There is much cause for alarm.  Things are bad but they are on track to get much worse. It has been said that Australia follows the United States with a lag of five to ten years. 

So to find out what the future holds for us let’s look at what’s happening there now. Governor Northam of Virginia has received a lot of attention for something he did back in 1984 – which was to dress in blackface for a party, no doubt inspired the entertainment of that era. 

Far more troubling was that he recently supported infanticide of babies after birth, saying that the infants would be “kept comfortable” while it was decided whether or not to kill them.

This slippery slope will also take us down to other abhorences. The advocates for pedophilia, short for adult homosexual men having sexual relations with boys, have flipped the script and have started talking about fighting pedophobia. 

As a comment quoted on Small Dead Animals said “I think we are done here as a civilisation.” Infanticide and pedophilia in one cultural package – what does that remind us of? Ancient Greece. The Romans considered the Greeks to be somewhat degenerate, with good reason.

Pssst – Want to see some puppies!

One thing that distinguished the Romans from the Greeks was that the former had a sense of common cause in protecting their republic, succinctly summarised in the inscriptions of the era as SPQR

We have already lost that virtue. While a senator, Sam Dastyari betrayed Australia by accepting payment from the People’s Republic of China to become an agent of influence for that regime, including asking questions of defence officers in Senate estimates hearings at the behest of his Chinese masters. 

In the country of his birth he would have been shot by the secret police without even the bother of a show trial. In our progenitor civilisation he would have been left in the library with a revolver. 

Only the revolver would come out. But we are cursed to have this traitor still wandering the streets with no sense of shame in selling our country out.

Revellers at the Sydney Mardi Gras thought Mr Bean had showed up

Other politicians have waited until their parliamentary careers are over before doing so. Shakespeare’s words are apposite.  China has found “a nest of hollow bosoms which he fills with treacherous crowns”. 

The list includes Andrew Robb as Clive Palmer’s ads keep reminding us. Mr Robb is one of the cheaper ones at $800,000 per annum. 

Kevin Rudd charges the Chinese much more than that and he performs for them on cue. The wrinkliest, most insidious Quisling of them all is Bob Carr, he of the Australia China Relations Institute.

No Comment

One sign of countries on the way out is looting of the treasury. Turnbull misappropriated $444 million and gave it to a charity. This was such an outrageous theft that even the Greens were upset. What did Turnbull’s ministers do in response? 

Nothing. Nobody resigned from their ministry in protest and thus they are all complicit. No moral compass. There is no point in wasting any more breath on the shortcomings of the Liberals.

An American politician colloquially known as “Ocassional Cortex” has promoted her Green New Deal which would take her country back to the standard of living of Ancient Greece.

If only Regan had built the wall……..

Labor’s policies of 50% renewable energy and suppressing economic activity by taxing the productive elements of society will take us down a parallel track to the same destination. 

Labor knows what its policies will do to our country and thus Chris Bowen’s comment that the public could always vote for someone else if they didn’t like it. But who? Conservatives have been burnt so many times by false prophets.

False prophets who have talked the talk but in the end just wanted to be loved and re-elected. Tony Abbott promised to get rid of the carbon tax but he was just a speed bump on the road to 50% renewables. 

Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservatives are very light on policies so there is no way of knowing what is really going on in their heads. Thus they don’t have any traction and Senator Bernardi is likely to lose his seat in the next election.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Fraser Anning started his working life raising sheep in the hard country near Richmond in northern Queensland. 

He then took up managing pubs, including turning around failed pubs that had gone into receivership. To do that requires good business sense combined with good personal skills. 

His has been a life of hard work and paying taxes and protecting his family. When the Queensland Department of Education used the Babinda primary school his daughters were enrolled at for some social engineering practice, Fraser Anning’s response was to escape their clutches by moving his family to the United States.

Senator Anning replaced Malcolm Roberts in the Senate when the latter’s past as a dual citizen caught up with him. He gave his maiden  speech on 14th August, 2018. A man can be judged by the quality of his enemies. 

Senator Anning has all the best Australia-haters: the ABC, SBS and the Sydney  Morning Herald.  

The self-loathing media realise that Senator Anning is the main threat to their vision for Australia as a poverty stricken, Third World morass.

Words are an indication of a man’s character, more telling are his deeds. Senator Anning and his staff are notable for helping bank victims to get restitution, not just the ones in Queensland but from every state. 

They didn’t have to do this, in fact no other member of parliament lifted a finger. They took it upon themselves to right wrongs because it was the right thing to do. 

The bank victims were people who had done no wrong, who could be helped and so Senator Anning and his staff helped them. The scant resources of a single senator were used to achieve a great deal of good.

This is the accounting of that good to date. Over 200 bank victims were advised, over 80 of whom were helped with regard to meetings with banks and speaking at inquiries.

Of these, 27 were Queenslanders. Positive results ranged from $5 million written off a debt, to a million dollar payout, to a few thousand dollars being paid. 

One example – a bloke in Victoria with a $30,000 dispute was told that it was not worth going to court over but that he should copy Senator Anning’s office on his email correspondence with the bank. He just got paid $30,000 into his account so he is delighted.

Seemingly merely invoking Senator Anning’s name is now enough to strike fear into the hearts of the money lenders and the ungodly.

If anyone in the Australian Parliament has moral authority it is Senator Fraser Anning. I will serve in his cause because i believe he is the only politician in this country who can make Australia the earthly paradise that it should be.

David Archibald is the author of American  Gripen: The Solution to the F-35 Nightmare

First published on The Wentworth Report