hundreds of millions of dollars to the Palestinian Authority, which in turn funds Hamas the same amount.

It’s a circle jerk of US dollars sloshing around training, educating and equipping the fighters on both sides of this emerging Middle Eastern front in World War III.

If the US-Israeli deep state didn’t want terrorism to happen, terrorism wouldn’t happen. States that fund Islamic terrorism, such as Qatar and Saudi Arabia, would have been pulled into line long ago. Ultimately, billions of US dollars flow into radical Islamic schools and black market weaponry for hajjis to kill non-combatants in the Middle East and Europe. Western governments either pretend it isn’t happening or actively approve.

Western intelligence agencies essentially created the Islamic terrorism we deal with today. The Washington Post openly informs us that Israel helped to create Hamas in the 1980s. Normies have no idea that the group that just mobilised public opinion by flying Mad Max-style over the most secure border in the world into a rave was basically founded by Mossad.

If you say that fact to a normie in Australia today, they’ll call you a conspiracy theorist. Do it at work, and you might have a meeting with the lesbians in HR. And yet it’s true.

The CIA created the Afghani mujahideen in the 1980s, which ultimately grew into al-Qaeda before 9/11. Again, no one knows this. Drop that fact in if you want to stop a barbecue this summer. It just doesn’t compute in the TV-soaked normie brain.

You can even get the demoralised Australian normie to watch Rambo III, in which John Rambo joins with the heroic mujahideen in Afghanistan to fight the Soviets, and they still won’t get it. They’re totally brainwashed and thus unable and unwilling to perceive reality.

Everywhere we look across this approaching global war between the Five Eyes plus Israel and the Russia-China-Iran-North Korea axis, we see that the American deep state and the oligarchs behind it have built up the enemies we will fight. Those same people are responsible for open border policies, but only in Western nations.

Why is that? No one asks.

Henry Kissinger’s push as Secretary of State in the 1970s to open global markets to communist China and the catastrophic decision in December 2001 to let China into the World Trade Organisation created the industrial behemoth we Aussies will be fighting off from our beaches in the next few years.

That’s not hyperbole. YouTuber Monkey Werx is a military veteran who spent over 30 years in the aerospace and defence industry. He uses flight tracking software to interpret what the deep state and US military are up to worldwide.

In the video below, he outlines how the massive increase in military survey flights over certain parts of the world indicates where the Empire thinks World War III will be fought. One of those World War III battlespaces is the east coast of Australia from Brisbane down to Tasmania.

In the Second World War, Darwin got pummeled. In the Third, the scale and sophistication of the weapons available will ensure that much more of our nation will be damaged or destroyed once the Asia-Pacific front of World War III kicks off.

Are we ready to become the Ukraine or Israel of the Asia-Pacific theatre?

When it happens, remember that every single federal politician in the major parties since Whitlam signed on for the deindustrialisation of Australia and mass Chinese immigration into the country. They legislated to create the factories that will be used to build the weapons to kill Australians. They equipped the soldiers who will be pointing weapons at our children and invited the spies who will help the CCP win.

When mass Islamic terrorism breaks out around the world following the blowing up of Al Aqsa Mosque or the nuking of Teheran, remember the role of our intelligence agencies in training terrorists and of our politicians in tyrannically enforcing open borders policies toward the Islamic world.

They taught us at school that racism and nationalism caused World War II. They told us over and over again that all we had to do was work hard not to be racist or nationalist, and we could avoid another global war.

It was all lies. All nations are racist and nationalist, and it doesn’t lead to war. It’s what defines a nation.

Ask any Indian or South Korean or Moroccan what the best country in the world is and they’ll say theirs. Ask them what the worst country in the world is and they’ll say the one next door. It’s a universal human condition.

We got lied to about what caused the horrors of the 20th century and now that’s leading us into the horrors of the 21st.

Utopian political ideologies are what killed tens of millions of people in the 20th century. Political utopianism is the common denominator of all the governmental murders of the last century.

That’s what they should have taught us in school. Who lied to us, and for what purpose?

Ideological utopianism in the West has now also created the conditions for World War III. While we were dressing primary schoolers in kimonos for Diversity Day and telling them it’s all one big global village, our governments were playing power games abroad by equipping people who hate and envy us.

The banquet of consequences for our inattention and naivety has arrived. Another global war is upon us. Once it’s done, what lies will we again let the people who started it tell our grandchildren about why it happened?

Or will the sport-fixated, intoxicated, slavish and lazy Australian normie finally, belatedly, eventually, start to think for himself once he’s lost everything?

This article was first published in The Education Reformation