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The far left has twisted itself in tight circles of cognitive dissonance trying to deal with the fact that so many white people actually want to climb Ayers Rock. White people don’t like being told what to do, and the left hates it.

You can have full spectrum dominance of the political discourse, but at the end of the day pictures, like a Brexit referendum or Trump election, don’t lie.


Hence why a series of articles have explained why we’re all terrible for wanting to climb it.



Traditional landowners are devastated by the masses rushing to climb Uluru before the cut-off date despite it long being common knowledge the act is deeply offensive.

“It makes me sick looking at this photo at the disrespect and disregard shown for the traditional owners’ wishes,” said a spokesperson from the Darug Custodian Aboriginal Corporation.

“Not only do people climb it but they defecate, urinate and discard nappies and rubbish on it.

Did he just call us savages? Also, we’re goons.

From Pedestrian:

There’s a little over two-and-a-half weeks until climbing Uluru is finally, perhaps mercifully, banned once and for all.

The practice will end on October 26th – a date chosen deliberately to coincide with the anniversary of Uluru’s handback to its traditional owners.

With school holidays and the long weekend currently going on, the sacred site has seen a gargantuan swell in numbers of goons trying to scramble up the site before they can’t anymore….

There’s a handful of common attitudes among those who are determined to get to the top before October 26th: Wilful obliviousness, egregious nose-thumbing, and caustic parroting of justifications issued by those who do know better, but couldn’t give a shit.

The backlash to the photo and the front page on social media has been swift, loud, and unanimous.

Cue the leftie twitter roll. You know the drill. As a nation we still have a long way to go. There is always a long way to go when the far left keeps moving the finish line and changing the narrative.


They held a big old bash to rub it in all our white faces that they have effectively declared a state within a state.

Dignitaries travelled from across the Great South Land to pay their respects to the new chieftains of Ayes Rock. The Australian Prime Scott Morrison is himself is no stranger to displaying a complete lack of ethnic in-group preference:

However, it is likely that even he understood that attending this ceremony would be a step too far, as doing so would mean acknowledging that he does not in fact run this country. His absence was duly noted.


Labor senator Pat Dodson blasted Morrison for his absence, telling The Guardian Australia it was “more than an insult” to First Nations people.

Neither Mr Morrison nor his Minister for Indigenous Australians Minister Ken Wyatt were present at the Sunday night celebration…

Senator Dodson said the PM has “no appetite for entrenching a voice in the constitution” and that the absence was “a blow to First Nations people” and “more than an insult” to indigenous people.

“The Prime Minister of Australia should be here at Uluru to witness the ceremony and to celebrate with people the significance of the event and compliment the Anangu people on their generosity in sharing this place,” Mr Dodson told The Guardian Australia.

Orwell would be proud.

“[Uluru] is not some little plaything. This is a serious part of customary practice and culture for Aboriginal people.

“By the leader of our nation not being here to respect our culture and to finally respect the wishes of those old people who did not want anyone climbing the rock and complimenting them on what they have done to accommodate them is more than an insult. It’s an indication of the shallowness of the prime minister.”


We all know what’s going on here. This ceremony was meant to demonstrate to real Australians that we are second class citizens in our own country, and head whitey was expected to be in attendance to symbolise our subservience.

The political and cultural oligarchy who have hijacked Australia have imported millions of foreigners and amplified aboriginal grievance.

They have demonised the Anglo-Celtic descendants of the people who built this country, and are now socially engineering racial conflict between us and everybody else.

Because that is what this is: A racial conflict.

If you are strong enough, you will claim it. Our ancestors were strong, so they claimed Australia as our own. We have since grown weak and others are rising to claim bits of Australia, one rock or suburb at a time.

In flocking to Ayers Rock before its seizure, real Australians have demonstrated that a nascent Australian identity still exists and is rising again. No doubt, this dynamic between the strong and the weak as also been duly noted.