Merry Christmas everybody, I have another one-off for you.

I haven’t stopped laughing at this headline.

Bearing in mind that the Lying Press lies, let’s see what they have to say on the matter:

Australia will not send a warship to the Red Sea as part of international efforts to safeguard cargo from attacks by Iranian-backed Houthi rebels.

The United States had issued a request to 39 countries that are members of the Combined Maritime Forces (CMF) to bolster efforts to keep the critical shipping route open.

The Red Sea is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world, linking the Mediterranean Sea and the Suez Canal to the Indian Ocean.

Up to 15 per cent of the world’s trade flows through the area, including millions of barrels of oil.

In recent days oil giant BP announced it would “temporarily pause” all ships heading through the Red Sea, while major shipping companies including Maersk have stopped using the route until further notice.

If you can’t safely navigate the Red Sea, there is no point in the Suez Canal. A little rebel group with a few drones from Yemen, a country which didn’t even register on George W Bush’s Axis of Evil, has set world trade back 154 years.

From Yemen.

The American government kinda feels the same way. It doesn’t want to go to Yemen. Cos, y’know….

So they’re trying to rustle up an international coalition to keep the Red Sea open to shipping. A cynic might point out that while Ukraine and Israel get infinity weapons whenever, Australia has faithfully followed the US into multiple wars yet we have to wait until the 2030’s just to get our first three subs:

For days the federal government has suggested a Royal Australian Navy ship would not be part of its contribution, with Defence Minister Richard Marles confirming on Thursday that extra defence personnel would be sent to the region instead….

An extra six Australian Defence Force (ADF) personnel will be sent to Bahrain, which is home to the CMF headquarters, in the New Year.

Sorry Globohomo Overlord, we can’t send you an AEGIS destroyer, but we can send you this chick and five of her mates.

So, what’s going on here?

A balance of forces in Western Asia and the Eastern Mediterranean is lined up like dominoes. Just like both World Wars of the Twentieth Century, a local conflict could easily become regional then global in the 2020’s.

However, the forces opposed to Globohomo understand they can play the long game. The Western financial system is bankrupt, with a debt supernova which could explode at any moment. Sanctions against Russia and China have backfired spectacularly, triggering a global move away from the US dollar.

In this context, holding up 15% of world trade is a really big deal. After losing the War in the Ukraine, the US Regime may have hoped to outflank Russia via Iran. Instead, if the US cannot lift the blockade it could be forced to the negotiating table, not just with the Houthis but with Iran, their backer. China or even Russia may be tempted to play the role of “mediator”.

It would be a world changing humiliation, at a time when America is tearing itself apart politically, culturally and racially. The country is bankrupt, and the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election holds the very real risk of triggering secession and civil war.

This is no small matter.

If ever there was a moment when it would be really handy for the Australian government to send just a token warship to a US led task force, this is it. Understandably, many in the Australian defence establishment are in uproar.

They seem to be under the impression that Australia is still a country.

The number one job of a government is to defend its people by defending its borders. Instead the government has thrown open our borders and replaced us with foreigners. In this context, the concept of “the national interest” becomes meaningless, because the government no longer represents the nation of Australia. Our military’s involvement in foreign wars is of no importance to the Australian people because we are struggling for survival in our own country, against our government.

Moreover, 22 years ago Australia sent its sons to kill and be killed in the Middle East because apparently we were at war with “terror”. Everybody knew “terror” meant “islam” but for some reason the government wanted to call it “terror”. Then our government started mass importing muslims and many Australians pointed out “why are you bringing in all these terrorists?”

The government responded by turning the label of “terrorist” around on Australians.

This year when war kicked off in Gaza and thousands of foreigners clashed in Australian streets (and across the West) all we could say was “we told you so.”

Hilariously, our security agencies have admitted they have to allow Pro-Gazan protests in the hope they won’t truck-of-peace attack us, despite the fact that it appears from the video above that it is the other side doing the suburban firebombing.

Globohomo Australia can’t do a War on Terror 2.0 because doing so would kick off unrest or even civil war here. Ditto for the rest of the “multicultural” Globohomo West.

Multiculturalism has turned on the governments and the communities who pushed it most aggressively. Only now that it affects them directly do they suddenly care about demographic replacement.

Meanwhile, Christians and truthers redpilled during Covid are listening to the same talking points with which The XYZ scandalised Facebook in 2017-2018. We are winning the Information War, and this too is having geopolitical implications, because Globohomo governments cannot muster support among formerly loyal constituencies.

Significantly, many Christians are asking a very simple theological and geopolitical question: If Jesus died for our sins, why are we making our entire foreign policy subservient to a country founded on a complete rejection of the New Covenant?

We are living through a momentous period in history when the balance of power shifts from the Globohomo regime which currently rules the West, over to an alliance led by Russia and China. We should not expect the nonwhites to be any less antiwhite than Globohomo, nor for the transition to occur without further violence, but in the long run a weaker Globohomo could give us more breathing space.

From here, we should keep doing what we’re doing, building parallel structures to support White people and Christians. The foundation we prepare now will pay off handsomely in the future.

Merry Christmas.

This article was first published at XYZ