The campaign to convince Australians to vote ourselves into official second class citizen status via the referendum for a so-called “voice to parliament” is failing spectacularly.

This has emboldened Liberal Party leader Peter Dutton to call for the referendum to be dumped. However, his suggestion to instead legislate “the voice” would permanently embed it in Australia’s governance structure regardless, and goes directly against the will of the Australian people:

Mr Dutton warned reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians would be harmed if the Voice referendum failed, and called on Mr Albanese to recognise that.

As an alternative, Mr Dutton proposed the government should legislate the Voice, rather than ensuring its permanency by embedding it in the constitution.

He said the referendum question should be changed to simply be about constitutional recognition for Indigenous Australians.

“We believe that’s the moment that the Prime Minister should grasp, because the Australian public is not ready to vote for the Voice,” he said on Thursday.

The most recent poll indicates support for “the voice” has dropped to 43%. Moreover, there is less than 50% support for “the voice” in a majority of states, and 47% of voters Australia-wide oppose it.

Update: A new poll over the weekend shows 55% against “the voice”, with only 38% for it.

Architects of “the voice” are being exposed as Marxists and extremist ethnic lobbyists, while the government resorts to increasingly hysterical rhetoric to guilt trip Aussies into voting against our own interests.

Desperate to reverse the nosedive, a so-called “national day of action” was held over the weekend to make it look like community support exists for “the voice”. Despite Lying Press claims of “tens of thousands” of mums and dads, it appears that only several hundred hardcore activists attended nationwide.

Facing a humiliating defeat, even aboriginal extremist political activists are backing Dutton’s position that “the voice” should be legislated, but the reasoning is flawed, and exposes the Liberal Party’s role as controlled opposition.

Firstly, the argument is put that a failed referendum would “harm reconciliation”. Thus in purporting to represent the interests of Australians, in substance Dutton still represents the interests of aboriginals.

Aussies don’t want so-called “reconciliation” – code for “lecturing Australians about why we’re evil while simultaneously genociding us through mass immigration.” We don’t want a “voice to parliament” – code for “a third chamber of parliament which will dictate to parliament rather than merely advise it”. We just want our country back.

Secondly, what mandate would the government have to legislate a “voice to parliament” if the referendum fails or is scrapped in advance?


If the referendum is scrapped due to plummeting support then by definition there will be no mandate whatsoever for it to be legislated into being, by anybody.

Many rambling articles have been published purportedly explaining why “the voice” must be embedded in the Australian Constitution” rather than merely legislated by parliament. I have not read them and neither should you. What their argument boils down to is that by embedding a third chamber of parliament in the Constitution, it cannot be abolished without another referendum. They want another ATSIC, but permanent.

However, even this is a very clever lie.

In the current woke, anti-White climate, what government would dare abolish a hopelessly corrupt “voice to parliament” which has far exceeded its mandate and is intruding on every piece of legislation at every level of government in every corner of the country?


If the “voice to parliament” is legislated, it will be permanent, and nothing short of a full blown revolution will ever remove it.

With the referendum on the ropes, pressure must be maintained to ensure that “the voice” is permanently scrapped, and to ensure that it cannot be legislated via the back door

This article was first published in XYZ