Communist control over education has turned Western culture into a weapon of mass mind control

The principal of elite Sydney private school Cranbrook was forced to resign last week for failing to stand down a teacher who had sent vulgar emails to a former student while the teacher was being investigated.

Nicholas Sampson’s career ended in ignominy, as he will be forever associated with sexual misconduct despite having never been accused. The teacher who was investigated was also cleared of any criminal or professional misconduct in multiple investigations.

This scandal-by-association was aired by the woke media as part of a sudden attack on Mr Sampson’s leadership at the school. Via the Guardian:

The latest incident comes at the end of a difficult week for Cranbrook which was the focus of an ABC Four Corners investigation on Monday.

The program included interviews with former staff and students who claimed the school had a toxic culture, including bullying, sexual harassment and sexual abuse.

After the episode aired on Monday night, Cranbrook school council issued a statement saying: “The council has considered in detail the matters raised by the ABC and remains fully supportive of the headmaster and the school’s leadership.”

And there we have it. A perfect case study of how Western cultural Marxists take power over institutions in their steady march toward total social control: a media beat-up, a scandalous revelation then wall-to-wall media coverage to take down the target.

Mr Sampson has done nothing to merit being disgraced, but that doesn’t matter. He was just in the way, no doubt. Perhaps Cranbrook had some senior staff who were not entirely bought into the identity communist agenda. The school has been in the crosshairs of the wokelings for being an all-boys school, and perhaps there was too much sensible thinking going on still among the school leadership.

The identity Marxist playbook is always the same. They create the appearance of a scandal to catalyse a crisis, force the target of their attack to resign, and then swoop into the power vacuum to assume control over the organisation they’ve targeted.

The Western communists did this in our universities in the 60s and 70s and have done it in just about every institution and organisation in our society since. It’s also an ongoing process as the ideology becomes more extreme and puritanical. Like the Gnostic ouroboros, the revolution always eats its parents.

Once the communists are in power, sane and honest individuals get blocked from promotion and the organisation becomes a power base for further communist expansion.

I have no inside information on who masterminded this coup d’etat against Mr Sampson’s regime at Cranbrook; however, one of the potential replacements for his $800,000 per annum position turns out to be the senior staff member in charge of the transition toward the school becoming co-ed—Malcolm Turnbull’s daughter Daisy.

Perhaps her ‘narcissistic psychopath’ dad gave her a few pointers on subversion and betrayal?

There is no lever of power in Australia now outside the control of this network of identity communists. The elite of Australia has now been entirely captured by devotees of this virtue-signalling, Anglo-hating, God-loathing, perversion-pushing, hypocritical identity cult.

If you want to get ahead or stay on top in Australia, you have to kiss the ring of this Frankfurt School-forged mind creature and be seen to push woke ideology. If you don’t, you’ll end up like Mr Sampson. Or worse.

The power base of this neo-Marxist cult is the education system. That’s where this cancer began before metastasising across society. The means of its spread, however, is culture.

It has been through control over movies, music, TV and the media that identity communists have spread their ideology throughout Australian society. When you see the local shopping centre posting on social media that rainbow minorities are welcome at their shops, it’s because the people in charge of that account got those views from the culture.

Hammering home cultural Marxist tropes constantly over the decades through entertainment and news has created a society that thinks wokery is just ‘being a good person’. They’ve thoroughly internalised a fake moral law from the infernal pit which pretends to be about niceness and decency but actually brings division, resentment and social disorder.

Communism spread its bloodthirsty tentacles across Eurasia last century via political power. Political revolutions would be catalysed using class resentment, and once those Marxist tactics had brought the communists to power the bloodletting would begin. We still haven’t come to grips with the devastating toll this has taken on humanity.

The political safeguards and the economic prosperity of Western nations made those tactics unsuccessful. The communists didn’t give up seeking power, of course. They instead chose to focus on culture rather than politics and on control of institutions and the private sector rather than political parties and the public sector. Thanks to theorists like Gramsci, they figured out that politics is downstream from culture.

The checks and balances on political excesses put in place by our forefathers only delayed the communist advance, and the communists are now strong enough to exercise the total power that is the true face of communist thought.

They won’t do it through the state directly, however. They’ll do it via the banks, Big Tech, your social credit score, and your digital ID-connected electric bike, which you need to earn your carbon credits through your gig economy delivery job.

Communism has nothing to do with equality or tolerance or saving the planet. It’s a cult of power, every single time.

Particularly concerning is seeing cultural Marxist thinking spread into the church. Signs at Christian schools about ‘Acknowledgement of Country’ or Christian thought leaders more offended by plain speech than sin are now commonplace. Too many Christian leaders, especially young ones, spend too much time watching secular movies and TV shows and so take their morality from Satan rather than from Scripture.

We attend a strong Biblical church, yet even there the cancer is evident. One of the pastors warned the faithful last week that our church has ‘toxic masculinity’ and it needs to be stamped out.

That sounds like a crisis!

That pastor should know better. The term ‘toxic masculinity’ is utterly incompatible with Christianity. It’s a phrase that came out of Jungian philosophy back in the 80s and was contrasted against ‘healthy masculinity’ – which was practiced by weirdos buffalo dancing around a bonfire with their shirts off crying about their dads.

I just wanted to ride my skateboard, dad!

It’s now a phrase most commonly associated with gender theory and Third Wave Feminism in universities. You cannot redeem a phrase like that, and introducing it at church is a form of spiritual mixing that leads to disunity. Our mental categories must come from the Word, not the world.

This is how cultural Marxism works, even inside the church. Christians spend so much time soaked in secular culture they can’t discern anymore what are the things of the world and what are the things of God. Before you can say, ‘Love is love’, the church has been subverted.

This mixing of concepts from the culture into the church is a spiritualised form of what Israel was commanded not to do by marrying women from surrounding nations and taking on their gods. It introduces impurity.

The gates of hell cannot prevail against the gospel, and therefore Satan’s only weapon is deception. In our formerly Christian society, the primary means for that deception is the culture.

Even if you’re not a believer, you need to come out of this mad, decaying culture. Homeschool your children, avoid popular entertainment and keep your children away from the world as much as possible while they grow. The madness we see now can get a lot madder, and as the cultural communists are forced by reality to face the inevitable failure of their ideology to create utopia, you can be guaranteed one thing.

They’re going to start killing people. They always do.

This article was first published at The Education Reformation