Final Report of Referendum Council: Voice To Parliament Will Lead To Treaty, Reparations

A Freedom of Information Request has resulted in the publication of the Final Report of the Referendum Council, which you can read in full here.

(Edit: The Final Report of the Referendum Council was already public, but the “Record of Meeting – Hobart First Nations Regional Dialogue” which you can read here, shone the extra light on the motivations of its writers.)

Unsurprisingly, it reveals the intention of aboriginal activists for the so-called “voice to parliament” to lead to a so-called “treaty” which could in turn lead to “reparations”. An excellent summary has been provided by Aboriginal Voice Exposed:

Secret government documents the National Indigenous Australians Agency was forced to release under freedom of information laws say that “any Voice to Parliament should be designed so that it could support and promote a treaty-making process”.

And what’s in the treaty?

According to these secret documents, it must include a “fixed percentage of Gross National Product. Rates/land tax/royalties”.

The documents explain:

…a Treaty could include a proper say in decision-making, the establishment of a truth commission, reparations, a financial settlement (such as seeking a percentage of GDP), the resolution of land, water and resources issues, recognition of authority and customary law…

This a direct quote from the secret Voice documents:

“Australia got a whole country for nothing, they haven’t even begun to pay for it.”

Doesn’t that just tell you everything you need to know?

But it gets worse.

According to these documents, they want to abolish the Australian flag, because “the Australian flag symbolised the injustices of colonisation”.

What’s modest about forcing you to change your flag or pay a percentage of the entire economy as reparations?

Again, you can read the entire document here. It makes for startling reading. We can make a few brief observations.

Note that the document was published on 30 June, 2017. The process leading to this year’s referendum has been long and bipartisan:

In 2010 Prime Minister the Hon Julia Gillard established the Expert Panel on the Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples in the Constitution, co-chaired by Patrick Dodson and Mark Leibler, which reported in 2012. Prime Minister the Hon Tony Abbott established a Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples, co-chaired by Senator Ken Wyatt and Senator Nova Peris, which reported in June 2015. Prime Minister the Hon Malcolm Turnbull and Opposition Leader the Hon Bill Shorten then established this Referendum Council in December 2015.

We should take the Coalition’s appearance of opposition to the “model” being proposed for the “voice” with a big grain of salt.

It should also be noted that should the referendum fail, Prime Minister AnAl will lose a huge chunk of political capital and the path will be set for Jacinta Price to become Australia’s first female, partly aboriginal Prime Minister. We know this because the Lying Press are already doing soft hit pieces on her:

They’re treating her the same way they treated Trump in 2015. The left knows who their most dangerous opposition is so they prepare the ground years in advance. Win or lose, Australians are set to be ruled by aborigines.

Note the extremist views expressed in the report as though they are entirely normal:

“Australia got a whole country for nothing, they haven’t even begun to pay for it.”

Yet these people are patient, and committed to a “process” which has come together over the course of a decade. Analysis published XYZ News regularly demonstrates how the logic of LiberalismClownworld or whatever you want to call it dictates that so-called “progress”, otherwise known as a permanent cultural revolution, must never end.

This process is bolstered by activists committed to incremental change. They understand that they cannot dismantle Australia all in one go as Lidia Thorpe wants to, so they attend taxpayer funded meeting after forum after conference and produce reports to provide a facade of intellectual rigour to their hateful purpose. They are happy to wait as decades of nonwhite mass replacement immigration and antiwhite propaganda fundamentally changes the demographic and political landscape of Australia.

They clearly feel this is the year that enough people reside in Australia with no connection to our founding by our British ancestors, people for whom altering our Constitution in favour of one ethnic group means nothing.

This is how the slippery slope works. Left wing extremists deliberately incorporate the slippery slope into their public policy making approach. With this in mind, we should treat the stated intention for the “voice” to prepare the ground for a “treaty” and “reparations” with absolute certainty.

This article was first published in XYZ