You’re only ever one booster away from being unvaccinated:

Drag performer “Dr” Kerry Chant has nudged the narrative to normalise four Covid vaccine doses in Australia:

“I really can’t stress enough that boosters now need to be seen not as boosters but almost as a requirement to get the protection you need. You know going forward we may need to, ah, roll out other vaccines, and whether that’s targeted at particular at risk or vulnerable groups.

But people should see that third dose as essential, noting that for those that are immunocompromised or have those other, underlying diseases you might actually need four doses to see your course complete.”

Now that they have coerced enough people into taking the “booster”, and as it swiftly becomes mandated across the country, they feel comfortable to relabel it as a regular vaccine dose.

They are using the usual strategy, assuring everybody that once you have the fourth dose, that’ll be it.

Never mind that they appear to have over-ordered the new batch of Novovax.

The second thing is that the TGA has approved the Novavax vaccine. John will take you through the details of that. We have 51 million units of Novavax that will be available.

Obviously we have a first dose national vaccination rate of 95.2 per cent. And we know that some people have waited for Novavax, and although we’ve encouraged everyone to proceed, we recognise that that’s a fact.

So hopefully this will encourage those people in that less than last 5 per cent to come forward. We want to have as many people come forward to be vaccinated.

Or that they expect the Australian Moderna factory to be pumping out doses mid-2024

They are never going to stop normalising, then mandating further doses.

There will always be a convenient excuse, and they’ve gotta sell that excess stock. They know the vaccines are killing people, and they intend to keep pumping Aussies full of the poison for as long as they can get away with it.

Every vaccinated person who is not a true believer, who took the jab to keep their job, must ask themselves; how long are you going to keep complying?

They are never going to stop until we make them stop.

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