Yesterday a bill to hold the referendum on the so-called aboriginal “voice to parliament” passed through parliament in Canberra. While the Prime Minister crowed at his easy legislative success, support for the voice is nevertheless tanking despite increasingly hysterical pronouncements from its advocates. Crucially, it has less than 50% support in three states, enough for it to fail.

Meanwhile in the Senate yesterday, Pauline Hanson was asking pertinent questions:

The Albanese Labor Government today refused to rule out the establishment of an independent sovereign indigenous state in Senate question time today.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson asked the question in response to a report in The Australian newspaper today which revealed an indigenous member of the referendum working group had said the power of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament was its ability to ‘punish politicians that ignore our advice’ on legislation and funding….

“My final question was about the prospect of the voice demanding an independent sovereign indigenous state, and the government wouldn’t rule out conceding to such a demand.

“We know what will happen if the voice’s demands are refused: endless litigation in the High Court until the voice activists get their way. This is precisely why activists want the voice enshrined in the Constitution. Mr Mayo said as much himself: ‘…we are going to use the rule book of the nation to force them [to listen to our voice]’.

“This sort of radical and divisive activism is what the Prime Minister is encouraging. He calls for ‘respectful’ debate on the voice but radical members of his own hand-picked referendum working group have not been following his script for months now. They’ve confirmed they eagerly anticipate the High Court playing a large role in deciding the voice’s power, with taxpayers footing the expense of constitutional challenges. They’ve confirmed they want to destroy the fabric of the Constitution. They’ve confirmed they want punishment for elected members of Parliament for daring to ignore the voice.

Her queries toward the reticent Wong were following up on statements by Thomas Mayo, an admitted communist extremist who has been intricately involved in laying the foundations for an aboriginal third chamber of parliament, who promotes “reparations”, “compensation”, and who states openly that he wants to tear down Australia’s institutions:

These comments should also be considered in the context of a statement by longtime communist Marcia Langton that the purpose of “the voice” is indeed to destroy the fabric of the Constitution.

A systematic doublespeak is being committed. The government insists to ordinary Australians that the “voice” is a minor change which is simply about recognising and listening to aboriginals, yet when it speaks to identity politics extremists it assures them it will create fundamental change.

They’re lying to us.

We have enough statements from enough people involved in the decade long process to pull off this swindle that those behind “the voice” want to destroy Australia. There is also strong evidence that “the voice” will create the legal framework to hand jurisdiction of Australia over to the UN.

The case can be made that through its web of international institutions and influence over politicians and the money supply, there is already a de facto One World Government in place, as evidenced by the recent coordinated global Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates.

Similarly, Australia is already a Balkanised continent, with multiple ethno-religious groups occupying their own territory and asserting their cultural dominance over their territory. These ethno-relgious groups regularly defend their “patch” with force, ie violence, whether it is a warehouse or an entire suburb.

While aboriginal identity politics extremists get on “the voice” gravy train, sources indicate that other aboriginal “tribes” who have no love for Canberra are establishing the infrastructure to declare themselves as independent states regardless of the outcome of the referendum.

A strong proportion of the White Australians who were radicalised due to Covid Tyranny are taking concrete steps to establish viable alternatives to the system before it tries “the next Covid”, setting up networks, supply chains and establishing communities outside the main cities.

Currently, the only thing holding the disparate groups in Australia anything like together is the power of our increasingly authoritarian federal and state governments. However like the Balkans, once central and regional governments lose their reach, everything is going to go nuts.

And just like Yugoslavia, this is entirely possible.

America provoked a proxy war with Russia so it could destroy Russia’s economy through sanctions and overthrow Putin, but this has backfired spectacularly, inflaming rampant inflation and energy crises throughout the globohomo West already created via lockdowns and environmental extremism.

America is even more Balkanised than Australia and its anti-White woke climate even more toxic. Both America and Australia will descend into civil war the moment the proxy wars against Russia and China become direct wars, as “immigrants” scramble to remigrate, native Whites refuse to fight for a government which hates them, and the lowest nonwhite castes just generally run amok.

Furthermore, China is working to cut Australia off from a direct naval line of communication with America via establishing bases in the South Pacific. Australia has about three weeks of fuel in reserve so cutting trade supply lines would choke and starve Australians.

Throw in a couple of nukes or an EMP, and there will be utter chaos.

In the next few years, multiple and increasingly realistic factors make it entirely possible that it will not be possible to govern Australia as a unified nation. We’re about to see a real life Tower of Babel moment.

Pray, and choose your tribe.

This article was first published in XYZ