His miseducation has made the Western normie incapable of perceiving danger

When I was a teeny totter back in the mid-80s, mass fear and panic were as common to everyday life as hairspray and acid-wash denim.

It was in the music, the movies, the TV shows. Even the ads.

You’re all gonna get AIDS and die, kid.

This was showing on the TV back in 1987 while you played with your Lego Space set and your parents watched Hey Hey It’s Saturday.

This was at a time when the USA and USSR were actually getting on like a house on fire. They were having meetings and summits, signing missile reduction treaties and laying the groundwork for the following 30 years of global trade and widespread peace which marked the high point of the golden age of the Boomers.

If the headlines of today were being read out on 60 Minutes back then, the Boomers would have been digging bunkers and buying tp instead of gearing up for a multi-decade property and travel binge.

The West is today engaged in a proxy war on Russia’s border, has weaponised the global central banking system against Moscow, and this week US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen is saying that confiscated Russian assets should be used to fund the Ukrainian proxy war against their fellow Eastern Slavs.

NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg has just said that Ukraine will be accepted into the organisation, a move which the Russian leadership has said will trigger World War III. French President Macron has just suggested that NATO troops should be sent in to bolster the collapsing Ukrainian defence against Russia in the proxy war America started.

That’s NATO troops fighting against Russian troops in Eastern Europe. And the response of the Australian public?

Complete indifference.

No one is paying attention. No one cares. They’re too busy talking about Tay Tay and the latest sportsball results.

Didn’t these people read Z for Zachariah back in primary school?

There are no marches or protests for peace. No letter-writing campaigns to the warmongering politicians. Nothing to let our psychopathic rulers know that we the people won’t tolerate being irradiated and starved so they can rule the rubble and be god-kings among the ashes.

Nothing. The normalcy bias is astonishing.

It’s as if everything we were terrified of back in the 80s for no reason is now actually happening, and no one cares. If anything, the puppets we call politicians are gleeful about ending the centuries-long project of Western civilisation.

They have a collective death wish to fulfil on behalf of their oligarch masters, and we’re doing nothing to stop them.

How can this be? How can it happen that Australia is being led down a primrose path to economic, demographic and physical destruction and the population just keeps planning renos and trips to Bali?

There’s fear fatigue, of course. ‘The news’ is a mass mind control weapon, and because ‘the news’ has pushed the red button of terror so often with no result the population has switched off.

Which is exactly what our social controllers wanted in the first place.

There’s more to it, though. It’s not just the imminent global war that the population is indifferent to. People today are indifferent to everything: demographic replacement, the collapse of cultural norms, the perversion of children. Nothing rouses the Great Australian Normie from his decades-long slumber.

It’s as though the part of the brain which detects threat has atrophied and died from disuse in the Australian population.

The Australian normie only acts fearful of what his mental masters tell him to fear. Lacking the ability to think for himself, he jumps at phantasms and ignores the steam train coming right for him and his family.

Even scarier than the grim reaper ad.

This phenomenon is more evident the more ‘educated’ a person is. Our credentialed elites are the most arrogant and complacent. In my experience, truckies and tradesmen are more switched on and engaged with reality than professors and surgeons.

I have met many labourers and warehouse workers who prep. I’m yet to meet a salaried professional who does.

This is due to our utterly broken and dysfunctional system of education in Western societies. Many decades ago, our professors and schoolmasters abandoned the belief that education should train a youngster to meet and master the world. Instead, they substituted such traditional wisdom with an approach to education that asserts that everything is simply opinion, nothing can be known, and therefore the pursuit of knowledge and cultivation of reason are futile and backward endeavours.

This view is the bedrock of all educational activity in Western nations today and has produced our society of complacent morons.

Sixty years ago, C. S. Lewis lamented that the educational culture that had taken hold by then was producing men who thought only with their brain and lived only for their belly. He called them Men Without Chests, who having not been trained to be good cannot ever be wise:

And all the time – such is the tragi-comedy of our situation – we continue to clamour for those very qualities we are rendering impossible. You can hardly open a periodical without coming across the statement that what our civilisation needs is more ‘drive’ or dynamism, or self-sacrifice, or ‘creativity’. In a sort of ghastly simplicity we remove the organ and demand the function. We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. We castrate and bid the geldings be fruitful.1

This type of man does not reason. He cannot wrestle with questions of what is good or real or true. Believing that there is no solid place in the world on which to stand and from which to act, he floats as an atom in an eternal moment of the present.

Having no morality, he is demoralised. Believing that nothing can be known, he sees ignorance as a virtue and any conviction of truth as a dangerous thing to be avoided in oneself and shunned in others.

He is a lifelong child without the innocence of youth. This is what Australians have become in the present year, and their learned helplessness toward anything outside their immediate experience makes them the perfect slave of a ruling elite that despises them.

The know-nothing docility of the Australian normie would be lamentable but harmless in a world without threat. But we don’t live in a world without threat. Thanks to the dual-citizen neocons running US foreign policy since the 1990s, the world now hates our guts. We’re about to start fighting Russia. It will not take long before Iran, North Korea and China join the fray.

The worst fears of the Cold War era are coming true before us, and no one is noticing. Like the Babylonians when the Persians arrived, the Romans when the Visigoths turned up and the Chinese when the Mongols appeared outside the city walls, we are carefree, debauched and decadent.

We let traitors convince us that reality doesn’t exist and we thought it made us free. All it did was enslave us, and start the countdown to our judgement.

1 Lewis, C. S. (1963). The Abolition of Man. Interbooks, p.26.

This article was first published at The Education Reformation