What the hell is going on here? We never get asked. The whole point of mass replacement immigration is that we were never asked about it, it was imposed from above.

It’s damage control:

A majority of voters support severe measures to tackle the housing crisis including freezing rents, capping migration and using superannuation for housing, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll.

The poll of 1,138 people, released on Tuesday, finds support for a range of signature policies of the Greens and Coalition, demonstrating the risk posed to the Albanese government if it is not seen to be doing enough to fight rising rents and property prices.

Half or more of respondents said the housing system was bad for: renters (63%), future generations of Australians (58%) and “Australia as a whole” (50%).

A majority of respondents wanted to: further restrict foreign investment in property (68%), freeze rental increases (60%), cap immigration “until we have sufficient affordable housing” (59%) and allow people to access their super to buy a house (56%). One-fifth or less of respondents opposed those measures

Exactly half (50%) supported capping the number of investment properties someone can own and about a quarter (23%) opposed.

A fortnight ago, another outlet published a poll asking Australians what level of immigration Australia should have. Over 90% of the 10,000 Aussies surveyed said it should be much less, with over half saying there should be little to none.

Thus the Guardian is attempting to make the proportion of Australians who oppose mass replacement immigration appear smaller, although their smaller sample size does not help. Moreover they are attempting to make the mass immigration crisis merely about having “sufficient affordable housing” rather than its long term trend of demographic replacement.

The Guardian also uses the common trick of trying to make the issue of home and rental affordability about more than just mass immigration. Limiting foreign investment, capping rents, allowing people to use their superannuation to buy property and limiting how many investment properties people can own are bandaid solutions, so long as mass replacement immigration continues to outstrip housing supply.

It is intriguing however that the Lying Press is even allowing this question to enter the mainstream political discussion. The hint could be:

“..demonstrating the risk posed to the Albanese government if it is not seen to be doing enough to fight rising rents and property prices.”

The Prime Minister is also facing significant pressure due to the poor polling for the so-called “voice to parliament”. As Aussies turn against elevating aboriginal political activists above the rest of the country, the “Yes” camp is becoming more emotional and hysterical.

If Albo cannot deliver for his globalist masters, he could be replaced. A narrative is developing of dissatisfaction with the PM. The revolving door could be set to continue.

This article was first published in XYZ