Brown Australia Policy: Indians DOMINATE Melbourne Housing Market

The Lying Press admits Indians are taking over Melbourne’s housing market, but they couch their language to make it sound entirely normal.


Chinese property buyers dominate Australia’s real estate scene, but experts warn a different investor is smashing one state’s housing market.

It’s often been said Chinese property buyers are dominating Australia’s real estate scene, but experts say a different investor with an unexpected approach is overwhelming one state’s housing market.

Different people from a different country with different customs, religion and gene pool are merely a “different investor”.

However, property specialists in Melbourne have since come forward saying another type of homebuyer is increasing in the city’s western suburbs.

Real estate agents and mortgage brokers have revealed they’re noticing a larger clientele of Indian, Malaysian and Singaporean property buyers seeking out suburban homes.

Basically, Indian.

Just under 784,000 individuals with Indian ancestry reside in Australia, of which 38 per cent live in Victoria, which has the largest Indian population in the country.

The trend comes after Victoria saw 2757 foreign property transactions between July 2020 and June 2021, of which 389 were valued over one million dollars.

And it’s anticipated this number will surge in coming years with experts predicting the nation’s population will increase by 900,000 people by the end of June 2025.

A 900,000 increase by the end of June would be 450,000 for each of the next two financial years. One report projects we could receive 600,000 migrants next year alone, and Australia is expected to suffer a shortfall of 212,000 properties as the construction industry fails to meet demand.

This is staggering.

The Lying Press is running damage control, trying to tell us it’s no big deal.

Back to

Real estate investor and entrepreneur Hari Yellina told there are several reasons why Indian buyers choose the Australian property market.

This spans from Australia’s educational system to the nation’s political scene, with other motives including the lifestyle, employment opportunities and long-term capital growth.

“Australia is known for its world-class educational institutions, which draw a large number of Indian students,” Mr Yellina said.

“Many Indian families invest in Australian properties to provide accommodation for their children studying there or to capitalise on the growing demand for rental properties among students.”

Migration and familiarity is another reason why Indian buyers particularly choose Melbourne, with many purchasing a home in a bid to obtain permanent residency.

“The presence of a large Indian community in Australia may offer a sense of familiarity and support for new migrants and investors,” Mr Yellina said.


While Mr Yellina said most homebuyers in the Indian community tend to “take advantage” of Australia’s banking system, Ms Kwan and Melbourne Raine & Horne real estate agent Anna Dao have noticed some clients seek support from the “bank of mum and dad”.

So they admit that Indians are economic migrants who exploit education as a back door to citizenship, and the kids are practically sent to study in Australia for the sole purpose of buying property on behalf of the family to get the process rolling. These are basically Pauline Hanson Talking Points 101.

The Chinese have claimed Melbourne’s east, while Indians are colonising Melbourne’s west.

Remember that this is damage control, thus they must acknowledge the downside. They won’t mention rival Indian ethno-religious groups battling it out in the streets of Melbourne or the replacement of White, Anglo Australians in our own country, but they do mention congestion.

While Victoria embraces diversity and multiculturalism….

(No, we were never asked.)

…Ms Kwan has issued a grim warning about some of the consequences Melbourne could face if the city’s infrastructure doesn’t keep up with increasing population figures.

Signs of overpopulation are already emerging in Melbourne’s west, including increased congestion on the road, more children in classrooms and longer wait times for products at the supermarket.

“Coming out of Point Cook, for example, in the summertime takes 30 minutes for just three to four kilometres, it‘s just ridiculous,” Ms Kwan said.

“And people have to leave the house to get to work earlier and earlier at like six in the morning, just to avoid traffic.

“The government is not building enough infrastructure to actually cater for all these means.”

She also added the increase in foreign buyers has generated “unhealthy competition” for first-home buyers who are signing up to more debt due to increasing house prices in suburbs that were once affordable.

The government just has to build more stuff. Plus, blame property developers, not the government importing their customers:

Consequently, Ms Kwan is calling on the government at both state and federal levels to implement harsher laws on developers and investors to avoid overpopulation and to give Australian homebuyers a chance to secure a home.

“I think the government needs to be a bit more tough on the developer because I think the developer actually has a lot of say in a lot of things,” she said.

“You can‘t put 55,000 cows in one paddock because it’s not healthy … so why jam-pack 50,000 people in a square mile?”

“Ms” Kwan thinks we’re cattle.

Simultaneously, the Lying Press wants to socially engineer consent for living in Soviet style apartment gulags.

Basically everything which advocates for White Australians claim as the negative consequences of mass immigration is admitted by the Lying Press, but it’s only a conspiracy theory when we say it’s bad. The replacement of White people in our own countries works in exactly the same way, and the hypocrisy is revealed within a single google search.

Every corporation and institution in Australia has an interest in maintaining mass immigration, and both major political parties support it.

The first act of parliament upon Australia’s federation was to enact the White Australia Policy on behalf of the interests of Australians. The Australian Regime for all intents and purposes now enforces a “brown Australia Policy” against the wishes of ordinary Australians.

The only people standing up for the rights of ordinary Aussies are ordinary Aussies.

This article was first published in XYZ