A protest in Horsham in Western Victoria on Thursday gave us an indication of just how unpopular the Prime Minister is throughout the country. It also revealed the unprecedented skittishness of public figures since the Covid lockdowns:

The Prime Minister was forced to take cover in a nearby vehicle after angry protesters ambushed him at an event in regional Victoria on Thursday.

Farmers gatecrashed the opening of a water park in Horsham – a regional city located about three-and-a-half hours out from Melbourne – where Anthony Albanese was chatting to locals.

As the mood turned Mr Albanese was ushered to his car, according to local media.

A security escort by his Federal Police protective detail accompanied the Prime Minister, the Mail-Times reports.

As Mr Albanese left the scene, protesters made “offensive hand gestures” and “cheered and hugged” following his departure, according to the ABC.

XYZ News understands some farmers made the “okay” hand sign…

Reading between the lines it appears the government is attempting to push through the construction of powerlines on farmers’ land – ie prime agricultural land – in the name of “green” energy:

About 40 farmers are understood to have protested at the event, with the intentions of discussing the Victoria to NSW Interconnector West project.

The scheme will see an electricity interconnector – a connection that allows power to flow bidirectionally between regions in the National Electricity Market – installed between the two states.

It’s understood this connector will take place in the form of overhead powerlines, with TransGrid and the Australian Energy Market Operator Victorian Planning (AVP) currently assessing its technical and economic viability.

This infrastructure will consequently unlock access to renewable energy and in return, hopefully lower power bills.

It won’t lower power bills, “renewable” energy is a scam, and Australia is headed for South Africa style blackouts. The government is ruining the environment and agricultural land in the name of environmentalism. This is standard practice.

An excellent article on the impacts of this project are discussed at The Farmer Magazine. The case is made to either reroute the power lines through less populated areas and on public land rather than private property, and for underground powerlines rather than overhead.

Instead, the PM pretended not to know what the farmers wanted:

“It wasn’t quite clear what they were demonstrating about,” Mr Albanese said, according to the Daily Mail.

He added there had been ongoing “substantive consultations” within the community, and said while people were entitled to their opinions, they should go about sharing them respectfully.

He was probably too busy watching kids being forced to burn gumleaves.

Some patterns are emerging.

Albanese was heckled recently in Tasmania regarding the construction of a $700 million stadium amidst an unprecedented housing crisis. 15,000 people subsequently attended a protest against it.

Former Prime Minister Scott Morrison and several state premiers have had multiple close encounters with angry Australians since lockdowns. When 100,000 Australians turned up in Canberra to register their disapproval, they were attacked with radiation weapons.

Dutch farmers are again protesting against the forced acquisition of their land to accommodate mass replacement immigrants. A series of factory fires and industrial accidents is hampering food production in America. Closer to home, entire families are leaving Victorian towns in the wake of logging bans.

Governments are steadily and quietly pushing along the agenda of The Great Reset. White farmers across the West are being forced off their properties and the supply of fresh food is being systematically undermined, while the news pumps out propaganda telling us to eat bugs.

Mass immigration in conjunction with a string of building company collapses is causing a housing crisis which could make hundreds of thousands of Aussies homeless. The government does not care, doubling down on mass replacement immigration to avoid a recession, and knowing that compliant new arrivals will not care about the displacement of Native Aussies.

It is encouraging to see local protests on local issues. The challenge will be to help Aussies understand the worldwide context. The same people who pushed Covid Tyranny are pushing environmental extremism, the “voice”, and mass immigration.

This article was first published in XYZ.