Western elites use cultural Marxism to create a planet of slaves

As we come up to the end of the year, there’s one thing us parents of young kids can look forward to.

That’s right. School assemblies.

The award for the best bookwork, the best spelling, the best behaviour, the best triple jump, the best whatever-else-bloody-thing the teacher could come up with to make sure everyone got an award.

The kindy choir belting out a ditty just as badly as you’d expect any group of six-year-olds to sing when a burnt-out, middle-aged feminist is the one selecting the songs.

But there’s one thing I don’t look forward to at school assemblies.

I never thought I’d turn my back on a primary school assembly, but this Welcome to Country palaver has made me do it. It makes me glad again that our family is starting homeschooling next year.

It also makes me wonder: Who sent out the memo to these classroom activists around ten years ago that it was time to take the anti-whiteness into overdrive?

This has been going on stealthily in education since the 60s, but it was around the mid-2010s that it went over the top.

You’d be hard-pushed to find a school in the country that now doesn’t shove this Anglophobic cult of miserableness and inherited guilt down our kids’ throats. How has that been achieved so quickly?

That doesn’t happen spontaneously. It doesn’t happen organically. Such a socially engineered change in mass behaviour happens because powerful people decide it’s time for it to happen.

That’s how power really works. Even in ‘democracies’.

It’s not just in our schools, of course. Footy has been poisoned by this mind virus. Public broadcasting is now a less creative version of lesbian Tumblr, ranting against the patriarchy and whiteness while bemoaning global warming.

From the top to the bottom of society, this tyrannical identity cult is being pushed.

Deep state perma-parasite Kim Beazley, who now heads up the Australian War Memorial, recently announced that a new $500,000,000 wing of the memorial would be opened to commemorate the Frontier Wars.

That was the bit two hundred years ago when Aborigines stole sheep, we arrested them, they massacred a settler family and then we shot them.

Pretty standard stuff during the settlement of the New World.

School kids who’ve only ever heard about how wonderful Aboriginal culture was every day of their lives will be hauled through that propaganda pageant for even more guilt and brainwashing on their obligatory school trip to the nation’s capital in upper primary.

They’ll undoubtedly be ‘welcomed to country’ when they arrive by some urban whitefellas with their shirts off and moobs hanging out.


It would all be so funny if it wasn’t so deadly. We are looking down the barrel of the demographic replacement of our people within three generations, and it’s being forced on our children as necessary, virtuous and liberating.

So who’s doing it then?

Who’s behind all this genocidal anti-whiteness?

It’s America. Whether we care to admit it to ourselves or not, we are having this sick cultural Marxist agenda shoved down our throats because America rules us and this is the ideology of the people who rule America.

The American people aren’t doing this to us. The same thing is being done to them. This agenda is coming down from the [insert who you think controls America].

Exactly what group we can pin this on is kind of irrelevant. It’s still happening. In many ways, this agenda of mixing up racial groups to create tension and make imperial provinces easier to govern goes back to the halcyon days of the British Empire.

Wherever we British ruled, you’ll find ethnic tensions today. The imperial elite moved people groups as a strategy of power. What the Americans did, however, was to apply the same cynical power strategy inside Western nations themselves.

It was a breathtaking betrayal of the Western ethnic groups who fought on behalf of US imperialism in the world wars and the Cold War, and it has required massive political deception to be maintained ever since.

America is the woke empire. Yankee liberalism went toxic and, after World War II, became a utopian vision for Kissinger’s ‘liberal world order’.

This liberal imperial agenda is why our kids are being told at school that they’re racist and gay and maybe a different gender.

Heinz may have died this week, but his neoliberal-neoconservative vision to repair the world and make it one big shopping centre pride parade still lives on.

The Australian context for this problem of mad American overreach has been explored very effectively by an academic at the University of New South Wales.

I know. I was surprised, too.

Clinton Fernandes is a former military intelligence officer who now teaches international relations at UNSW Canberra. He’s written a piercingly smart book called Subimperial Power: Australia in the International Arena.

Unlike most books written by academics, it’s worth a read. Here, he outlines his ideas to one of my favourite Boomers, Senator Malcolm Roberts.

According to Fernandes, cultural Marxist virtue-signalling is a figleaf used by the imperial power to cover for its crimes against the people of the world. The economic parasitism, rampant exploitation and hollowing-out of societies by predatory finance are hidden behind a faux concern for the vulnerable and marginalised groups around the globe.

It’s BlackRock hiding behind a rainbow flag. It’s all bollocks and it’s time for us to stop sitting quietly when it’s pushed at school assemblies.

Dr Fernandes’ main point seems to be that we in Australia labour under a delusion. We have been force-fed a barrel-full of bullshit about how the world works, how our politics works and our place in the world for so long that we’re now dangerously out of touch with reality.

Given that the world is on the brink of another wave of total war, that’s probably pretty important. If we want an Australia that we would recognise to still be around for our current generation of schoolchildren in the future, we need to address it.

The people who rule America are getting more and more tyrannical as they feel the people of the world pushing back against their mad project of global transformation. As their power slips, they’ll become more dangerous.

Who are these people, exactly?

Maybe one day we can talk about it.

This article was first published in The Education Reformation