Darwin, 2024.

We told you so:

Senior ministers have confirmed the federal government is exploring building a new port in the Northern Territory that could also have military uses after ruling out terminating the lease of Darwin Port to a Chinese-owned company.

Defence experts have blasted Landbridge’s ongoing ownership of Darwin Port, saying it posed a security risk and impeded an increased military presence by Australian and US warships in the strategically located city…

The budget papers included $1.5 billion to fund a wharf, offloading facility and dredging of the shipping channel to support the development of the Middle Arm industrial precinct, across the harbour from the existing port.

While the funding has been badged to develop a new port for exporting critical minerals and hydrogen, Finance Minister Simon Birmingham acknowledged the facilities could also support military activity.

“This port is for economic development. It may also have benefits for defence, they’re not to be discounted,” he said….

The amount of funding and proposed activities suggested the government was looking to establish an amphibious base, jointly with the US Marines deployed in Darwin, said John Coyne, head of the Australian Strategic Policy Institute’s Northern Australian Strategic Policy Centre.

This is as about as close to a “yeah we stuffed up” as we’re going to get from the government. Given Darwin was significant enough for the Japs to bomb it over 50 times during World War 2, you would think an Australian government would ensure we never let it out of our grasp.

Instead, it was sold to the Chinese under the same logic with which we practically gave them our industrial capacity. The thinking was that economic development naturally leads to democratisation. Democracies with advanced economies with close trading ties do not go to war with each other, because the economic costs are considered too high.

I got taught this at university. It was posed as the solution to the threat of mutually assured destruction. Guys made careers pedalling this guff. What’s worse, our decision makers appear to have genuinely fallen for it. The 2020’s have demonstrated how retarded this thinking really was.

Our leaders have just watched Russia forgo hundreds of billions of dollars worth of trade with the West in order to pursue its war in the Ukraine. China and India have proven themselves immune to empty economic threats and Twitter virtue signalling, pledging to increase trade with Russia.

Not only has the belief that Liberalism brings peace been utterly shattered, globohomo Western governments will shortly find themselves locked out of an alliance comprising three billion people in the literal centre of the world.

Australia and Europe are just a little island and peninsula respectively on the periphery by comparison, and all of a sudden our geographical isolation matters. The near omission from the above map of America is apt when we consider a further reason why the Australian government is building a new port:

Mr Dutton last year commissioned a review into the 2015 lease with Landbridge, but it found there were no fresh security grounds to terminate the lease.

A Parliamentary Budget Office analysis requested by late Labor senator Kimberley Kitching last year found the federal government would have to pay Landbridge $30 million in compensation if it were to end the deal, as well as pay $690 million to buy out the lease, although it cautioned the costings were highly uncertain.

Less than a billion dollars to buy back one of the most strategic assets in Australia? That’s nothing in the coming age of hyperinflation. It’s less than the cost of just the preparation for the new port. Then why didn’t they do it? Hell, why didn’t they just nationalise it and tell China to get stuffed?

Ten years ago they could have gotten away with it. China would have kicked up a stink but it would have been smoothed over eventually. Now America is weak, divided, crumbling and led by a dribbling idiot. They can’t help us.

China has just signed a deal which allows it to put its warships smack bang in between us and our great protector.

In the space of a few weeks, everything has changed. Western Liberal Democracy has been shown up as a paper tiger. The underlying strategic principles upon which it has ruled the world for the last 30 years has proven a scam. A new power centre on the Asian continent is emerging.

And America can no longer protect us. Otherwise we would have just taken the port back. If you’re looking for a signal that the American Empire is crumbling, that’s it.

But wait, there’s more:

Meanwhile, the Defence Force’s Chief of Joint Operations, Greg Bilton, said the prospect of a Chinese naval base in the Solomon Islands would change the military’s “patrolling patterns”.

“It does change the calculus if Chinese navy vessels are operating from the Solomon Islands. They’re in much closer proximity to the Australian mainland, obviously, and that would change the way that we would undertake day‑to‑day operations particularly in the air and at sea,” he said.

China has been regularly deploying medium sized air and sea sorties just off Taiwan’s coast for some time now. Taiwan must maintain a high alert level as a result, flying regular patrols which put a strain on the aircraft, pilots, and infrastructure required to support them. Basically, China knows it has more money and resources than Taiwan, so it can afford to degrade its capability without having to engage in conflict.

It’s the kind of strategy which can lead to victory without firing a shot. That’s what Australia has to look forward to in coming years.

This article first appeared in xyz.net.au