The moral of this story is that if you call for the Prime Minister’s execution, you get a seat at the table:

An Indigenous activist recently filmed calling for the execution of the Prime Minister has been escorted inside Parliament House by former government MP Craig Kelly.

Okay, so this is a clear example of aboriginal privilege, ie as an aboriginal she is a protected species and can get away with saying things which a Christian White Man would never be allowed to say without a SWAT team obliterating his front door. However, kudos to Craig Kelly for playing the game like a pro:

The woman identified online as “Cindy” has joined hundreds of protesters who have rallied outside parliament and other Canberra buildings, calling for an end to vaccine mandates.

Hundreds? Make that tens of thousands.

In a video posted online this week, the activist warned Scott Morrison “your time is coming — it’s the gallows, it’s the gallows, it’s the gallows”.

“When the people win this battle — it’s the gallows,” she repeated, pointing to the camera while standing outside the Governor-General’s residence in Yarralumla.

During the minute-long video, “Cindy” also demands Governor-General David Hurley remove Mr Morrison from office.

“You need to come out and speak to the people, don’t be a coward, come and speak to the people, do your job and stand down the ‘Crime’ Minister,” she said.

Before Question Time on Wednesday, “Cindy” and six other protesters were able to enter Parliament House after being escorted into the building by Craig Kelly.

Their list of demands included ending the state of emergency under the Biosecurity Act, ensuring all State and Territory borders remained open, and compensation for jobs lost due to vaccine mandates.

The ABC has contacted Craig Kelly’s office for comment, while ACT Policing declined to say whether the threatening comments directed to the Prime Minister were being investigated.

I couldn’t give a stuff about who any of these people are, the processes they are going through, the wording they are using or whether or not any of this will work.

As analysed repeatedly on XYZ News, we cannot fix democracy with more democracy.

Democracy is an infernal system imposed by man, in place of the rule by divine right of Kings. It gives people the illusion that they are represented while allowing the powerful to pull the strings at will:

Decision makers are shielded from the consequences of their poor decisions by the purported nature of democracy – they represent the “majority” and must have the parliamentary support of the “majority”, therefore their poor decisions are not theirs alone.

Democracy has been the perfect vehicle with which to advance Liberalism, which eats away at every pillar of our civilisation which connects a people to each other and to God. It works to create atomised individuals who are told they are free and autonomous but end up totally reliant upon the state.

Covid Tyranny is merely another phase in the project of Liberal Tyranny. All this builds pressure as eventually the masses figure this out, although they rarely articulate it as such. They call for solutions, such as legally executing the Prime Minister after a fair trial in order to restore democracy.

Bit by bit, people become more radical, and the entire system becomes more radical. As pointed out by Stephen Wells:

The claim “we don’t negotiate with terrorists” is an absolute lie. Terrorists are the only people Governments ever negotiate with.

Government themselves are terrorists and they only fear other terrorists. Even in the case of Gandhi leading the people of India and Pakistan to independence, it is a myth to claim that no native of the subcontinent engaged in violence against British authorities. It’s just another lie perpetrated by the ruling elite to discourage any uprisings in their jurisdiction.

Rather, Gandhi was the Shin Fein of the Indian revolution that gathered the support of the ordinary citizens, whilst the minority terrorists and returning Indian soldiers from WW2 were real reason Britain decided they could no longer hold onto power there. See here for the things that are not taught in schools.

The pressure will grow to the point that it bursts and everything falls apart. The only question being how long this process will take.

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