Maths is racist, apparently

Sydney University has announced that from 2025 dozens of course will no longer require HSC advanced mathematics for entry.

The university this week announced the shocking changes which included medical, dental and even mathematics courses.

According to a statement published on the university website:

We are making this change to increase the accessibility of our courses while ensuring commencing students are equipped with the knowledge base they need to successfully progress through their degrees. With this approach, all students will have the opportunity to complete their studies with the same level of mathematics skills and knowledge, regardless of their starting point.

It’s not dumbing down, comrade. It’s equality of outcome.

Which, of course, is dumbing down.

We know this is happening. We see it everywhere. Moronity is no barrier to success nowadays as long as you have enough diversity points or elite social connections.

The myth of meritocracy in Australia is now just a fairy tale spun to complacent Anglos so we keep believing in a system now controlled by a caste who hates us.

We see it in the billionaire-funded, far-left woke media that no one reads yet still manages to have salaried wokelings on staff—wokelings like Soaliha Iqbal, who has written a blog post on this dramatic collapse in standards at USyd.

She writes for Pedestrian, which until recently was under the editorial control of Senator Mehreen Faruqi’s son Osman.

Osman is also head of audio journalism at Schwartz Media, which was founded and is funded by billionaire Jewish real estate developer Morry Schwartz.

He still seems to have a job there despite his mum posing late last year next to a poster reading “Keep the World Clean” of Jews.

She’s also still a federal senator. On this Animal Farm, it seems that some animals really are more equal than others.

Which brings us back to the issue of merit, or lack thereof. This is Soaliha’s killer opener in her piece:

Starting from next year, the University of Sydney will no longer require advanced mathematics for dozens of degrees including science and medicine, in direct response to less kids taking the subject during high school. The news comes as less students are studying at university altogether.

It’s fewer kids and fewer students, Soaliha. ‘Kids’ and ‘students’ are both countable nouns, and are therefore modified by the comparative adjective fewer. You use less when the noun being modified is uncountable.

There was a time when someone with a journalism degree from UNSW would know a rule like that. They would have read enough serious literature to internalise complex grammar and syntax, even if they couldn’t articulate the rule.

They might have just been able to use the abundant AI assistants now available to avoid making such amateurish mistakes in their writing. But, alas.

Perhaps if you’d spent less time (see, uncountable) focusing on ‘race politics’, ‘feminism’ and ‘anti-capitalism’ during your studies you’d know a rule as basic as that, Soaliha.

Maybe rules are colonialism. Or the patriarchy. Or capitalism. Or wotevs.

Australia, along with other Western nations, has become an undeveloping nation. We used to have a culture, institutions and mindset that were the envy of the world. They saw us as the pinnacle of human accomplishment. We were at the forefront of human civilisation.

A century ago, the colonies of Asia were inhabited by people with limited literacy, magical thinking, and backward ways. Today, the descendants of those people are highly literate, increasingly rational, and far more sophisticated than many Australians.

Thanks to the spread of cultural Marxism, they now also view Anglos with a toxic combination of resentment and contempt.

While the balance of economic, cultural and political power is shifting from West to East thanks to the rootless globalists, Australia is being taken over by a new mixed elite of entitled morons.

We think we can keep enjoying the good life while letting these things happen. We can’t and we won’t.

No society that exalts lunacy and revels in complacency can stay safe and rich for long. The world is not a diversity festival. It is a permanent, relentless struggle for primacy, if not survival.

Right at the peak of our success, we decided to stop striving and let lunatics take control of our society. The consequences are everywhere. Our descendants will be dealing with them for a very long time to come.

This article was first published in The Education Reformation