Why doesn’t she want to answer any questions? If she’s done nothing wrong she’s got nothing to hide.

From nEwS.cOm:

A shocking video has emerged showing an Australian female journalist being harassed by onlookers in Melbourne.

The video was posted onto the Facebook page of a well-known anti-vaxxer and was also later shared on Twitter, where it was widely condemned.

Channel 9 reporter Shuba Krishnan was presenting from the stairs of Parliament House in Melbourne at the end of a protest, along with her cameraman, when two men walked over and interrupted them.

“What’s this story about, paedophiles or Daniel Andrews selling out the Australian government,” the first man said.

The other man, who is yet to be identified, stood silently behind the reporter with his hands on his hips, making Ms Krishnan visibly uncomfortable.

She then requested him to stand in front of her and to “respect her personal space”.

XYZ News understands that the men then chased the reporter down the street as she attempted to flee.

Later they went to her house to confront her. She got so mad she sprayed them with a hose.

So they set a giant turkey onto the hapless reporter.

Then somebody brought a pig.

Okay I think you get the point here. Lying Press reporters routinely harass ordinary people in the street and deliberately embarrass them to a national audience of millions. They can dish it out but they can’t cop it back.

During the lockdowns, the Lying Press went out of their way to demonise anybody who questioned The Narrative and they have escalated since.

Look at the way they freaked out over a protest against a so-called “smart city” plan in Adelaide last week.

One outlet went full hysteria mode:

There had been fears that Monday’s meeting could be stormed by the protesters, in scenes reminiscent of the chaos on Capitol Hill in Washington on January 6 when Donald Trump supporters attacked the United States Capitol Building.

Last week the ABC was forced to apologise for characterising a community meeting to address the aboriginal violent crime crisis in Alice Springs as a White Supremacist Klan meeting which culminated in the burning of six million crosses on the summit of Ayers Rock.

The Lying Press is colluding with the Regime to further disarm ordinary Australians and increase surveillance.

Aussies recognise that the Lying Press is the enemy and are acting accordingly.

When people become involved with organised groups and read outlets such as XYZ News their understandable anger can be channeled into peaceful, constructive activism which nurtures our community and develops resilience. Instead, the Regime is pretending that White Australians who just want our country back are terrorists.

This is a recipe for disaster, as it prevents us from reaching people who need to know that there is a constructive way out of the madness engulfing Australia. Sadly it may be useful idiot reporters who pay the price when people we are prevented from reaching lash out in frustration.

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