Some have speculated that as the Covid Narrative collapsed, the Lying Press would distance themselves from government Covid policy in order to ingratiate themselves with an irate public and avoid the pointy end of their pitchforks.

New South Wales Premier Dominic Perrottet appears to have heeded the forecasts and pushed the media under the bus first.

From Caldron Pool:

New South Wales Premier, Dominic Perrottet, has said mandatory QR code check-ins and compulsory schools Rapid Antigen Tests were a media stunt designed to counter the media’s fear campaign.

The Premier made the admission earlier this month while speaking at the NSW State of the State 2022 meeting, held by the Committee for Economic Development of Australia.

Perrottet told the audience he worked together with Victorian Premier Dan Andrews to formulate an approach that would combat the media’s fear campaign and avoid their criticism, even if “there was no science behind it at all.”

“I get criticized for being the ‘Open Up Guy,’ he [Daniel Andrews] gets critized for being the ‘Lockdown Guy.’ So, if we could some how work together and have similar settling in place, the ability for the media to criticize and instil fear in the community based on the approach we were taking, we would take that off the table.

“So, it was a strategic plan for both of us to mirror our settings where possible, and that has proven to be incredibly successful. Because, I think, when you’ve got, particularly the media, on any decision the government makes–you know, the most ironic on I thought was that we ended up bringing QR codes back when we weren’t even tracking and tracing. There was no science behind it at all. It had zero utility.

“But there was a massive campaign, and when those massive campaigns get run, what it does is it depletes confidence, and that kind of reporting as we’ve seen over this period of time, has depleted confidence in our people. So we actually brought it back for one reason only, to instil confidence so that people would go out using QR codes.

He is telling us what we already know. QR codes are a joke. The point is, as XYZ News has repeatedly pointed out, that Liberal and Labor, and state and federal governments are all in this together.

You might think our suggestion that they all gather around at the so-called “National Cabinet” and go, “okay, you play he bad guy, I’ll play the good guy, but all the while we’ll be on the same team” is a conspiracy theory.

It’s not. He has basically admitted it.

Incredibly, Perrottet is accusing the Lying Press of stoking the Covid panic:

Perrottet went on to say mandatory RAT testing for school children was introduced contrary to the Health Department’s advice in an effort to make teachers and parents feel safe.

“When we announced schools going back, the media would rush to find the scariest epidemiologist who was out there saying every child across New South Wales would die.

“That was a problem because we have to instil confidence. So, what did we do together? We agreed that we’d go and get all these rapid antigen tests, which was a massive feat. I mean, we procured million of these tests, and had the plan together, and distributed them before school started to 3,000 schools across our state and 5,000 child care and early childhood education centres.

“By doing that together, and have that plan–and there’s another interesting thing about the pandemic–Health completely disagreed with this approach, by the way. They didn’t see the point of having surveillance testing, but education wanted it because we needed to, once again, instil confidence in our teachers and instil confidence in our parents that children would be safe at school.

“And New South Wales and Victoria, once again, a Liberal state and a Labor state, having exactly the same policy, really built that confidence in, so when those reports came in, those concerns came into parents, there was that sense that well, if it’s good enough for New South Wales, and it’s good enough for Victoria, I have greater confidence, I have greater confidence in the approach.

This is a straight up lie. The government, media and regulators have been in lockstep on Covid Tyranny from day one. The government is literally bribing the Lying Press to parrot its Covid Narrative.

From the Department of Infrastructure:

The Government has announced a package of measures to help sustain Australian media businesses as they do their vital work of keeping the community informed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commercial television and radio broadcasters will receive a 100% rebate on their Commercial Broadcasting Tax for 12 months.

The rebate will provide the commercial broadcasting sector with $41 million in tax relief for the use of broadcasting spectrum, backdated to start from 14 February 2020.

The rebate will help offset the sharp downturn in advertising revenue, which has significantly impacted the operating revenues of commercial broadcasters.

Australia’s “health” bureaucracy openly silenced doctors and nurses from contradicting the Covid Narrtive:

The entire point has been to push the not-vaccines on as many Australians as possible. XYZ News has extensively detailed how multiple state governments deliberately misrepresented vaccination rates to make it appear that the unvaccinated were getting sick, when in fact the direct opposite was true – the vaccines are making people sick and killing people.

They know this.

Yet they continue to push these literal bioweapons on us, and demand we inject the poison in order to work. To reiterate the point, the government does this, because it is beholden to its masters in the WEF, the UN, and, well, you know.

The media simply does what it is told. When the government used rubber bullets on peaceful protesters the media proclaimed the victims as the aggressors.

Victoria Police received no pushback from the media for their violence, hence they escalated at will, with it nearly costing Victorians their lives.

When the Australian government used an experimental, military-grade radiation weapon on peaceful protesters, the media ran cover for them, finding an expert to tell us it’s just a P.A. System.

The people know this, and we let the media know about it at every opportunity.

It is intriguing then that Perrottet is playing this game, then.

It could be more theatre. Different factions of the elite could be vying for power or finding scapegoats. It could be a combination of all of these factors. Regardless, the government, the media, the bureaucracy, the international NGO’s, the Freemasons, the jewish cabal, the bankers, they all must be held responsible for this.

None of them are getting out of this one.

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