David Hiscox

The Race War which has been unrelenting in Alice Springs for decades has finally reached the front pages of major Lying Press outlets. Naturally, the Marxist ABC presented a meeting of White residents and business owners as a “White Supremacist lynch mob.”

Apparently, the moment White people even hint at organising to protect their lives and their property, everybody starts worrying that they’ll gas six million aborigines. That is literally the logic.

Refreshingly, their ABC has been slammed for its appalling bias:

The ABC has been accused of bias in its reporting of crisis-riddled Alice Springs after the national broadcaster aired strongly disputed claims of “racism” and “white supremacy” during a high-profile community meeting.

The Save Alice Springs meeting was held on Monday evening, with more than 3000 locals attending to show their support for a push for change.

The meeting was organised by local business owner Garth Thompson and ended after around 20 minutes.

ABC footage from inside the meeting showed Mr Thompson being sworn at and heckled after calling for residents to call the police for a welfare check if they saw “a group of kids, whoever they are, during school time”.

“We need to bring welfare to these kids, they deserve it,” he said in response to the abuse.

However, the ABC’s Indigenous Affairs correspondent Carly Williams then interviewed several attendees outside the meeting, with one woman describing it as a “total white supremacist fest” with a “scary” vibe.

“Alice Springs is very racist, we feel it every day,” one Indigenous woman also told the ABC, with another urging the community to sit down and talk with Indigenous people, but insisting a large public meeting was not the answer.

Another man also threatened violence against Indigenous people in a sickening spray, using racist language while speaking with the ABC.

“The little b**** f***ers are gonna start to get belted, if something doesn’t come out of it,” the man said.

“They’re gonna start getting flogged. And they won’t come back [because] we’ll take ‘em out to the scrub and leave ‘em there.”

Speaking to after the event, Mr Thompson, a lifelong resident, strongly denied that there was any racist element to the meeting itself, insisting it was a positive gathering focused on change which was actually supported by many Indigenous elders.

He claimed some Indigenous people had attempted to shut down hecklers in defence of the meeting, and that some had joined a community group dedicated to pushing for change in the town.

Alice Springs Mayor Matt Paterson said the ABC was a “kick in the teeth to residents who have put up with this for far too long”.

“It’s adding unnecessary anxiety when we are all trying to come together to address the issue and here you’ve got the ABC lighting the fuse to have a race war,” he said.

It is in fact a very real race war, but only one side is fighting.

The pattern is the same in every White country where White people are forced to interact with black people:

  • An asteroid shower of black violence is ignored and enabled by the government, police, the courts and the Lying Press.
  • White people respond mildly, begging for calm, demanding stricter policing and requesting greater government assistance.
  • The establishment reacts hysterically, not to the black violence but to the possibility that ordinary White people might be organising.

This is why we have to talk about race.

The alcohol bans which had brought some semblance of order to Alice Springs were a tiny hint that race is real, thus under Labor it had to go.

The Lying Press on both sides of the fake left-right divide are tying themselves in knots trying to report on the black violence in Alice Springs – after the repeal of the grog ban and subsequent return – without acknowledging that the violence is black.

The Lying Press is completely ignoring the link between the railroading of police officer Zach Rolfe, who shot and killed an aboriginal in self defence, and the explosion of black violence. Aboriginals instinctually understand that they are treated with a light touch at the best of times because police and the courts are under immense political pressure to reduce arrest and incarceration statistics for aboriginals. The persecution of Rolfe is a signal that they can can get away with murder.

The one-way-violence in the Northern Territory is being inflamed because nobody is prepared to discuss racial issues openly, except with respect to disempowering White people through the introduction of a so-called “voice to parliament”.

Furthermore the moment White people even hint that they may be developing a racial consciousness, for no reason at all everyone acts as though the world is about to end.

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