Germany and Japan in the 1940s are a model for our future

When you’re learning how to write an opinion piece, the usual formula is you start with a news hook, show how it’s relevant to the reader and then link it back to what you really want to talk about.

You’ll see this formula in op-eds all the time. It’s why mainstream news articles, which have become op-eds anyway now, are all the same these days. They pick out a headline designed to trigger an emotional response in the NPC leftist brain, and then they write the same tedious drivel about minority rights, the environment or evil white people they always do. Rinse, repeat.

There’s no need for me to use a news hook for a piece today on World War III. Anyone paying attention knows it’s coming in some form or another. We’re looking at war with Russia in Europe, war with Iran in the Middle East and, eventually, war with China and North Korea in the Asia-Pacific.

Alongside that, the way the oligarchy who control America are treating Donald Trump is making it likely the USA will have a civil war similar to the one between Julius Caesar and the Roman Senate in the 40s BC.

It’s the Fourth Turning in your social media feed. The end times in every Telegram refresh. And we get to see it. What a time to be alive.

It’s easy to get fear fatigue. The normies I know seem to be aware that things are about to fall apart, but rather than analysing the situation and making prudent preparations they’re hiding in a mental bunker and relying upon normalcy bias to convince themselves our near future will be OK.

It will not be OK. Our world is about to get tipped on its head in a way we’ve never experienced in the West. Ever.

So, let’s wargame the way our deep-state oppressors do. Let’s think this out and see what’s likely ahead for us here in Australia and across the West this coming decade.

We can see who the combatants will be in World War III. RINO House Speaker Mike Johnson has just called Russia, China and Iran a new ‘axis of evil’. There’s another assumption I’m going to make that may well bother some people, too.

I think this time America loses. When we consider the factors that made the Allied nations prevail in World Wars I & II – financial superiority, industrial strength, and an overwhelming coalition of forces – then it is clear that the West cannot win this time.

The ‘developed’ Western world is mired in debt and unpayable welfare state obligations. The globalist elite has given Asia our industrial strength, and we will not have a peer ally to gang up with to win this war. The winning hand, this time, is held by the other side.

Barring America pulling out miracle weapons they got from demonic UFO tech at Roswell, we’re going to be 1940s Japan and Germany in the 2030s.

So, let’s see what that might look like.

Mass Islamic terrorism

We’ve already seen in a Sydney church what events in the Middle East are leading to. Whatever your position on the Palestinians, it doesn’t matter. There are a billion Muslims around the world seeing little kids with their limbs blown off on their phones 24/7. That’s creating a consciousness and a hatred that will erupt once the war between Israel and everyone else around them goes live.

You will not want to be living near one of the many Islamic enclaves established in Western cities thanks to open borders policies since the 1970s when that occurs. The security apparatus of the state will be completely overwhelmed. We will be on our own until local private militias can form among non-Islamic communities, such as what we see in South Africa or South America.

Once this kicks off, we can expect Big Sister to resort to lockdowns, curfews, and expanded digital surveillance ‘for our own safety’—almost like a plan.

The destruction of Israel

This one is going to bother Christians influenced by dispensational theology, but it’s the most probable event in the Middle East war. Regardless of what your reading of Scripture (and the influence of preachers in turn influenced by the Zionist-funded Scofield Study Bible) has led you to believe, there’s very little chance that Israel can survive another conflict with its neighbours. This becomes even more true once the relative weakness of the American empire is taken into consideration.

Iran’s proxies have already demonstrated they can hobble civilian shipping. The most recent skirmishes between Iran and Israel, too, are demonstrating that the drone and the missile, in sufficient numbers, will always get through. Add in hypersonic missiles, and the US Navy becomes unable to project force outside the Western Hemisphere with any degree of confidence. The carriers will be kept out of range and out of the fight unless the US deep state wants one or two to go down as a Pearl Harbour-style mobilisation tool.

Even then, Israel is glass early on in the fighting. What the Zionist plan for that is, who knows? Religious visions have a way of bringing down destruction on the heads of those who rely on them for victory. Do not tempt the Lord your God.

Not being Jewish, it doesn’t really bother me whether Israel exists or not. What it will lead to, however, is a crisis of faith among Protestant Christians who drank the dispensationalist Kool-Aid. As a Christian, this is of interest to me as it could have a significant impact on the church. It may either lead to a collapse in Christianity in the West or an expansion as the association between Zionism and right-wing politics in the West dissipates. Time will tell.

Starvation and privation during wartime

This one is hard for us to imagine. Australia is a super-abundant nation, especially considering our relatively small population for our resource base. How could we experience starvation?

If our grid goes down and the products we rely on for manufacturing are suddenly unavailable, that’s how. The deep state has been seeding grid collapse in the public imagination with Netflix shows such as Leaving the World Behind and the BBC’s Cobra. Is this just a fear tactic? Or is it predictive programming to ready the population?

It’s been a long time since Australians were encouraged to grow Victory Gardens. The rationing this time would probably be sold to the public by blaming greedy panic shoppers and hoarders. Was the Great Toilet Paper Emergency of 2020 a trial run to make the public not lose faith in the elites, but rather blame preppers when the Chinese close off fuel and other imports?

No, that sounds like a conspiracy theory, you cooker.

Delegitimisation of our current socio-political order

This is what Big Sister fears most, yet it is guaranteed when we lose this war. We will experience ‘regime change’. Our elites will be replaced, and either we will have foreign elites imposed upon us or else members of the upstart counter-elites will be given positions should they accept the new world order.

If it’s the second, I say ‘Nihao!’ to our bright new future.

Our children and grandchildren will be taught that the hegemonic regimes of the Western powers were fascist, imperialist and expansionist. Given that they’re already taught that great-grandpa was a racist coloniser, this won’t be too much of a change.

The peoples of Russia, China, Iran and North Korea are ready to accept such a narrative too, given that those mass mental templates are already in place thanks to postcolonial and communist ideologies. They are part of the worldview taught in their schools.

They’ll just have lost millions of their young people, too. They’ll want revenge.

This will likely go along with feelings of disgust toward Christianity. Christian Zionism will be blamed for its role in starting the war, and as the Islamic world unifies and flexes its strength perhaps under neo-Ottoman leadership and neo-communist Chinese and Russians take primacy on the world stage, Biblical Christianity will come to be widely persecuted.

Many intellectuals and public figures espoused fascism in the 1920s and 1930s. By the 1950s, the only fascists left were feds and informants. This is what happens when you lose a war. You take the fall.

There will likely be a rising antipathy toward those who call themselves Jews today, too. This happened in Germany after World War I. Not having a homeland will make this a highly uncomfortable situation for diaspora Jews. The Jewish ascendancy we’ve seen since the 1940s will be over.

Essentially, whatever beliefs and groups led us into the war will be hated afterward, once we lose.

Occupation and fragmentation after the war

America, at least, and maybe Australia, too, can expect to be broken up and fragmented after we lose the war. This occurred to Germany, of course, and to the Koreans when neither side could win the 1950s civil war. Depending on which Asian nations side with China, we can expect parcels of the country to be under foreign control for either a short time or indefinitely. If we’ve been taken out via an EMP attack, this may be done under the guise of a ‘humanitarian response’.

It’s worth noting the devastating psychological impact this can have. Many German men still sit down to pee and the Japanese are famous for looking at softcore anime porn while being unable to leave their bedroom.

Both nations experienced terrible suffering during and after the war, but no one cared because they were the bad guys. That collective trauma has never been able to heal. Should we experience similar, and we will once we’re losing the war, it would alter the Australian psyche permanently.

The locus of world power will shift forever during this war. The Chinese will be the main beneficiaries, as they are sitting back and building up during the early stages of the fighting. This tactic enabled the Americans to emerge supreme in 1945. Smart dumplings.

We see the rising madness in our nation and are disgusted by it. Most people stay quiet due to fear of losing their job, reputation or social standing. The hard times that are coming will purge such duplicity from our society. Bullshit is not tolerated among the rubble. Those hard times will again produce stronger, and hopefully more honest men.

Who unfortunately might sit down to pee.

This article was first published at The Education Reformation