Our society has made masculinity a mental illness

Back ten years ago, when I was still a schoolteacher, I started my first week at an all-boys school doing Year 9 camp.

I hated school camps. The kids had gross habits, the activities were boring, and the food was always the lowest quality the littlest money could buy. It usually put me in a bad mood.

I liked that school and I loved the kids. They were good, decent young men. At the end of my first year there, one of the boys who had been on the camp asked me if I remembered what I’d said to him on camp.

“Um… no.”

“Sir, you asked me if I was ‘the ADHD kid’ because I was acting so crazy.”

“Oh. Oh, no, I don’t recall that at all…”

“Well sir, I wasn’t angry. I was on ADHD pills back then, but after you said that I stopped taking them. And now I feel much better!”

I looked him very carefully, dead in the eye.

“And let us never speak to anyone of this ever again.”

I’m glad cold turkey on the Ritalin worked out for him. That was ten years ago, and back then in Brisbane anyway, medicating your child for being too boyish was still a rather fringe idea.

Not anymore. Between 2013 and 2020, ADHD prescriptions have doubled. And most of those pills have been put into our little boys.

Now I can confirm, as a parent and as a father, that there are many, many times when little boys are very, very annoying.

They challenge authority.

They resist order and organisation.

They make the same damn stupid mistakes over and over and over and no matter how many times you tell them not to they keep doing it and acting surprised when the consequences of their actions are always exactly what you told them they would be and knowing full well they’ll do exactly the same thing again next time and the time after that and the time after that and there’s nothing you can do about it.

There’s that.

But that’s just boys. Strong boys are always a little bit wild. A healthy society wants a little wildness in boys, too, because that wildness will provide the energy and the will that society will need in its future men if it is to survive and to flourish.

But we’re not a healthy society. We haven’t been ever since creeping Western socialism replaced the father and husband with the state and the mother with the daycare centre worker.

Big Sister doesn’t want strong men. She wants cucked, twisted, resentful manlets whose focus is either on getting their next Tinder root or getting their next Funko Pop figurine.

The perfect consoomer

Big Sister needs to crush the wildness in boys and replace it with docile compliance. That’s not my opinion. It’s what they tell us openly.

The technocrats at the highest levels of the WEF and the think tank elite are telling us to our faces that humanity has been superseded, that we plebs are about to become economically useless, and that only mass government control over our lives will save us from our doom.

Big-brain goblin Noah believes that technology is about to make 80% of the population “useless”: an underclass of “people who don’t have any skills that the new economy needs…”

One look at the physiognomy of Noah is enough to tell us why he resents and wants to destroy masculinity in others. Alex Jones has been ranting for years that this type of attack on our humanity was coming. He talked about it this week during his very based interview with Tucker Carlson on X. He was mocked for years, but you can see he was clearly right.

They really are turning the frogs gay, it turns out.

The demoralisation of men and destruction of masculinity is being done via multiple attack channels. Our boys are swamped with porn by the average age of 11, but the SBS says that’s nothing to worry about. Our boys are failing at educational attainment en masse, with the most catastrophic collapse in performance being among Anglo boys.

No surprises there, of course. We all know why.

The medication of Australian boys to make them docile and compliant instead of wild and independent, however, is the most concerning aspect of this attack on our humanity. Any schoolteacher will tell you that there is not a single class anymore in which you’ll not find medicated boys who’ve been told that their basic nature is defective and inadequate for the brave new world we live in.

These drugs are being given overwhelmingly to young boys, and the academics know that this is an attack on masculinity. Studies revealing that the use of ADHD medications such as Ritalin and Adderall is linked to increased incidence of psychosis have been published for years.

We are quite literally, as a society, preferring to risk sending our little boys mad than having to deal with their boundless energy and raw intensity.

Anyone sensible can also see that there will be consequences we didn’t anticipate. God made man in His image, and we are messing with that template now in ways that cannot be reversed.

Soon enough, the ‘ADHD gene’ may be identified. Perhaps we will be offered to have it switched off in little Jason or Lucas or even Sally. For a fee, of course. And you know that millions of switched-off parents will do it if it means their child will just shut up while mummy watches The Last of Us.

We have given away too much of ourselves to elites who despise us in order to be entertained and not have to take responsibility for ourselves and our families. We ship our wives off to work, our kids off to school and our minds off to whatever phantasmagoric universe game and show creators have come up with for us.

We’ve got to take our lives back before goblins like Noah destroy everything we hold dear. We can start with education.

Mass schooling as we know it today is a little over 100 years old. It was a social experiment begun at a time when the rising tide of utopian socialism worldwide had people believing that the state was more efficient at solving social problems than the traditional system of decentralised decision-making by families and local communities. It was believed that perennial social problems could be solved by a strong central state in novel ways that would create a golden age of humanity.

These beliefs are the origin of modern progressivism. The expansion of the state after the First World War, driven by these beliefs, was a project to create the utopia that atheist philosophers and intellectuals had dreamed about for millennia.

The data is in. The experiment has failed.

We have got to go back to the old ways if we’re going to save our boys.

We must return to either homeschooling by parents or tutoring by governesses or community schools like we had before the 20th century. The generations taught by either parents or tutors or locally-employed schoolteachers back then laid the foundations of our civilisation.

No more state-controlled syllabus documents mandating a curriculum created by mentally-ill bureaucrats.

No more classroom brainwashing by campus communists.

The generations medicated into compliance in our postmodern classroom hellscapes will not aspire to the seas, the skies and the stars the way their forefathers did centuries ago. They won’t vanquish far horizons for something bigger than themselves.

Big Sister is winning her war on our boys, and that means all of us will lose in the end.

This article was first published in The Education Reformation.